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Aao chalen us paar

Posted on: April 15, 2018

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

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Today’s song is from the film Baadal-1942. The film was made by Eastern Pictures, Bombay. It was directed by Zahoor Raja. It had music by Mushtaq Hussain.

Zahoor Raja made his debut as a Director with Baadal-42. besides directing the film, Zahoor did the main Hero’s role and also sang 6 of the 11 songs that the film had.

Though the film was not successful at the Box office, Zahoor’s direction attracted the attention of critics. Seven of the 11 songs were written by Lyricist Tanveer Naqvi, and remaining 4 were penned by Shamim Bhairavi.

Tanveer Naqvi was born on 6-2-1919 in Lahore. His real name was Syed Khurshid Ali. After his education, he came to Bombay and met Abdul Rasheed Kardar- who at that time was making the film Swami-1941. Tanveer was given an opportunity and he wrote just one song which was composed by Rafiq Ghaznavi. However, when Kardar directed “Nai Duniya”-42, for CIRCO, Tanveer wrote 9 out of 11 songs for this film. Naushad was the composer. His songs included the famous Debut song of Baby Suraiya, ” Boot karoon main polish, babu….”

Tanveer’s best period was 1946-47, when he wrote for block busters like Anmol Ghadi, Jugnu and Nadaan-48. He was on top amongst Lyricists, but he chose to migrate to Pakistan after one more film, ” Parda”-49. For next 4-5 years he struggled in the Pak film inductry and then came back to India in 1954 and started writing songs till “Zameen ke taare”-60. Then he went back to Pakistan for good. There he wrote songs in Urdu and Punjabi films till 1971. he died at Lahore on 1-11-1972.

In India, he wrote 224 songs in 48 films.

The Music Director for Baadal was Mushtaq Hussain. This name may not be known to today’s music lovers. Mushtaq was famous as a Classical singer and was called a Ustaad. He started giving music to films in 1933. His first film was Aurat ka pyar-33. he gave music to few films only like Sauteli Maa-35, Balaa ki raat-36, Jaljalaa-36, Bhedi Trishul-38, Baghbaan-38, Pati patni-37, Kanyadaan-40, Baadal-42, Chhed chhad-43, Do ro die-44, Daasi ya maa-46 and his last film was Bombay 49. After this perhaps he realised that the public taste was changing and he left films. During the period of 1938, Naushad worked as his assistant in his struggle days and learnt few things.

The cast of film Baadal-42 was Zahoor Raja, Radha Rani, Urmila, A.R.Pehelwan, S.nazir, Radha kishen ( who left Prabhat after Padosi) etc.etc.

ZAHOOR RAJA (Born 7 July 1918 Abbottabad – Died 1992 England) Pre Partition Hindi/Urdu Film Actor, Producer, Director, Editor, Writer, Singer, Lyricist & Music Composer. He graduated from editing and story writing to become a producer-director in 1943.

Zahoor Raja was born in a wealthy family in Abbottabad, Pakistan. After schooling , he studied BA from Rawalpindi but could not complete his graduation as he was more interested in sports than in studies. His father, a Police Inspector, was keen in admitting him in Dehradun for a career in the army. But he ran away from home and landed in Bombay with a letter of introduction to Film maker A R Kardar. Since he was very handsome and well built man, getting into the Bombay film industry was not difficult. At that time, Kardar was directing ‘Mirza Sahiban’ (1939) for Ranjit Movietone and . Kardar took Zahoor Raja in the film. Within a year after the release of the film, V Shantaram invited him to join Prabhat Films and was taken on a contract of 3 years. His association with V Shantaram was not beneficial and he did not get much work. Kardar once again came to his rescue and got him employed in National Studios and got him a role in ‘Pooja’ (1940). Thereafter, he got a role in Minerva Moveitone’s ‘Sikandar’ (1941). During the making of the film ‘Sikandar’ (1941), he fell in love with his co-star Meena (Meena Shourie) and married her. The marriage did not last long and Meena later married another handsome actor, Al Nasir in the mid 1940s.

Zahoor Raja later worked as a Hero in ‘Sewa’ (1941). During this time, while looking for a change from his acting career, he got a chance to direct the film ‘Badal’ (1942) produced under Eastern Pictures where he also acted in the lead role. Though the film failed at the box office, his direction was appreciated by the critics. In 1943, he floated his own film production company, Raja Movietone and made its maiden film ‘Mazaq’ (1943) which he also directed, acted in a negative role and composed its music. His banner produced ‘O Panchhi’ (1944), ‘Ghazal’ (1945) and ‘Dhadkan’ (1946). In most of the films in which he acted, Zahoor Raja was paired with Radha Rani. He also sang the song ‘Bhulaane waale hamen bhi na yaad aaya karo’ along with Naseem Akhthar in the Movie ‘Ghazal’ (1945) composed by Gyan Dutt. His last Movie in India before moving to Pakistan was ‘Anmol Ghadi’ (1946)

After partition, Zahoor Raja returned to Pakistan in 1950 and he was active in Pakistani film industry until 1966. After 1966, he migrated to England, married an English lady and later died in 1992 in England.

Hindi film industry is full of ‘Same Name Confusions’ cases, especially for the decades of the 30s and the 40s. The Heroine of this film-Radharani was also one such case. There were two actresses, with same name and same active period. One was from Bombay and the other was from Calcutta. In film Baadal, Bombaywali Radharani had acted.

