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Uthhaaye maine naina to aar paar honge

Posted on: April 24, 2018

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This song is the 14300th song post in the blog.

Blog Day : 3567 Post No. : 14300

Series of Rafi songs-Rafi with music directors
(Pal do pal ka saath)-MD composing just one Rafi song
Part II-Chaand Pardesi

If one thinks that posting “blog century” songs is quite a straight forward matter then think again. Though we have posted as many as 142 blog century posts, hardly any of them were easy picks. I had to think hard and long before finding songs befitting the occasion.

As the number of centuries mounted, we began to combine those blog centuries with other special occasions, viz. artist century, contributor century, artist anniversaries etc.

The post under discussion marks the 143rd century for the blog. In other words, it is the song post number 14300 for the blog.

I just mentioned that selecting “blog century” songs is not a trivial matter. Let me describe the thought process/ behind the scene activities that took place before I settled on this particular song as the “blog century” song.

First thing first. I had made up my mind that I would author this post. The reason was simple. I realised that our other contributors, including the usual century author Sudhir Jee were hard pressed for time these days. So I decided that I needed to write this post.

Many of our special posts including century posts have tended to appear towards the midnight, which may be prime time for TV but not for the blog. Blog prime time is day time on a weekday, so I made up my plan that this article should appear by morning today (24 april 2018) which happens to be tuesday.

When the day began, the tally of posts stood at 14297, so it meant that three posts needed to be posted, including two posts prior to the century post.

Did I have any song in mind for the “blog century” post ?

Yes, I had. It was a rare song, and quite a remarkable song. I had discovered this song a few months ago and I had noted down its lyrics as well. It was a long song and noting down the lyrics took a good amount of time. I had earmarked this song as a special song, to be covered as a “blog century” post or any such occasion.

This song had another qualification. I had begun my series of Rafi songs called (Pal do pal ka saath)-MD composing just one Rafi song. I had begun this series by aiming to cover those music directors who composed just one song with Rafi. I had decided that these songs would be special occasion songs in the blog. The first (and so far only) song in the series was composed by Arun Raghavan. I had combined this song to mark several special occasions, viz. that song was the 2800th Rafi song in the blog and the movie, which got introduced in the blog with the song was the 3800th movie covered in the blog.

My planned song that I had earmarked also fitted the same bill. It was also the only Rafi song composed by that music director.

With time, I realised that this song could be combined to mark another extremely rare occasion which few regulars may be able to guess. It could become the 500th Rafi-Asha Bhonsle duet in the blog !

So I had silently made sure that the tally of Rafi-Asha Bhonsle duet had gradually inched upto the 499 mark in the blog. 🙂

So, when the time arrived to post the 14300th song article, I had every thing covered. Or that is what I thought.

When I began to search for this song in my hard disk, I was unable to locate it. I had noted down its lyrics spending several hours. I was sure it was there somewhere but where ? I managed to locate the video in my hard disk but not the lyrics.

OK, I will have to note the lyrics again, I thought.

When I began to listen to the song, I received another jolt. This song that I was remembering as a Rafi-Asha Bhonsle duet had another voice in it. So my carefully laid plans got thrown out of the window immediately.

What to do now ? Now I needed to search for songs composed by other composers who worked with Rafi in just one song. This list is fortunately very much there in my excel sheet, and show I immediately began to search for Rafi songs composed by these one Rafi song composers.

The songs that I located were just solo Rafi songs, and they somehow did not sound worthy of being the blog century song. Nevertheless, one such Rafi song, after repeated listening began to grow upon me and I decided that this song was going to be the song for the occasion. So I noted down the lyrics of the song.

On just a whim, I decided to check up another solo Rafi song composer. And guess what ? This song was very much a Rafi-Asha Bhonsle duet !

When I listened to the song, I realised that it was an suitable replacement for the song that I had originally planned and which turned out to have more than two voices.

So, I got a song which was the only occasion when this music director got to utlise Rafi’s voice in his compositions. And this song happens to be the 500th Rafi-Asha Bhonsle duet in the blog.

