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Hono Lu Lu, Hono Lu Lu, Honolulu, Honolulu

Posted on: January 17, 2018

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Aa ha, close to midnight, and we are at the Yippeee-ing hour once again. And the film that we are inviting into the yippeee-land tonight is ‘Hongkong’ from 1962.

There are many films that have taken us to foreign lands, and even around the world. But I am sure you will agree, that the film that has the most songs about foreign places, is this one. Let us just examine – first we have two important cities of south east Asia covered in the song – “Hongkong China Mina Singapore”. Then we have three nations from Africa, covered in the song “Kenya Uganda Tanganika”. An then, in yet one more sojourn abroad, we are taken to visit the Hawaii islands in the song in this post “Hono Lu Lu, Hono Lu Lu, Honolulu, Honolulu”. I am sure, outside of the film ‘Around The World’ (1967), in all probability, it is this film that covers the maximum number of foreign locations in its songs.

As per the Geet Kosh listings, this film is from the production banner of Pachhi Productions, and is directed by Pachhi himself. The star cast is led by Ashok Kumar and B Saroja Devi. Other members of the star cast include KN Singh, Helen, Bhalla, Babu Rao, Kitty, King, Doctor, Balram, Vishwamama, Kundan, Om Prakash, Lilly, and Leo amongst others. The nine songs of this film are written by four songwriters – Shewan Rizvi, Raja Mehdi Ali Khan, SH Bihari and Qamar Jalaalabaadi. However, the song writer for this particular song is not identified. Music is from the mind of OP Nayyar.

Although the film itself is available, I am not able to locate online, the video clip of this song. As an interesting aside, there is a minor discussion around the availability of this complete version of this film in the collector circles. It seems that the video version of this film that is the most easily available, is purported to be an edited and incomplete version, in which the ending of the film has been edited out. And then there are one or two collectors who claim that they have the complete version of this film. Honestly, I have seen both the versions – the one that is more easily available, and the more complete version with a collector friend of mine – with very clear difference in the footage.

Today’s song is sung by Asha Bhosle. This is yet another wonderful and soft creation from OP Nayyar, having a slow paced rhythm. The tune allows to break down the lines of the song into shorter phrases, emphasizing each of the phrase components, and making the song sound more endearing. An enchanting rendering by Asha Bhosle – readily one of her best songs.

The list of earlier songs posted is given below. The nine songs have taken as much as almost six years, to all come on board.


Song Title

Post No.

Post Date

Ho Jo Hukum To Meherbaan 5353 28-Jan-12
Hongkong China Mina Singapore 5634 13-Mar-12
O My God Haseenon Ko Kyun De Di Toone Itni Saari Beauty 5640 15-Mar-12
Kenya Uganda Tangenika 5668 21-Mar-12
Muhabbat Karne Waala Muft Mein Badnaam Hota Hai 10889 19-Feb-15
Dekhti Hoon Jidhar 13041 14-Mar-17
Ye Zulfen Aawaara Luta Zamaana Saara 13363 24-Jun-17
Tumhaari Adaaon Pe Ae Husn Waalon 13927 16-Jan-18


And so, ‘Hong Kong’ now joins the select list of films that have all their songs showcased on the blog. Welcome to Yippeee-land. 🙂


Song – Hono Lu Lu, Hono Lu Lu, Honolulu, Honolulu  (Hongkong) (1962) Singer – Asha Bhosle, Lyrics – [Unattributed], MD – OP Nayyar


hono..o..o..o lulu
hono lulu

jaan e jigar
aaj tu ne
hans ke dekha
jaane kahaan
kho gai main

pyaar ki
ik nazar
aap par hans ke daalungi main
dil agar
aap ke
paas hai to chura loongi main
hono..o lulu
hono lulu

aaj to
ye nigaah
aap par meharbaan ho gayi
ab shuru
pyaar ki dastaan ho gayi
aankh uthi
aur hum hans ke paas aa gaye
kya karen
jaan e mann
aap hi hum se sharma gaye
hono..o..o lulu
hono lulu

jaan e jigar
aaj tu ne
hans ke dekha
jaane kahaan
kho gai main

aaaa aaaa aaa aaaa
aaaa aaaaa aaaa

aaaa aaaaaaa aaaaaa
aaaa aaaaa aaaaaaa aaaaa

aaa aaaaaa. . .

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)

हौनो॰॰ओ॰॰ओ॰॰ओ लूलू
हौनो लूलू

जान ए जिगर
आज तूने
हंस के देखा
जाने कहाँ
खो गई मैं

प्यार की
इक नज़र
आप पर हंस के डालूँगी मैं
दिल अगर
आप के
पास है तो चुरा लूँगी मैं
हौनो॰॰ओ लूलू
हौनो लूलू

आज तो
ये निगाह
आप पर महरबां हो गई
अब शुरू प्यार की दास्ताँ हो गई
आँख उठी
और हम हंस के पास आ गए
क्या करें
जान ए मन
आप ही हमसे शरमा गए
हौनो॰॰ओ॰॰ओ लूलू
हौनो लूलू

जान ए जिगर
आज तूने
हंस के देखा
जाने कहाँ
खो गई मैं

आsss आssssss आss आsss
आsss आssss आsss

आsss आssssss आsssss
आsss आssss आssssss आssss

आss आsssss ॰ ॰ ॰


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