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Jaan e Mann Jaan e Wafa, Aa Ke Parda To Utha

Posted on: July 16, 2018

This article is written by Prakashchandra, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

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ASAD 10th Anniversary Celebrations – 8

I started to write this post, because of my fascination (or is it obsession?) about the music of this movie. Finally for the anniversary occasion, I thought, let me write about this movie, “koi toh kissi din is film ke gaane ke baare mein  likhega, main hi kyon na likh daloon???” 🙂 .Ye soch ke and also for the reason that I love the Raj Khosla type of narrative and his song picturization style.

Let me talk a little about the style of song picturization by Raj Khosla which I like very much. Remember the songs of ‘Mera Saaya’, ‘Mera Gaon Mera Desh’, ‘Chiraag’, ‘Kuchche Dhaage’, ‘Do Raaste’, ‘Main Tulsi Tere Aangan Ki’, ‘Woh Kaun Thi’, ‘Anita’, . . . I can go on and on about his style of direction and his song picturisation style. I will stop about that.

The songs of this film are written by Farooq Kaiser (06.06.1918 to 10.11.1987). He was one of the dominating forces of music in Indian Cinema during the 1950s through the 1980s. He contributed to more than 115 movies and 390 songs. His name is spelt in many different ways like Faruq Kaisar, Farooq Kaiser, Faruk Kaiser etc.

Besides being a songwriter, he worked as chief assistant director with Raj khosla in ‘Prem Kahaani’ and ‘Kuchhe Dhaage’. He also worked with Lekh Tondon in ‘Prince’ (Shammi Kapoor starrer) and ‘Lal Patthar’. He worked in Hindi movies in the capacities of lyricist, dialogue and screenplay writer, production manager, associate director, second unit director or assistant director or chief assistant director.

Today’s film ‘Naqaab’ (1989) is nothing but a modern version of Raj Khosla own potboiler ‘Woh Kaun Thi’, but in this, we have no beautiful Sadhana in double role or haunting black and white camera work or Lata ji`s haunting vocal chords or Madan Mohan`s music compositions. But in this movie we have a new name Kamaal makhdoom, as the music director. Some other movies for which he provided music are – ‘Pavitra Ganga’ (1984), ‘Bhatke Raahi’ (1984), ‘Teri Aarzoo’ (1986), and maybe more.

In ‘Naqaab’, the very musical Raj Khosla entrusted a humble music teacher Kamaal Makhdoom, rather than his favourites Laxmikant Pyarelal with the music score due to severe budgetary constraints. When she heard the songs, Asha told Khosla, ‘If you promote this music well, it will be another Umrao Jaan.’ Tragically, several (political) reasons ensured that this exquisite score never even got normal publicity; the film’s failure did the rest. Those lucky enough to have heard the music cherish “Na kisika dil mujhe chahiye”, “Naina lad gaye” (with Suresh Wadkar), and the title song as treasured memories that sound as fresh almost 30 years later.))

A brief about the music director. Kamaal Makhdoom was born in Hyderabad (India) in 1950. He learnt classical music for 5 years in Hyderabad. He came to Mumbai in 1973 and he worked as an assistant with top music directors at that time, like Sham ji Ghansham Ji and Lala Sattar for more than 10 years. After that he got first chance as an independent music director in the film ‘Pavitra Ganaga’ in 1982. In the same year he did his 2nd independent film ‘Bhatke Rahi’. After that successful year he worked in many average Hindi films but ultimately he got a big break in 1986, with Raj Khosla’s ‘Naqaab’ which had Rishi Kapoor, Farah, Amjad Khan etc. After this film, he did many Hindi movies, Tele films, Music Albums and TV serials etc.

Those days, (i.e. late 1980s – early 90`s), in a certain magazine article, I remember reading Asha Bhosle crying foul about Gulshan Kumar`s dumping her songs of Naqab, saying that the T-series had sabotaged the musical compositions of the movie. Raj Khosla who was in need of money for the release of his movie very badly, sold the musical rights of the movie to T-series. And allegedly, Gulshan Kumar purposefully did not market the songs of this movie because of Anuradha Paudhwal`s rivalry towards Mangeshkar sisters. That marketing technique sealed the fate of the music of this film. I remember Gulshan Kumar did the same thing for Shashi Kapoor`s home production ‘Ajooba’ because Laxmi-Pyaare did not used Anuradha paudhwal voice for the movie. Sad state of things, but that’s how it is.

‘Naqab’ is Raj Khosla`s last directorial venture. He tried to get his his friend Vinod Khanna for the lead role, but for some reasons, the lead role went to Rishi Kapoor. Farha emoted well and she has been photographed very beautifully. The handsome Vijayendra Ghatge played the villain`s role and Amjad Khan with his huge structure and histrionics acted well. The old timer Chand Usmani is also in the star cast. She is there in the Raj Khosla camp, from the days of Raj Khosla`s ‘Anita’ days. Bindu to whom Raj Khola gave a fresh lease of life in ‘Do Raaste’ as Neelambari, acted in a role with grey shades. Old timer Mohan Choti is there in a small role.