This song in question is from a forgotten movie called “Ban Maanush”(1979). It was directed by Kamram Khan for O K Films, Bombay. The movie had Dara Singh, Padma Khanna, Kamran, Uma Dhawan, Mohan Choti, Sundar, Ratan Mala, Monal, Rajan Kapoor, Habeeb, Hamid Khan, Sawan, Chaachi, Sabir, Ramjanam singh, Danny Junior (new discovery), Jagdep (special appearance) etc in it.

“Ban Maanush”(1979) had three songs in it. This song under discussion is the first song from the movie to appear in the blog. So “Ban Maanush”(1979) makes its debut with this rare and special song.

The video of this song is very much available. One can see that the song is picturised as a qawwaali song where a gentleman and a lady assisted by their respective teams of chorus sing this song.

Good qawwaali’s in Hindi movies always have great lyrics in them. And this qawwaali is no exception. Farooque Kaiser is done very well in penning the lyrics of this song. Music is composed by Chaand Pardesi.

Qawwaali is one genre of song where picturisation plays as important a role as the lyrics is savouring and enjoying the song. The saying “the song is better heard than seen” does not apply to qawwaalis.

Qawwaalis were normally seen in muslim social movies. In these movies, qaawwaali are one occasion where the two genders are seen interacting with each other in full public view. It is one occasion where the two genders openly use amorous terms and the public (otherwise quite conservative) do not mind. I think this kind of qawwaalis have been invented in Hindi movies and I do not think amir Khusro, the creator of Qawwaali might have imagined that the qawaalis would serve this pupropse, viz helping the two genders (who otherwise remain segregated) to interact with each other and express their feelings with each other.

To help avoid embarrassment that may result if one a male and a female were to sing the song, the lead singers are supported by friends of the same gender to lend moral support by singing in chorus.

Another thing that one notices in these filmy qawwaalis are that the lyrics of this songs are quite liberal and broadminded and not at all conservative and narrow minded. One is readily reminded of the epic qawwaali of “Barsaat Ki Raat”(1960) that covers lots and lots of topics viz. Krishna, Radha, Meera, Buddha, Maseeh etc.

The qawwaali under consideration is a nice “expression of love” genre of qawwaali. I can see that Padma Khanna lip syncs in Asha Bhonsle’s song, but I am unable to identify the gentleman who lip syncs in Rafi’s voice.

This qawwaali is a forgotten gem from my college days which I had never heard before.

In summary, here are the salient features of this song post:-

1. This song is the only Rafi song that music director Chaand Pardesi composed in his career. And what a superb song it is. This article is our way of honouring the one Rafi song music director Chaand Pardesi.

2. This song is the 500th duet song sung by Rafi and Asha Bhonsle. What to say about this feat. These two legends have easily sung the most number of duets songs ever. I have not yet counted the number of duets sung by them, but I have read an estimate this puts this figure to over 800 ! The second most prolific duet singing pair happens to be Rafi-Lata pair. They are a “distant” second with “just” 400 plus duets. 🙂

3. This song is the 14300th song of the blog. The previous blog century was achieved on 23 march 2018. So this century has taken 32 days.

There was a time when we used to clock centuries in 16 days. We may have slowed down, and in the course of this century we even had a dot day, but at least the musical bandwagon is still on the move. And this matters a lot.

We are on the verge of several landmarks in addition to the usual blog century landmarks. Lots of artists are closing in to their century and multiple century marks. Even a regular contributor is stuck on 199 (hint ! hint ! 🙂 ). So there are lots of exciting and interesting events ahead of us.

When one considers this series (pal do pal ka saath), this was only the second episode. There are more music directors with justone Rafi song to their credit. Their time would also come and we will honour them too with similar special write ups.

As for now, I take this opportunity to thank one and all for their continuous support for nearly ten years. That reminds me, we are on the verge of completing ten years in another four months. Here is hoping that this musical bandwagon will continue to roll on and on and in the process we will find ourselves acquainted with lots and lots of great musical gems, and some of them for the first time.

This special song may well be the first time many of our music lovers will get to listen to this song. Here is this wonderful song from the golden era of HFM. Enjoy !

