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Chhota sa ghar apna

Posted on: March 6, 2018

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“Charitraheen”(1974) was produced by Debesh Ghosh and directed by Shakti Samanta. The movie had Sharmila Tagore, Sanjeev Kumar, Yogita Bali, With Madan Puri, Asrani, Asit Sen, Arpana Chaudhary, Manmohan, Chandrashekhar,Utpal Dutta, Murad, Kundan, Raza Murad,Nandita Thakur, Dina Pathak, Lina D`Souza, Amala Sen, Kanu Roy, Sudarshan, Chhura, Ravi, Supariwala, C.L.Kavish, Rachindar, Satya Bannerji, Nazir Kashmiri, Shanker, Baby Sabiha, Samar Roy, with guest Appearances by Sujit Kumar, Tarun Kumar, Roshenara Calender and Anita Guha.

The movie had four songs in it. Three of these songs have been covered in the past.

Here are the details of the three songs that have already been showcased in the blog :-

Song Title

Post No.

Post Date

Dil se dil milne ka koi kaaran hoga 39 26-Aug-08
Teri meri meri teri yaari badi puraani 12334 16-Aug-16
Dil dai ke jaan le gaya 14126 5-Mar-18

The songs covered so far included one club song, one expression of love song and one mujra cum diversion song. If one has some experience of Hindi movie songs, then onecan easily guess the genre of the missing song. If there is a club song and a mujra song then where is a song sung by the housewife , singing about domestic bliss ? 🙂

Indeed, the fourth and the final song from “Charitraheen”(1974) is a pativrata Bharteeya naari” genre of song. 🙂 It is sung by Lata. Anand Bakshi is the lyricist. Music is composed by R D Burman.

The song is picturised on Yogita Bali and Sanjeev Kumar, with Asrani also briefly visible.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Prakashchandra.

With this song, “Charitraheen”(1974) joins the list of movies that have all their songs covered in the blog.



Song-Chhota sa ghar apna (Charitraheen)(1974) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, Md-R D Burman

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

hmm hmm…hmm
hmmm…hmm hmm

chhota saa
ghar apnaa
chhotaa sa
ghar apnaa
apne jeevan ka sapnaa aaa
ye toot na jaaye sajnaa aaa
ye toot na jaaye sajnaa aaa
chhotaa sa
ghar apnaa
apne jeevan ka sapnaa aa
ye toot na jaaye sajnaa aaa
ye toot na jaaye

tere pyaari pyaari
ankhiyon mein kho ke
khud ko main
dhoondhaa karoon oon
mann mandir mein rakh ke
piyaa teri moorat
din rain poojaa karoon
barson ki
poojaa se
miltaa hai pyaar itnaa aa
tu rooth na jaaye
sajnaa aaa
tu rooth na jaaye sajnaaa aa aa
chhotaa sa
ghar apnaa
apne jeevan ka sapnaa
ye toot na jaaye sajnaa aaa
ye toot na jaaye sajnaa aa aa

baabul ka ghar chhodaa
tujh se naataa jodaa
preetam teri
galiyaan sajaaoon oon hoon
apne iss aangan mein
palkon se chunn chunn ke
aashaaon ki kaliyaan bichhaaoon
dukh sukh ki
raaton mein
ye haath rahey haathon mein
sang chhoot na jaaye
sajnaa aaa
sang chhoot na jaaye
sajnaa aa
chhotaa sa
ghar apnaa
apne jeevan ka sapnaa
ye toot na jaaye sajnaa
sajnaaa aaa
ye toot na jaaye sajnaa aa aa

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This song in in two parts-happy and sad. Is sad part of this song available ?


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