The main chunk of the musical compositions are rendered by Asha Bhosle and the male counterpart is the ever dependable Suresh Wadkar, one of my favourites. Actually I don`t like qawwali songs, but in this movie I liked the qawwali song sung by Majid Shola which was also picturised on him.

That brings me to the close of this post. To be frank, I am very bad about writing the things, mainly because of my lack of communication skills and I get confused regarding where to start and where to end while writing the post, And of course there is my own nagging doubt about my  English writing skills. 🙂

Finally, I want to thank Atul ji and Sudhir ji for bearing my occasional outbursts, impulsive reactions, harsh comments (sometimes I myself, find them too harsh, really). I wonder sometimes, agar main Atul ji or Sudhir ji ke jagah hota aur apni khud ki lines padh ke meri reaction kya hotaa!  But then, main apne aap ko tasalli bhi de detaa hoon ye soch ke “O.K., Atul ji and Sudhir ji apne hi hain aur mera temperament woh jaante hi honge aur blog bhi mera apna hi toh hai, mujhe woh log adjust kar lenge” 🙂 🙂 Atul ji, Sudhir ji, sunn rahe hain na aap log. . . 🙂

I present the song “Jaan e Mann, Jaan e Wafa” today, which is in the voice of Asha Bhosle. I hope you will like it.

Song – Jaan e Mann Jaan e Wafa, Aa Ke Parda To Utha (Naqaab) (1989) Singers – Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics – Farooq Kaiser, MD – Kamaal Makhdoom


aaaaaa aa aaa
aaa aaaa aaa aa
aaaaa aaaaaaaaa
aaaaaa aaaaa
aaaaaa aaaaa aaa

jaan e mann jaan e wafa

jaan e mann jaan e wafa
aa ke parda to utha
jaan e mann jaan e wafaa
aake parda to utha
zindagi kuchh bhi nahin hai tere jalwaon ke siva
jaan e mann jaan e wafaa

har kadam chhaaya dhuaan
har taraf raaz yahaan
kya karoon kaun sune
meri aawaz yahaan
tu bhi gumnaam
tu bhi gumnaam hai
kis naam se doon tujhko sadaa
jaan e mann jaan e wafa
aa ke parda to utha
jaan e mann jaan e wafaa

meethi meethi hai kasak
jism se rooh talak
meharbaani ho teri
dekh loon ek jhalak
dil se aawaaz jo..oo
dil se aawaaz jo
nikley wohi hoti hai duaa
jaan e mann jaan e wafa
aa ke parda to utha
jaan e mann jaan e wafaa

raah takti hoon teri
aankhen pyaasi hain meri
ab to aa jaaye nazar
wo nazar pyaar bhari
meraa imaan
meraa imaan hai
ek din tujhe bhejega khuda
jaan e mann jaan e wafaa
aake parda to utha
zindagi kuchh bhi nahin hai tere jalwaon ke siva
jaan e mann jaan e wafaa
jaan e mann jaan e wafaa
jaan e mann jaan e wafaa

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Prakashchandra)

आsssss आ आss
आss आsss आss आ
आssss आssssssss
आssssss आssss
आsssss आssss आss

जाने मन जाने वफ़ा
आके पर्दा तो उठा
जाने मन जाने वफ़ा
आके पर्दा तो उठा
ज़िन्दगी कुछ भी नहीं है तेरे जलवों के सिवा
जाने मन जाने वफ़ा

हर कदम छाया धुआँ
हर तरफ राज़ यहाँ
क्या करूँ कौन सुने
मेरी आवाज़ यहाँ
तू भी मनाम है॰॰ए
तू भी गुमनाम है
किस नाम से दूँ तुझको सदा
जाने मन जाने वफ़ा
आके पर्दा तो उठा
जाने मन जाने वफ़ा

मीठी मीठी है कसक
जिस्म से रूह तलक
मेहरबानी हों तेरी
देख लूँ एक झलक
दिल से आवाज़ जो॰॰ओ
दिल से आवाज़ जो
निकले वोही होती है दुआ
जाने मन जाने वफ़ा
आके पर्दा तो उठा
जाने मन जाने वफ़ा

राह तकती हूँ तेरी
आँखें प्यासी हैं मेरी
अब तो आ जाऐ नज़र
वो नज़र प्यार भरी
मेरा ईमान है॰॰ए
मेरा ईमान है
एक दिन तुझे भेजेगा खुदा
जाने मन जाने वफ़ा
आके पर्दा तो उठा
ज़िन्दगी कुछ भी नहीं है तेरे जलवों के सिवा
जाने मन जाने वफ़ा
जाने मन जाने वफ़ा
जाने मन जाने वफ़ा


24 Responses to "Jaan e Mann Jaan e Wafa, Aa Ke Parda To Utha"

Thanks for the Post, PrakashChandra Ji
I have not known about this movie & M D nor have I heard the song before. Even on first hearing, half way through the song it started to seep into me, and by the time it ended I was longing for more.
Yes, music & picturisation were strong points of Raj Khosla’ s movies.