She was the daughter of a Military Officer. Born at Quetta, Baluchistan, in or around 1920-21, she had a British father and Indian mother. She had total Indian looks. Her initial education and schooling was done in Bombay. She became an expert in Horse Riding, swimming, cycling, driving and skating. She was very beautiful and attractive. At the age 15, she looked quite grown up with distinct features. While in school final itself, she got offers from films. Her first film was Romantic India-36. Being an expert singer, she started singing in films. Next she acted in Badhe Chalo-37.

She was called to Calcutta to act in film ‘ Swaraj ke Sipahi ‘-37. From Calcutta, she went to Madras to do a role in a Telugu film ‘ Bhakta Jaidev ‘-38. Returning to Bombay, Radha Rani acted in Sunehra Baal-38 and then joined Wadia movietone. Here she did 7 stunt/action films.

After this she became a freelancer and acted in 18 more films of different banners. She also acted in Punjabi film ‘ Kurmai’-41. Her achievements in films were amazing. Stepping directly from school classroom onto the Silver screen, in her first 5 years of career itself, she had bagged 15 feature films. This was mainly due to to her striking screen beauty, linguistic dexterity and histrionic versatility. She was a consummate actress, singer and dancer. She was very fond of reading English literature and would spend time reading books during shooting breaks.

She made a good pair with actor Zahoor Raja in 8 films. She acted in 3 films of his production company and in film Badal-42, he directed her. her last film was Rasilee-46. After this film she got married and went to England.

Filmography- Romantic India-36, Badhe Chalo-37, Swaraj ke sipahi-37, Bhakta Jaydev-38(Telugu), Sunehra Baal-38, kahan hai manzil teri-39, Hind ka lal-40, Diamond queen-40, Jai swadesh-40, Bambaiwali-41, Manthan-41, Safed sawar-41, Seedha Rasta-41, Darpan-41, Kurmai-41(Punjabi), Swami-41, Badal-42, Motorwali-42, Sewa-42, Suhagan-42, Jungle Princess-42, Mazaq-43, Mr.Jhatpat-43, Paraya Dhan-43, Sawal-43, Bhai-43, O Panchhi-44, Ghazal-45, Laaj-46 and Rasilee-46.

An interesting thing about the film title Baadal is that there were films made with this Title 5 times. The first time was in 1942 ( today’s film), then it was made in 1951, 1966, 1985, and in the year 2000. I have not seen this film Baadal-42, but from whatever I read in Film India about this film, it was a social film with a novel theme. As the film’s review was not available,I can not guess what the novelty was in the film story. However, in spite of very flattering, encouraging and excellent comments in the magazine, the film was not successful at all. After this debacle, Zahoor Raja floated his own company Raja Cinetone and made a few films, before migrating to Pakistan.

( Thanks for information used from Dhunon ki yatra, Hindi filmon ke geetkar,, HFGK and my notes )

Film Baadal-42 makes its debut on this Blog with this song.


Song-Aao chalen us paar (Baadal)(1942) Singers-Amirbai Karnataki, Zahoor Raja, Lyrics-Tanveer Naqvi, MD-Mushtaq Hussain
Amirbai Karnataki + Zahoor Raja
Amirbai Karnataki + Chorus
Amirbai Karnataki + Zahoor Raja +Chorus


aao chalen us paar
aao chalen us paar
aao chalen us paar

jahaan hawaa matwaali ban kar
gaati raag malhaar
neelam ka aakaash mahal ho
neelam ka aakaash mahal ho
aur taaron ki chahal pahal ho

chandralok mein chal kar dekhen
pariyon ka singaar
pariyon ka singaar
pariyon ka singaar

thehro thehro jaane waalon
jaana hai bekaar
jaana hai bekaar
pal pal dol rahi hai naiyya aa aa
padi huyi manjhdhaar
padi huyi manjhdhaar
?? ki maari ??
sata rahi hai aas
aao un ko jeewan de den
taras rahen mohtaaj
taras rahen mohtaaj

hansi khushi is paar chhod kar
sab jaayen us paar
sab jaayen us paar
sab jaayen us paar

andhe ko aankhen din tumne
bada kiya upkaar

bada kiya upkaar
ek jhande ke neeche ham sab
chalne ko taiyyaar

chalne ko taiyyaar
chalne ko taiyyaar
aao chalen us paar
aao chalen us paar
aao chalen us paar
aao chalen us paaaar

3 Responses to "Aao chalen us paar"

Isn’t this Rehmat Bai, Amirbai Karnataki, G. M. Durrani, and a Chorus singing “Aao Chalen Us Paar Aao Chalen Us Paar Khewaiya” in US PAAR (1944)?

The music is by Firoz Nizami and lyrics by Pandit Madhur (Buddhi Chandra Agrawal).

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Shalin Bhatt ji,

After I read your remark, I looked for Uss paar-44 song and I found that such a song is hosted by another uploader as song of Uss par. It looks like the same song indeed.But the question is who is right. Unless someone produces proof by a genuine photograph of the 78 RPM record, this is difficult to know the truth.
This also means that we can not believe 100% what the uploader claims, this way or that way.

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In looking at Muvyz and MySwar, they both include the word “khewaiya” in their listings for this song’s mukhda. Muvyz is even more specific about the mukhda, in that they include the first three words of the song after the refrain, “jahaan hawaa matwaali.” The male singer sounds more like G. M. Durrani than Zahoor Raja to me, as well. Hopefully someone can take a picture of the 78 RPM, too.

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