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Phool kahe dhanya hoon main

Posted on: June 4, 2018

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Regulars have been noticing that I have been rather irregular in posting articles in the blog for the last few weeks. While some of it was due to personal reasons (travelling etc), I had expected that I would have all the time in the world during the weekend (2 and 3 june 2018) when I hoped to try and make up for the slow going in the blog.

Month of May is traditionally a slow month for the blog because it is in this month that my wife and daughter (staying elsewhere) join me for their summer vacations. Earlier, they would stay in the same place for the month, visiting nearby places at the most, but now they are becoming more ambitious. My daughter, like most persons of her age group easily succumbs to this peer pressure. She has been pestering the two of us about visiting abroad during her vacations ever since she joined a medical college in Mumbai and found her peers doing that.

During the last summer vacation, when the two of them were with me and the daughter insisted on going abroad, we went to Nepal, which is some 300 kilometers by road from where I stay at present and that satisfied the daughter for the time being.

But this time she had raised her standards and she wanted the three of us to go to some “proper” foreign locations. So one week of may 2018 was spent doing just that. During this week, I did not have any time to post in the blog. When we had left for the trip, the blog was averaging just over 4 posts a day, and when we were back then this strike rate had fallen under 4 songs a day. It is still below that mark.

The daughter, no doubt fully satiated after the trip left for Mumbai three days later.

My wife planned to leave on saturday 2 june 2018. So I had hoped to have a free time on saturday and sunday, just like old times. 🙂

At the night of 1 june, just when it was time to go to bed, we heard sound of thunderstorm from outside. Often, rain and storms go unnoticed by people at night, but this one caused closed windows to open, while open windows rattled violently, threatening to come off their hinges. We closed some of the open windows. Some windows in some outer rooms were still open, but going to that room by opening some doors was not advisable, because an open door is much more of a nightmare than an open window under these circumstances.

Whenever we have such rain and storm situation, electricity is bound to go off. And so it did. Erratic electricity is nothing new in these parts, so people have invertors with them. We also have invertor. No electricity means no AC in this hot weather, So we spent the night under the air of fan. Luckily the invertor battery lasted till the whole night.

Next morning, when I went out at 5 AM to walk my dogs by turns, I found that big branches of a few trees had fallen on the road at two places. In addition, a few big branches had fallen on the gate of a neighbouring house, totally blocking that gate. Clearing these huge branches was going to take time. And it also became clear to me that restoration of electricity would not happen in a hurry.

My wife was scheduled to board a noon train at Bareilly that would take her to Lucknow by 4 PM and from there she would catch a train to Jabalpur. It turned out that the train she was to board at Bareilly would start late and she would miss her Lucknow train if she decided to go by that train. Trains running several hours late is quite common in these parts. My wife managed to get one such badly delayed train at 11:15 AM. So she arrived Lucknow comfortably in time.

It was saturday and I was at my work place for half a day where electricity was there thanks to generator backup. When I went home, I found that electricity was not yet restored. I knew that it was time to ration my invertor electricity because very little charge remained in the battery after using it all up during the whole night and early morning. So I did not use any electricity and did not even use my computer and wi fi.

On enquiry, I was informed that the state electricity board staff were working to rectify the faults and the likely time of restoration was 7 :30 PM. 7:30 PM came and went away and there was no sign of electricity coming back. Normally I would spend this time blogging or watching TV if anything interesting was on it. Instead of that, I was wondering how to minimise the effects of heat (it was hot and humid even at night time). I tried to switch on a tubelight for a few seconds and it immediately went off, signifying that the invertor battery had actually got discharged as I had feared.

It was clear that I had to spend the night without light and fan.

When I go to bed at night, the two dogs also like to sleep nearby at their chosen places. But before that they have their fight where I have to mediate. As it is, Bhole regards himself as my pet while Chhote is supposed to be my wife’s pet. So Bhole stakes his claim on me. He would accompany me wherever I go within the house. Under “normal” circumstances, I would be seated on my computer chair staring at the screen while Bhole would lie sprawled on the floor near by. He would not allow Chhote to enter the room. Chhote must enter the room at bed time. So what to do. He tries to enter the bedroom when Bhole is not looking and then slips under the bed.

