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Main dhoondhh raha thha sapnon mein

Posted on: March 30, 2018

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Hullo Atuldom

11+3= 14
14+4= 18

“Confused”? “Flummoxed” or I should be asking “stumped”? Of course, all the words mean the same. I am sure the additions that I have done to open this post have set people thinking.

Well it has something to do with the last three songs that were posted from the movie “Mome Ki Gudiya” (that is how “mom” was spelt in the title card and the movie’s censor certificate dated 12th April 1972). The famous website lists four songs for the movie, but as I sat through the movie to recheck I found the movie had five songs. I think HFGK will also give the same number, the song “Bandhan toote na sanwariya” comes twice then the number of songs count will be six.

“Reshma jawaan ho gayi” is the first song in the movie; posted with a post by Sudhirji. That song happens when Tanuja who plays Sheel takes objection to being called “chutki”.

“Whenever I had been to Brindavan I have seen shooting of Hindi and South India movies. Except for the last time.
Now It has gone to dogs. The flowers have wilted and trees are dried up. Please do not take your parents as one has to walk compulsorily for few kilometres”.

This was our Nitin Shah’s comment after the above song. I must say I had a similar experience when I visited Brindavan this year, in the month of January. The flowers were not there but some lighting still happens, they have a musical fountain show and most of the fountains were working but I suppose visiting the place in summer might disappoint a tourist as there will be little water in the dam.

“Baaghon me bahaar aayi” is the second song which plays when Sheel and Ravi (Ratan Chopra) are on their honeymoon. It is picturised in Brindawan Gardens of Mysore. The movie’s makers have thanked the people and government of Mysore state for cooperating in the making of the movie. (A small doubt- was Mysore still a separate state in 1971/ 72 ?). This was the first song from the movie to be posted on the blog.
[Ed note:- Mysore was a separate state since 1956. It was renamed as Karnataka in 1973]

The third song from the movie that is posted happens at karwa chauth. “Bandhan toote na sanwariya” occurs just before climax. Post the song Sheel shoots her mama Shaligram played by Jeewan just as he tries to stab Ravi.

So that then are the three posts for this movie posted in 2009, 2011 and 2014 – there I have explained 9+2 and 11+3. We are in 2018 i.e 14+4 simple 🙂

I sat through the movie before writing this post and here is the gist of the movie:

Ravi, the only son of wealthy widower Rai Bahadur Gangaram, falls in love with fellow-collegian, Sheel, but is shocked to find that she is to be his future step-mother. His father decides to step away, lets the couple get married, and shortly thereafter passes away. A few months later, Sheel gets pregnant and her parents as well as her maternal uncle, Shaligram, come to visit her. It is during this visit that Ravi will find out that Sheel has been living a secret life, and the real reason why she married him. Devastated, he will face even more trauma and scandal when the Police will arrest his wife for murder.

The secret of Sheel’s life is that her parents (Paro and Rashid Khan) and mama use her to lure rich old men into marriage and see to it that Sheel doesn’t consummate the marriage. And a few days after marriage they decamp with the rich man’s wealth. One such old man is Om Prakash who tries to force himself on Sheel but she injures him and flees thinking she has killed him. Another secret of Sheel’s life is that she has been kidnapped by the trio in infancy from Nasir Hussain’s haveli. This fact is unearthed by Premnath when he appears in court to defend Sheel.

So that then is what the movie was all about. 🙂

I think “Dolly ki Doli” which came in 2015 had a similar story of a young con-girl marrying into rich families.

The song with this post is the fourth song in the movie. It comes in Sheel’s dream when Ravi tells her “how much he has waited for her?” Etc. etc. It is a rather long song. It is in the voice of Anand Bakshi. This movie had two songs that were sung by Anand Bakshi. After sitting through the movie I felt the voice suited the actor perfectly. Another thing that I found was this was the debut of Anand Bakshi as a singer.

The movie opens by paying shraddhanjali to composer Jaikishan the composer who was part of three of Mohan Kumar’s initial movies.

Today (March 30th, 2018) is the 16th death anniversary of Anand Bakshi. He who gave us songs which sounded as if written by a common man. Such simple words to convey normal feelings leke a good-bye “achcha toh hum chalte hai”; monetary lessons “aamdani athannee kharcha rupiaya”; a man’s plight after marriage “brahma o brahma”; a host of lullabies “sooyi ja tara”, “aakhiyon mein chote chote sapne sajaayeke” (to list just two); roothna-manaana “Rona kabhi nahin rona”, “nahin main nahin dekh sakta tujhe rote huye” and songs with roadside Romeo kind of lyrics “jumma chumma de de”.

He has written songs for three films with the title “Majboor”; two “Mehbooba” (one of which released in 2008 six years after he had passed away). He was a master with words and if I may say- in the same league as Majrooh Sultanpuri in the sense that he had a long career of almost 40 years and wrote similarly simple lyrics and was always in demand by all film makers.

He had an ambition to be a singer too which was showcased in a few songs for which he used to sing the opening lines etc. I had discovered a song where he had given playback along with Bhupinder, Manna Dey and Kishore Kumar for “Sholay” but unfortunately that song never featured in that movie. I was aware of one full length song in “Mome Ki Gudiya” but before I sat to write this post I found that was already posted. But I am not upset as I found a very beautiful song from the same movie but it is rather long almost 6 minutes. Here it is:-



Song-Main dhoondhh raha thha sapnon mein (Mome Ki Gudiya)(1972) Singer-Anand Bakshi, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal


main dhoondhh raha thha sapnon mein
tumko anjaanon apnon mein
main dhoond raha thha sapnon mein
tumko anjaano apno me
raaste me mujhe ek phool mila toh maine kaha
maine kaha
ae phool tu kitna sundar hai
lekin tu raakh hai mauj nahin
ja mujhko teri khoj nahin
main dhoondhh raha tha sapnon mein

main deewaana anjaane mein
ja pahuncha phir maikhaane mein
raste mein mujhe ik jaam mila to maine kaha
maine kaha
ae jaam tu kitna dilkash hai
lekin tu haar hai jeet nahin
ja teri meri preet nahin
main dhoondhh raha thha sapnon mein

main badhkar apni hasti se
guzra taaron ki basti se
raste mein mujhe phir chaand mila to maine kaha
maine kaha
ae chaand tu kitna raushan hai
par dilbar tera naam nahin
ja tere bas ka kaam nahin
deepak ki tarah jalte jalte
jeevan path par chalte chalte
raste mein mujhe sansaar mila to maine kaha
maine kaha
sansaar tu kitna achcha hai
lekin zanjeer hai dor nahin
ja tu mera chitchor nahin
main dhoondhh raha thha sapnon mein

kuchh aur chala main banjaara
toh dekha mandir ka dwaaraa
mandir mein mujhe bhagwaan mila toh maine kaha
maine kaha
bhagwaan tera ghar sab kuchh hai
lekin saajan ka dwaar nahin
pooja pooja hai pyaar nahin
beeta ke chain akele mein
pahuncha saawan ke mele mein
mele mein tumhe jab dekh liya to maine kaha
maine kaha
tum hi toh ho
tum hi toh ho
chitchor mere
man meet mere
tum bin pyaase thhe geet mere
hmmhmm oooo hmmm
oooo hmmmmm oooo
hmmmm hoooo aaaa
hmmmm hoooo aaaa
hmmmm hoooo hoo


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