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Guzarti hai jo haaye kaise bataayen

Posted on: March 12, 2018

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“Reet”(1946) was an extremely obscure movie. Very little is known about this movie. It was directed by Najmistan Film Producers. Names of artists of the movie are not known. HFGK mentions descriptions of seven songs leaving spaces for more indicating that the movie perpahs had more songs in it.

Here is the first song from “Reet”(1946) to appear in the blog. Zeenat Begam is the singer. Music is composed by S D Batish. That is all that is known about the song.

Uploader of the song describes it to be a movie of 1946 and so I have taken it as a movie of 1946. HFGK mentions it as a movie of 1940s and so mentions this movie in the appendix of HFGK part II.

I request our knowledgeable readers to throw light on this movie.

With this obscure song, “Reet”(1946) makes its debut in the blog.

Song-Guzarti hai jo haay kaise bataayen (Reet)(1946) Singer-Zeenat Begam, MD-S D Batish


Guzarti hai jo haay
kaise bataayen
guzarti hai jo haay
kaise bataayen
ye aansoo ye aahen aen aen aen aen
kahaan tak chhupaayen
kahaan tak chhupaayen
guzarti hai jo haay
kaise bataayen

jawaani ke rangeen khwaabon se keh do
jawaani ke rangeen khwaabon se keh do
kabhi khwaab mein bhi na aayen na aayen
guzarti hai jo haay
kaise bataayen

khabar(?) lo kahaan ho
o o o o
zamaana hai dushman
zamaana hai dushman
kahin ghut ke armaan yoon hi mar na jaayen
guzarti hai jo haay
kaise bataayen

na bhoole se mujhko
kiya yaad lekin
na bhoole se mujhko
kiya yaad lekin
bahut yaad aayengin meri wafaayen
guzarti hai jo haay
kaise bataayen

koi thhaam kar dil ko o o
itna bata de
itna bata de
ke jo bas gaya dil mein
kaise bhulaayen
guzarti hai jo haay
kaise bataayen


2 Responses to "Guzarti hai jo haaye kaise bataayen"

Atul ji,
This is an unreleased film of 1940s. Probably, this film may be one among many films of 1946-47 which may have remained incomplete due to the partition woes.

It is interesting to note that the banner under which the film was made was Najamistan, probably a banner of producer-director-actor Najam-ul Hasan. It is also interesting to note that there is a Pakistani film ‘Eid’ (1951) produced and directed by Najm-ul-Hasan. The music directors of this film were S D Batish and Rashid Atray. I guess, there may be some link between ‘Reet’ (1940s) and the Pakistani film ‘Eid’ (1951) in the same way between underproduction film ‘Tehzeeb’ (planned in 1945) and ‘Kaneez’ (1949).

Yes, REET (1940s) was a film that was being made in Lahore that could not get released prior to Partition. It was eventually released under the name EID (1951) in Pakistan with all of its songs intact, including songs by S. D. Batish and Surinder Kaur.

Here are some others from the film:

“Kahin toote na bachpan ka pyaar” by Munawar Sultana, Surinder Kaur, and chorus –

“Woh aaye bhi to kuchh aise ke paas aa na sake” by Munawar Sultana –

“Dil ki lagi ne khwaar kiya haaye kya kiya” by S. D. Batish –

“Is dil ko tu ne duniya se begaana kar diya” by Zeenat Begum –

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