But this is not a foolproof method. Bhole takes serious exception whenever Chhote tries to come in. So, to help Chhote, I restrain Bhole by grabbing his collar and that allows Chhote to enter the bedroom and slip under the bed. Then I try to pacify an irate Bhole by giving him a head massage while continuing to hold his collar. After some time, this massage pacifies him ,but when I release his collar, he goes near the bed and barks violently at Chhote, while Chhote too barks back.

After a few minutes, truce is called for the night. After some time, Chhote comes out of the bed and sleeps on the left side of the bed while Bhole is sleeping on the right side of the bed. When I wake up at say midnight or later, the two dogs would be happily seated next to each other. 🙂

Since it was dark so I was in no position to play mediator between the two dogs. They barked at each other for what looked like hours to me while I, unable to see anything tried to go back to sleep. Next morning, when I woke up (yes, I managed to get some sleep even after all this heat and humidity), I found that the two dogs had made peace with each other on their own and they were sleeping at their usual places on either side of the bed. 🙂

There was no electicity even on that morning, which was a sunday. When I read the newspapers, I came to know about the damage that the storm had caused. Hundreds of trees and their branched had fallen on electricity wires all over the city and elsewhere. So restoration work was going to take a while.

All this had stated to take its toll. The contents of fridge had started to rot. Previous day’s milk soured, as expected. some other stuff kept in the fridge also turned unuseable. I was running out of filtered water too since I could not operate the water purifier.

The charge on my mobiles (I have two of them) were also alarmingly low. 17 % in one and 36 % in another. My wife was travelling by train and I keep track of train movement on mobile on the NTES app when she (or the daughter) travels. When her train was on the verge of arriving at her destination, I phoned her and informed her about my mobile charge situation and informed her not to worry if she could not get me on mobile as it would only mean that my mobile battery had got discharged.

Some tubelights/ fans in the residence are on invertor and others are not. I had kept a few non-invertor switches on. At 8 :38 AM, I found these tubelights /CFLs getting illuminated ! So electricity was back after a wait of some 36 hours. I quickly plugged my mobiles for charging and switched on the water purifier.

Just as I was all praises for the Electricity Board employees, I found that the light had again gone off, after just five minutes. So I had to rush to switch off all the switches connected to invertor.

Exactly three hours later at 11:38, electricity came back, much to my glee. Again, it went off five minutes later.

In the meanwhile, my daughter had sent me a message to pay her mobile bill. The SIM that she uses is in my name and I pay its bill online. Once in the past I had failed to pay the bill and that connection had got disconnected. Getting it reconnected took a few hours but the trouble was not worth it because she had to phone from an unknown number (her friend’s) to inform me about her phone disconnected while I (and my wife) were worrying about her whereabouts. So I thought that I should pay her bill without delay. so even though I had no electricity, I switched the computer on (which showed 78% change) and I decided to use dongle (my backup internet connection) for payment. But before I could make the payment, the computer, showing 78 % change, suddenly changed its mind and announced that it had only 7 % change. Before I could make out what was going on, the computer swtched off abruptly and abnormally because of low change in its battery.

I messaged the daughter back telling her that I was without electicity, with low battery in my mobiles and with a discharged computer, so she needed to pay the bill herself.

One hour later, the light came back again, this time fortunately for a longer duration. even though the light went off again after some 40 minutes, this was enough time for my mobiles to get changed adequately, the water purifier to deliver adequate water to last for the day, and more importantly, the invertor battery managed to get changed a bit. After that, electricity kep coming and going but all that gave enough time for the Invertor battery to get changed. In other words, things had limped back to normalcy.

Or did they ? When I decided to swich on the computer, it failed to get swithed on to its desktop. The computer would try to install windows interminably without any results.

