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Netaji ka jeewan hai balidaan ki ek kahaani

Posted on: January 23, 2018

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Today, 23rd January 2018 is the 121st Birth Anniversary of India’s best known revolutionary- Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. His life story and name is known to every Indian. It is not only very inspiring, but is very motivating as well. Unfortunately Netaji did not get the kind of help or support he needed and deserved for his Military action, from Indian politicians of his times. Netaji’s philosophy clashed with the Non-Violence policy espoused by Gandhi and his Congress Party. He pursued his dream single handedly. It is once in a Century that such a person is born. My respectful obeisance to Netaji.

On this occasion, here is a song describing his life which was nothing but a life of Balidaan or sacrifice.

Today’s song is from film Samadhi-1950. With this song, I remember and pay my respects to Music Director C.Ramchandra, in his Centenary Year.

Indian film industry is notably poor in making Patriotic films. Agreed that the first 16 years of the Talkie in India were not suitable or encouraging for making such films, as India was under British rule. But now, after 70+ years of ibdependence, the number of such films can be counted on the fingers of just one hand. Historical films have suffered the same fate. Our Historical films are based on some fictitious love stories and the history part is limited only to the costumes and Horses,Elephants etc.

No doubt, some film makers did make films based on Patriotic themes, almost immediately after independence or in the first few years after that. Songs with Patriotic themes were also used in few films. Films like Apna Desh-49,Samadhi-50, Pehla Admi-50, Andolan-51 and Anand Math-52 are some such examples, but these are only a few among the heap of song and comedy films that were being produced.Sporadic films like Jagriti-54, Chhatrapati Shivaji (52,61 and 2007) and some films of Manoj Kumar were made combining Patriotic themes in later years. As for “Historical” made those days- Mughal e Azam, Anarkali or Taj Mahal were more of Love story films than Historical films.

On this background, making a film like Samadhi was actually a risk. But this risk was offset by planting a Love story and some foot tapping songs and dances. In this, C.Ramchandra’s contribution was extremely important. The evergreen song ” Gore gore, o banke chhore” by Lata and Amirbai and few more lilting songs by Lata and Shamshad Begum made the film a memorable musical extravaganza. However, care was taken that the Patriotic theme of the movie was not compromised.

It was said that Samadhi’s story was based on a True Life story. The film was directed by Ramesh Saigal (2-3-1918 to 20-1-1980), who directed only 10 films in his career, but what some of his films were ! Shaheed-48, Samadhi-50, Shikast-53, Railway Platform-55 and Phir subah hogi-58 can not be forgotten. Film Samadhi had all the elements in it that make a movie successful. Moreover the film had the background of Indian National Army, led by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, who was loved by people of India. These factors made the film a grand success at the Box Office. By one estimate, film Samadhi-50 was the highest earner on Box Office in 1950. It reportedly made a gross collection of Rs.1,35,00,000 and a net profit of Rs. 75,00,000 (wiki).

The film cast was Ashok Kumar, Nalini Jaywant, Shyam, Mubarak, David, Badri Prashad, Shashi Kapoor Sr., Collins Paul etc etc.

Ashok Kumar and Nalini Jaywant came together for the first time with this film. They then went on to do 11 films together from 1950 to 1966. Together, they even went abroad for shooting of the film Naaz-54 . Their mutual attraction was well known in the industry. But later they parted ways and though their Bungalows in Union Park, Chembur, Bombay were opposite to each others, they did not even exchange greetings.

Actor Shyam (20-2-1920 to 15-4-1951), who was a popular Hero those days, did the role of Ashok Kumar’s elder brother despite being almost 10 years younger to Ashok Kumar. His height and good physique enabled him to look quite convincing as the elder brother of Ashok Kumar.

Shashi Kapoor Sr.(Shashi Chand Kapoor) did the role of young Ashok Kumar. It is interesting to note that the other Shashi kapoor Jr. ( Raj kapoor’s brother) did the young Ashok kumar’s role in film Sangram-50 in the same year

It is also interesting to note that Netaji’s role in this film was done by an actor named Collins. He was like an O.T.P.- never seen again in any film.

The story of this film was given by me earlier for some other post from this film, so I am not repeating it here. Baburao Patel of ” Film India”, wrote in its May-50 issue that the film was ” irrelevant and obsolete politically, since India had got its freedom now.” However the audience and the readers of his magazine did not agree to his comments and made this film a tremendous success. It goes to prove that Patriotic themes are never irrelevant.

Film Samadhi-50 had 7 songs. 5 songs were already discussed on the Blog. Let us enjoy the song by C.Ramchandra, describing Netaji’s life story in essence.

Ed note:- One song is now left to be covered. This balance song is “Sab mil kar Hind pukaaren” according to HFGK whose record was not made and this song is apparently not available.

