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Mere dil se dil ko jod do

Posted on: March 26, 2018

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I have mentioned in the past that the lead actors of Hindi movies did not seem to work for a living. They would only sing songs. Even in movies where lead actors were shown as workers of some sort, they were only shown pursuing activities that would lead to song opportunities. We even have war movies and spy movies that have become memorable not for war scenes or spying scenes but for their songs.

I have noticed that working, and especially working in “menial jobs” was regarded as stuff for small time actors. Working is “menial jobs” was often depicted as comedy.

Mehmood, a leading comedian of his era, was an actor who often seemed to me to be the only person in the movie to be actually working while most other actors were not. He would be a butler in “Gumnaam”(1965), kabaadiwaala in “Neelkamal”(1968), rickshaw waala in “Chhoti Bahan”(1959), music teacher in “Padosan” (1968), Bus Conductor in “Bombay To Goa” (1972), to name just some of his movies.

Even when he indulged in the main pastime of Hindi actors, viz falling in love, he seemed to be his feet firmly planted in ground, unlike heroes who lived in fantasy world.

Take this song from “Suhaagraat”(1968) for instance. This song takes a real hard look at the life of a married life. While most married people think of saali, Mehmood tells us that it is the lady’s brother, rather than the sister, that one should be wary of. Most legendary lovers (like Raanjha, Romeo etc )have suffered at the hands of the brothers of their lovers, he informs us.

Here is the nice song from “Suhaagraat”(1968). It is sung by Manna Dey. Indeewar is the lyricist. Music is composed by Kalyanji Anandji.

The song is picturised as a light hearted song on Mehmood.

This song is the sixth and final song from “Suhaagraat”(1968) to appear in the blog. Details of the five songs that have already been covered in the past are given below:-

Song Title

Post No.

Post Date

Ganga mayya mein jabtak ke paani rahe 803 25-Feb-09
Main qayaamat hoon 2767 11-Aug-10
Arre o re dharti ki tarah har dukh sah le 3685 23-Mar-11
Khush raho har khushi hai tumhaare liye 5542 27-Feb-12
Mohe laagi re julmi umariya 14197 23-Mar-18

With this sixth and final song, “Suhaagraat”(1968) joins the list of movies that have all their songs covered in the blog.



Song-Mere dil se dil ko jod do (Suhaagraat)(1968) Singer-Manna Dey, Lyrics-Indeewar, MD-Kalyanji Anandji


o mere dil se dil ko jod do
mere dil se dil ko jod do
ya to jaan meri jaan ab chhod do
aslaam vaalekum
salaam vaalekum
aslaam vaalekum
aslaam vaalekum
mere dil se dil ko jod do
ya to jaan meri jaan ab chhod do
aslam valekum
vaalekum salam
aslaam vaalekum
salaam vaalekum

aaj ye maine jaan liya hai
majnu van mein kyun rota tha
aaj ye maine jaan liya hai
majnu van mein kyun rota tha
mar gaya mahiwaal kaise
raanjhe ko gham kyun hota tha
unke saalon ne unko maar diya
dil ke kaalon ne unko maar diya re
dil ke kaalon ne unko maar diya
tum mujhko to zinda chhod do
mere dil se dil ko jod do
mere dil se dil ko jod do
ya to jaan meri jaan ab chhod do
aslaam vaalekum
vaalekum salaam
aslaam vaalekum
vaalekum salaam

dil se dil jo mil jaayega
kaho tumhaara kya jaayega
kya jaayega potton
kya jaayega
biwi andar shauhar baahar
rustam bhi ho mar jaayega
potto rustam bhi ho mar jaayega
are logon
ye haalat dekh lo
ho jo saale to shaadi mat karo re
ho jo shale to shaadi mat karo
aur kar li to
to kar li to duniya chhod do
mere dil se dil ko jod do
mere dil se dil ko jod do
ya to jaan meri jaan ab chhod do
aslam vaalekum
salam vaalekum
aslam vaalekum
vaalekum salaam
aslaam valekum
vaalekum salaam

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I can identify Shabnam,Kaveri,Master Ripple and Junior Mehmood in the song video


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