Song-Uthhaaye maine naina to aar paar honge(Ban Maanush)(1979) Singer-Rafi, Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Farooque Kaiser, MD-Chaand Pardesi
Male chorus
Female chorus


aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
rang bhi uda uda hai
kadam bhi ruke ruke
kaise karenge pyaar ye
naina jhuke jhuke

uthaaye maine naina
to aar paar honge
tumhi ek nahin
sab nisaar honge

uthaaye maine naina
to aar paar honge
tumhi ek nahin
sab nisaar honge

uthhaaye maine naina
to aar paar honge
tumhi ek nahin
sab nisar honge

hum jisko dil de den
usi ke yaar honge
tumhaari tarah to hazaar honge
hum jisko dil de den
usi ke yaar honge
tumhaari tarah to hazaar honge

hum jisko dil de den
usi ke yaar honge
tumhaari tarah to hazaar honge
uthhaaye maine naina
to aar paar honge

tumhaari tarah to hazaar honge

ishq waale wafa nahin karte
daawe karte hain khoob badh chadhh kar
jab nibhaane ki baat aati hai
bhool jaate hain pyaar ye dilbar

bhool jaate hain pyar ye dilbar
bhool jaate hain pyar ye dilbar

aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
husn waale daga nahin karte
ye hamaara yakeen hain dilbar
jinke baalon mein phool khilte hain
ho nahin sakte unke dil patthar
ho nahin sakte unke dil patthar
ho nahin sakte unke dil patthar

aa aa aa aa aa
ae mere dard e jigar
itni taareef na kar
naaz itne na uthha
humko sar pe na bithha
humko maaloom hai sab
teri chahat ka sabab
dard ye tune diya
pyaar to humne kiya

pyaar to humne kiya
pyaar to humne kiya

aaj phir tera pyar maanga hai
ik zara sa karar maanga hai
phir wahi intzaar maanga hai
phir tera etbar manga hai
dard ka razdaar maanga hai
dil ka aayina daar manga hain
jinko jannat ka shauk hai maangen aen aen
humne allaah se yaar manga hai
humne allaah se yaar maanga hain
humne allah se yaar maanga hai

sab kuch khuda se maang liya
uthte nahi hain, mere haath is dua ke baad
humne allah se yaar maanga hai
humne allah se yaar maanga hai

aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
duaayen mangne se
chhaanv zulfon ki nahin milti
mohabbat zindagi ki sabse
mushqil aazmaayish hain
tadap hai dard hai aansu hain
ruswaai bhi hai ismein
magar ye aazma lene ke
kaabil aazmaayish hai

ye dil chaahe toote
padenge hum na jhoothhe
tumhare liye bekaraar honge
ye dil chaahe toote
padenge hum na jhhoothhe
tumhaare liye bekarar honge

ye dil chahe toote
padenge hum na jhhoothhe
tumhaare liye bekraar honge
uthhaaye maine naina
to aar paar honge
tumhi ek nahin
sab nisaar honge

uthhaaye maine naina
to aar paar honge
tumhi ek nahin
sab nisaar honge

uthhaaye maine naina
to aar paar honge
tumhi ek nahin
sab nisaar honge

hum jisko dil de den
usi ke yaar honge
tumhi ek nahin
sab nisaar honge


11 Responses to "Uthhaaye maine naina to aar paar honge"

Many many Congratulations Atul ji on this 14300th song post.

Congratulations to all associated with this blog 🙂

Thanks for the post and this wonderful song.

So far, regarding the Hint, hinT, hINt,hInT 🙂 we are already waiting for it since months now (starting from the 90’s) :), but may be the right time is waiting for the right combination which is all in your ‘editors’ 🙂 hands now …

Lucky Vikas Anand – he gets to lip sync to a Rafi song. Of course he has a few such songs in his career but I doubt if he has ever been a main lead.

Congratulations for song number 14300.

Will 14500 coincide with blog anniversary?

The guy lip syncing for the song is VIKAS ANAND

exactly what i said

Congrates for creating a new milestone for the blog.

Alternate link with better quality

Left to Vikas anand the blackie is BULBUL(dancer cum junior artiste who featured in many song sequences of that era)(at 0:27)(who appears in song sequences of Amitabh`s Jurmana, Qurbani etc)

real name of bul bul is Tyrone Aviet.
Bulbul is the Famous background dancer and assistant choreographer from the 1970’s till now.He is there in the Shaan song sequence “Pyar karnewaale:

director of the movie Kamran Khan is Father of Bollywood directors, Sajid Khan and Farah Khan.

audio link

Congratulations for the 14300th song.

Congratulations on yet another milestone!!

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