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Ghodi pe hoke sawaar

Posted on: April 26, 2018

This article is written by Raja, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog.This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

This article is the 200th writeup of Raja in the blog.

Blog Day : 3569 Post No. : 14303

It’s been exactly five weeks since my last post here – but somehow it feels much longer. I’m reminded of that famous dialogue from Aandhi (1975) – “waise to ammavas pandrah din ki hoti hai, lekin is baar bahut lambi thi.” 🙂 These five weeks felt like five months.

One possible reason for this is that this happens to be my 200th post on this blog. So I’ve been on 199 for 5 weeks. Even Mudassar Nazar would be proud of my achievement. 🙂 Since this is IPL season, it’s also safe to say that franchisees wouldn’t exactly be falling over each other, outbidding each other to try to buy me at an IPL auction. 🙂

Not that I haven’t been nudged or reminded about this.

When I sent in my previous post, Atul told me it was my 199th and nudged me to get the 200th soon.

Peevisie’s Mom called me a while ago and reminded me of this.

One of Atul’s recent posts also nudged me (hint, hint!) to run that quick single.

And our Atulite whatsapp group also decided that it was high time.

And so I too decided today – yes, it is high time. This is unacceptable, even by Mudassar standards.

So here is the post – with due apology to everyone for this 5-week delay. And thanks to all who nudged me along the way. I needed it.

Actually, I had planned this 200th much earlier. Since I usually pick anniversaries for my posts, my first idea was Farooque Sheikh’s anniversary. That didn’t happen. Then, I’d planned for Jeetendra’s birthday. On both occasions I’d finalized the song – but, for a variety of reasons that I will not get into right now, I never got around to writing the post. No excuses though – if Atul can write up and post songs every single day, I just cannot have an excuse for taking five weeks for one post. 🙂

I see that these songs aren’t posted yet, so I can still write them up – no need for a specific occasion. In fact, the Jeetu song would be quite suitable for this post too – but I’m going with this particular one because it happens to have Moushumi Chatterjee in it too – and it is Moushumi’s birthday today. The Jeetu song can wait.

The song I’ve picked for today is an iconic song for a particular occasion – the baaraat in a wedding.

When I was very young, the song “meri pyari beheniya banegi dulhaniya” became very popular. Thanks to my name, I used to be constantly teased “bhaiya raja bajaayega baaja”.

This was in addition to another “baaraat” song for which I used to be teased – the famous “raja ki aayegi baaraat” from Aah (1953).

These were both regulars at any baaraat.

And then there was “ghodi pe hoke savaar”, today’s song.

It also became a very popular song for baaraat occasions – especially if the bridegroom was on a horse. The words suit the occasion perfectly, so it was only natural this song would play on the occasion.

“Ghodi pe hoke savaar” was not only popular then – I suspect, it’s still popular. Which is why I was very surprised to discover that it had not yet been posted on this blog. I know Atul has a category along the lines of “how come this song is not yet posted yet”. This song is the mother of all songs in that category, considering it’s almost ten years for this blog now. 🙂

In fact, this film “Ghulam Begum Baadshah” (1973) has not made an entry yet on the blog. So this is a debut for this film here. There’s a 1956 film by the same name which has songs here but, for this film, this is the first.

For me, another category that this song slips into – but is not a recognized category here – is “this song is in THIS film?”.

I’d heard this song umpteen times in my life – but never really got to know the name of the film it was from.

And then, a few years ago, I saw a film “Ghulam Begum Baadshah” (1973) prompted to me on youtube. It piqued my interest – I’d never heard of this film before, it was a 1970s film, it had Moushumi in it (I quite like Moushumi) – so I decided to give it a go.

When the prelude to the song started, I thought it sounded very familiar. And then when the song started, I was totally in this “ye gaana IS film ka hai?” mode. It was a very pleasant surprise.

It wasn’t the only one.

I remember that even the film turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Ok, I had zero expectations from it (that’s usually how I avoid disappointment :-)), but even so, it held my interest to the very end.

I remember there were scenes of patriarchy that annoyed me but what I liked most about the film was Moushumi and her role. From what I remember of her role, it had a lot of spunk.

As we know, in many movies, especially in earlier eras, the women are shown as weaker than the men. They need to be protected, they are subservient, they often don’t even have a mind of their own. They’re subdued, they’re shy. They’re not often shown as smart, thinking women.

In this film, from what I remember of it (I don’t remember the details well), Moushumi is shown as anything but weak. She gives as good as she gets, refusing to cower down to bullying. And when she is in a difficult situation, she finds her own way to get out of it, instead of depending on the male characters to solve her problems for her.

This is what I liked most about the film. And there’s a nice twist at the end too.

The film has Kumud Chugani too – always nice to see her in a film as well.

So if you haven’t watched this film – and want to watch a 1970s film – you could give it a shot. But don’t shoot me if you don’t like it – apni apni pasand. And I don’t claim to have high standards. 🙂

The song itself is by Rafisaab – and considering it’s an early 70s song, it was during his “lean” period. But even during this period, he had popular songs like this one – and “teri galiyon mein na rakhenge kadam” and “aaj mausam bada be-imaan hai”.

I think he does full justice to the song – singing it with gusto, as you’d expect on the occasion of a baaraat. The way midway in the song he pronounces “ghodi” is deliberately upbeat.

The lyrics are by Rajinder Krishan, music by Kalyanji-Anandji.