After lots and lots of trials and errors till late night, I realised that this computer had finally conked off and I needed to get a noew computer. so, from next morning (viz tpday 4 june 2018), I have been thinking about buying a new computer. I even souded our knowledgeable members in our whatsapp group to suggest what computer to buy.

all this will take a few days, but what about blogging in the interim. I tried a few tricks and they only gave partial results. Now, I have managed to get to the desktop pf my computer (I am myself surprised how) and so I can at least make use of this computer, something that was looking impossible till this morning.

The song that I have in mind has no relation to the dilemma that I have discussed above. it just happens to be a song that I stumbled upon while I was looking for a song of 1948. This song caught my eye because it is a rare song from a rare movie. The movie is “Oonch Neech”(1948). This movie was directed by Hem Chandar for New Theatres, Calcutta. ovie had The Bharti Devi, Sumitra devi, Chgandravati, Pal Mahendra, Hiralal, Poornendu, Gopal Mehra, Ansari, Deendayaal, Deepaali, Indira, Ramesh, Nirupama etc in it.

This was a movie that had come when “New Theatres” had lost its primacy and was on a free fall. As a result there were few takers for New Thratres movie like this. Even the songs ended up as forgotten.

The movie had five songs in it. One obscure song from the movie has been covered in the past.

This song is even more obscure. It is sung by Sudha Mukherji, a singer I had never heard about and who makes her debut in the blog with this song. Ramesh Pandey is the lyricist. Music is composed by Pankaj Mullick.

Only the audio of this song is available. The audio quality too is not vert good.

The song may be an obscure one, but I loved the song the very first time I herd it. The lyrics are superb, and so is the music, which sounds quite different from the usual music of Hindi movie songs of those days. This is one song that deserved to be better known among music lovers.

I have I have not been able to get many words right in the lyrics. I request our readers with keener ears to help fill in the blanks;/ suggest corrections as applicable. I am sure one will be able to appreciate this song even better after we manage to get the missing words right. This song is about “phool” and the lyricist has come up with superb lyrics, which are sort of like “pushp ki abhilaasha”, an immortal poem by Makhan Lal Chaturvedi.

PS-After I typed out this article, I faced many more problems while posting this article in the blog. So message is clear for me. I need to have a new computer, and that too as soon as possible. 🙂

Phool kahe dhanya hoon main (Oonch Neech)(1948) Singer-Sudha Mukherji, Lyrics-Ramesh Pandey, MD-Pankaj Mullick


phool kahe
dhanya hoon main
dhanya hoon main
is dharti par phool kahe
apne dev ko pooj sakoon oon
apne dev ko pooj sakoon
yadi apne ghar dhanya dhanya main
is dharti par phool kahe ae ae ae

maine ae janm liya mitti par
div swapn sa ??
charan choom loon
ho vyaakul
charan choom loon
ho vyaakul
dhanya dhanya main
is dharti par
phool kahe ae ae ae

main dhara ??
dhara ??
swarg banaana
mera ho samast dhan jewar
mera ho samast dhan jewar
bicha(??) tumhaare charnon par
dhanya dhanya
dhanya dhanya main
is dharti par
phool kahe ae ae ae

3 Responses to "Phool kahe dhanya hoon main"

i can visualize every single minute of your saturday and sunday and the effect it must have had in your daily routine. i have myself experienced it a number of times in this IT city called Bangalore in the last 10 years of living here. it is still early monsoon here, i am waiting for the season to start in its fury and we will have current outages for rains in far off places too.
all the best for your search of a new comp


Atul ji,
You said in the article:

“The song may be an obscure one, but I loved the song the very first time I herd it. The lyrics are superb, and so is the music, which sounds quite different from the usual music of Hindi movie songs of those days. This is one song that deserved to be better known among music lovers.”

The music sounds quite different from usual Hindi film music because it is based on Rabindra Sangeet. The equivalnt Tagore song is :

phul bole dhanyo aami

Hindi version of the song is, more or less, the translation of the Tagore song. But HIndi version is faster in tempo than the Bangla version.

The audio clip of Tagore song:


Thanks for details of this song and its Bangla version.


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