Thanks K.S.Shenoy` ji
for writing about the song……Please listen to all the songs of the movie, other 2 Asha solo songs are even more better than this one…..

Prakashchandra ji,

The two paragraphs preceding the last paragraph of your article have moved me a lot. It is difficult to appraise oneself honestly and accept the same. Your thoughts have come straight from your heart in these two paragraphs which, in my view, are more important than the writing in good English..

Your article does not give me an impression that you face problems in writing. The thought process in your article is clear. I do not see communication gap.

I will request you to write at least one article per month covering songs which are close to your hearts. I am sure this would facilitate tol shade your inhibition for writing articles.

And thanks for the article and the selection of the song which I heard for the first time and liked it.

Thanks Sadanand ji

It is Atul ji and Sudhir ji who gave proper format to my long post,
so the the credit should be go to them

and thanks for encouraging me and writing kind words about me……..


This is a movie which released at the time when I was not a Mumbai resident.this and another rishi Kapoor movie where kimi katkar was the heroine. That one had rishi in a grey character.
Both had great songs, which I became aware of post 1995. When I saw them on cable TV.
This particular song reminds me of another song specially the opening alaap. And yes the song has Raj Khosla written all over it.
And prakashchandraji like sadanandji has said you write well, you should write more. Your song choices are always good.

Madam ji
Thanks for writing encouraging words to me…..
Another Rishi starrer you are referring must be KHOJ(1989)(also starring Naseeruddin Shah,Kimmi Katkar and music By Bappi Lahiri) I haven`t heard the songs of that movie, Amit Kumar, Alisha Chinoy and Nitin Mukesh songs are there I remember, try to catch the songs of that movie and Yes I liked Khoj, its long ago I had seen the movie that time on video cassette player

yes i was thinking of “Khoj”

What a pleasant surprise, Prakashji!
Such a lovely post too. I haven’t heard of this film, and never heard this song before. Just listened to it now – it’s really nice. Thank you so much for this.
Please do write more. It is a pleasure to read such posts – please don’t worry about English and all that. Your English is good – and even if it had not been, that’s not the most important thing here.
What is important is that you share your thoughts about a song or film or this blog.
And you have done that wonderfully.
So thank you. 🙂

Thanks Sir
for your kind words about my writing and
I think you should watch the movie Naqab and listen to all the other songs of Naqab, Please watch the movie for Raj Khosla sake………..
and thanks again for writing to me


I had seen this movie and have always longed to see more of Raj Khosla’s creations. Alas, it was never to be. He died in 1981.

As I remember it was a nice movie with some good music. This song is the best of the lot.

It will be great to see more of your posts Prakashchandra Ji. Please do keep writing.


Satyajit Rajurkar

Satyajit ji

Thanks for your kind words……..


Prakash ji,

Your surprise appearance has made the celebrations merrier !
It is a good article and shows how well informed you are about the films after 70s.
Please do not make us wait to see your articles here for four years. You write well. Forget the language. It is in your mind , because I find the writing flawless.
Readers look for the emotions and knowledge and not for the scholarly literature, here.
Your knowledge of artiste identification is unmatched,in our group. You are also working hard, behind the limelight, to replace the non-working videos of the Blog.
We are all aware of your strong points and love you for them. You are one of the most adored members of our group.
Keep writing,it will give you confidence and pleasure to us.
All the best.

Arun ji

Thanks for your affectionate words and
aap meri taraf apna pyaar aur vishwaas aise hi
banaaye rakhiyegaa ……….aapse mera ye request hai………
aapke words mere liye Aashirwaad ke samaan hai………
Thanks again and again…

Take care of yourself and your health

Regards and Love

Wonderful post, Prakashji. How good of you to bring this little known song to our notice.

Madam ji

Thanks for writing to me and thanks for your encouraging words
Those words are a lot to me…….

Prakash ji,

Yeh blog maange more write-ups of your immense knowledge.

Thanks Mahesh ji for your kind and encouraging words



longer video(got one scene before the song

Prakashchandra ji,
I have read a lot about the making of the Raj Khosla directed movies you talked about in the Urdu magazine “ Shama” in my childhood. Those articles included details of song preparation with lyrics writer, mainly Anand Bakshi. If I remember correctly than Raj Khosla started as Assistant director to Vijay Anand for Navketan. There is the clue to the art of song picturization.

Above comment is mine.

Madam ji
Thanks for writing to me and thanks again for updating me about the information about Raj Khosla


When Mukesh heard some singer, he commented in all his humility “Yeh to mujhse bhi besura hai.” Mera write-up (with songs) padhh kar Prakash-ji ko jaroor lagta hoga ki “Yeh to mere se bhi kharaab English likhta hai.”
Dekho naa, maine mere man mein jo khayal aaya yanha par likh diya naa. !!!!

new video link

new audio link found

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