I hope you enjoy listening to this song as much as I do.

Once again, a very happy birthday to Moushumi Chatterjee. I think I’ve written a full post on her earlier – she was one of my favourite heroines in the 70s.

Whew! Got that 200th out of the way. Relief! 🙂 And thanks for tolerating me for these 200 posts.



Song-Ghodi pe hoke sawaar (Ghulaam Begam Baadshah)(1973) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-Kalyanji Anandji

Lyrics (Provided by Prakashchandra)

ghodi pe hoke savaar
chala hai dulha yaar
kamariyaa mein baandhe talwaar
akadta hai chhaila
mili hai aisi laila
ki jodi hai nehle pe dehlaa
akadta hai chhaila
mili hai aisi laila
ki jodi hai nehle pe dehlaa
ghodi pe hoke savaar
chala hai dulha yaar
kamariyaa mein baandhe talwaar
akadta hai chhaila
mili hai aisi laila
ki jodi hai nehle pe dehlaa

kal tak bechaara humsaa kunwaara
phirta thha gali gali maara maara
kal tak bechaara humsaa kunwaara
phirta thha gali gali maara maara
dekhi ik chhokri
phoolon ki tokri
bolaa dil thhaam ke main haara haara
bolaa dil thaam ke main haara haara
yaar ko mubaarak ho
mohabbat ki baazi
o yaar ko mubaarak ho
mohabbat ki baazi
miya biwi raazi
to kya karegaa kaazi
sadaa phoole phale donon ka pyaar
ghodi pe hoke savaar
chala hai dulha yaar
kamariyaa mein baandhe talwaar
akadta hai chhaila
mili hai aisi laila
ki jodi hai nehle pe dehlaa
akadta hai chhaila
mili hai aisi laila
ki jodi hai nehle pe dehlaa

dulhan ki dhun hai
kaisa magan hai
hoga milan dekho abhi abhi
dulhan ki dhun hai
kaisa magan hai
hoga milan dekho abhi abhi
shaadi ki masti
lagti hai sasti
padti hai mehengi bhi kabhi kabhi
haan haan padti hai mehengi bhi kabhi kabhi
ye baat mat bhoolna pyaar ki bahaarein
ye baat mat bhoolna pyaar ki bahaarein
nanhe munne bachchon ki lagaa dengi kataarein
tab utarega jaake khumaar
ghodi pe hoke savaar
chala hai dulha yaar
kamariyaa mein baandhe talwaar
akadta hai chhaila
mili hai aisi laila
ki jodi hai nehle pe dehlaa
ghodi pe hoke savaar
chala hai dulha yaar
kamariyaa mein baandhe talwaar
akadta hai chhaila
mili hai aisi laila
ki jodi hai nehle pe dehlaa

9 Responses to "Ghodi pe hoke sawaar"

Tripple celebrations – Debutant song, Moushumi Chatterjee’s birthday and Raja bhaiya’s 200th song! Congratulations to Rajaji, Atulji and all.
Moushumi is one of my favorite. Thanks for the post. BTW kitni baheno ki shaadi mein aapne baaja bajaya hai? 😉


Heartiest Congratulations Raja Saab on your 200th post on the blog !!!
Looking forward for many more interesting posts in future 🙂
All the Best wishes from all of us !!!


Aa ha Raja ji,

Double सैंकड़ा, finally. 😀

Many hearty congratulations to you. Steady on pace, as well as on quality strokeplay. Keep the shots coming, and lets keep the scoreboard moving.

Great 200th post, and thanks for each one of them. 🙂



Clap! Clap!! Clap!!! For the 200th post Rajaji. And thank you for taking the hints and nudges sportingly.
Lovely song too.
Oh and by the way… This was indeed a quick single as well ….. I read the post from start to finish in one sitting. 😉


I remember this song and the movie name. I vaguely remember to have watched this movie in late seventies during the weekly screening of movies at our colony club. However I do not remember about the storyline and more details about the movie now.
But, this song was frequently played on radio and loudspeakers during those years. I like this song very much.
Thanks again for launching this song on the blog, and scoring the 200th with a song of Rafi Saab.
Congratulations again and looking forward for many more interesting and nostalgic posts from you on the blog 🙂


LOST the race 🙂 🙂 (: (:
records on Odeon

Production house:Vijayashree Pictures
(Actor Sudesh Kumar`s Home Production Banner)
Director:Jambu aka Jambulingam
Producers:Govindram Ahulja, Soodesh Kumar
Starcast:Shatrughan Sinha,Anil Dhawan,Moushumi Chatterjee,
Kumud Chuggani, Sudesh Kumar, Meena.T.,
David Abraham, Sunder,Randhir, Pinchoo Kapoor,
Neelam aka Neelum,Leena Das,Jagdish Raj, Rajen Kapoor,
Raj Joshi,Sheela Ramachandran,Paul Sharma, Munshi Munaqqa,
Som Haksar,Chaman Puri,Sheela,Ravikant,
Rajan Kumar,Jagdeep, Farooq Jaipuri,
Anjana Mumta(in guest appearance),R.Shalya,

Screenplay,dialogues & Lyrics by:Rajinder Krishan


Pictuised on Shatrughan Sinha,Anill Dhawan,
Kumud Chugani,Meena.T.,
Sudesh Kumar,Moushumi Chatterjee,Sunder,Pinchoo Kapoor


congratulations Sir
on your 200th post



Raja ji,

Congratulations on touching 200 posts.



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