Song-Netaji ka jeewan hai balidaan ki ek kahaani (Samadhi)(1950) Singer-C Ramchandra, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-C Ramchandra
Nalini Jaiwant
Female chorus
Male chorus
All chorus


ho o o o
Netaji ka jeewan hai balidaan ki ek kahaani
Netaji ka jeewan hai balidan ki ek kahaani
balidaan hi balidaan hai
bachpan aur jawaani
bachpan aur jaawani
balidaan ki ek kahaani
balidaan ki ek kahaani

hoye bachpan hi se chanchal man mein armaanon ka mela thha
chhoti si ek lehar thhi dil mein
toofaanon ka rela thha
college mein ustaad jo thha wo thha london ka gora
arre usne kaha college me ek din
hindi kaala log chhichhora

sher bose ka khoon jo khaula
sher bose ka khoon jo khaula
gore ko ik chapat lagai
naam kata college se lekin
hind ki laaj bachaai
Netaji ka jeewan hai balidaan ki ek kahaani
balidaan hi balidaan hai bachpan aur jawaani
balidaan ki ek kahaani
balidaan ki ek kahaani

maat pita ne samjhaaya
aur englishtan ko kiya ravaana
badon ke aage honth na khole
lekin baagi dil na maana
europe mein ICS ke imtihaan ko paas kiya
arre itna ooncha ohda paakar
deshbakht ne chhod diya
hindsutan mein aakar pehle gaandhi ko parnaam kiya
gaandhi ko parnaam kiya
gaandhi ko parnaam kiya

wo desh ki seva ka baapu se pehla pehla sabak liya
pehla pehla sabak liya
pehla pehla sabak liya

bharat ke dukh dard ko socha samjha aur pehchaana
kamar baandh kar rann mein aaya
aazaadi ka deewaana
aazaadi ka deewaana
aazaadi ka deewaana

kiya angrezon ne ye aid
karen is baagi ko ab qaid
kuchal daalen
masal daalen
kuchal daalen
masal daalen

bachpan se jo baagi ho
wo zulm se darna kya jaane
jalne se kab ghabraate hain
shama watan ke parwaane
jiski rag rag mein shole hon
wo kya samjhe chingaari ko
hathkadiyon ko
zanjeeron ko
jailon ki chaar deewaari ko
kadam kadam par mushqil aayi
lekin sher sada lalkaara
rah nahin sakta gair ke bas mein
Hidustan hamaara
rah nahin sakta gair ke bas mein
hidustan hamaara
rah nahin sakta gair ke bas mein
hidustan hamaara

sarkaar ne kar daali nazarband zabaanband
maidaan ke jo mard hain hote hai kahaan band
ek raat ko chupke hi se gum ho gaye Neta
shor hua subah kahaan kho gaye Neta
janta bhi thhi hairaan
to sarkaar bhi hairaan
ud jaane se bulbul ke thha saiyyaad pareshan

maata ko ye ummeed thhi
laut aayega beta
maata se kahe bina kahaan jaayega beta
is aas mein darwaaje bhi ghar ke na kiya band
aa jaayega
aa jaayega
wo laal wo farjan

us maa se badi maa hai jo hindustan hai
wo chodd gaya maa ko
badi maa ko chudaane
is hind ki bigdi hui taqdeer banaane

badal pathaani bhesh
chala pardes
chhod kar desh
hamaara neta
badal pathaani bhesh
chala pardes
chhod kar desh
hamaara neta
aazadi ki nayi ladaai
ladne pyaaara neta

hindustan se kabul mein
aur kabul se berlin mein
chalte chalte pahunch gaya
wo singapore ke rann mein
qaum ki ye fauj aur qaumi taraana ban gaya
qaum ki ye fauj aur qaumi taraana ban gaya

ek ek tinka chuna
aur aashiyaana ban gaya
jai gandhi jai subhash
jai gandhi jai subhash
jai hind jai hind
jai hind jai hind
jai hind jai hind
jai hind


6 Responses to "Netaji ka jeewan hai balidaan ki ek kahaani"

I loved the OTP part….😂

Arun Ji,
On face of it gross collection of Rs one crore thirty five lakhs appears, to me, erroneous ( thogh you have quoted from known sources)

. Considering total population of India at that time was under 35 crores and average ticket rates were 8 annas or so.( in Metros).
Hindi films had hardly any audience down south.. In my town Hindi films were shown one year after release and moderate films ran for 3 days..

It is natural for you to doubt the amount.You must understand that these figures are generally calculated as per today’s index. So it means that whatever was collected that time, would amount to 1.35 crores at today’s rate. This method gives us an idea of correct comparison.

Dear Arun ji,

Yes, your point is valid. But in such case, this number presentation should be annotated as such with a suitable caption. That will leave no room for doubt or misinterpretation.

Thanks and regards

Arun Ji.
Noted. Thanks.

Sudhir ji,

Yes, your point is valid too.


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