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Maiyya mori main nahin maakhan khaayo

Posted on: September 16, 2018

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Mukesh and his Composers – 17

We have discussed the songs sung by Mukesh for Aparesh Lahiri and his son Bappi Lahiri in the last two successive posts. Incidentally these two posts were on the birth and death anniversary dates of Mukesh.
Much earlier in the series, we have also discussed about Mukesh songs for S D Burman and R D Burman. Well, no prizes for guessing where we are heading with these discussions. Yes, the father-son associations that Mukesh had in his singing career and the name that came immediately to my mind was that of Rajesh Roshan. It appears that Mukesh’s association with father-son composers is restricted to the three duos discussed above. I found it prudent to have this short table of the details before we head to the composer of this post Rajesh Roshan.

S No Father-Son composer Number of songs by Mukesh
1 S D Burman 12
R D Burman 15
2 Aparesh Lahiri 1
Bappi Lahiri 2
3 Roshan 36
Rajesh Roshan 3

It is pointless, for obvious reasons to discuss the above table in totality, but we cannot help noticing that Roshan songs for Mukesh are more than all the other 5 composers put together.

In the above table, all songs of all composers are represented on the blog except one under Rajesh Roshan which is being introduced with this post. And, one song under R D Burman from Naukri (1978) is yet to be represented.

R D Burman started his composing career in 1961 and took Mukesh onboard only in 1965. Thereafter he had 14 more songs by Mukesh all in the 70”s and with quite a number of them being hits. To reiterate he composed 15 songs for Mukesh as against 12 by his father who had first composed for Mukesh way back in 1948.

Coming to the today’s post, Rajesh Roshan began his composing career only in 1974 and started with a bang with Kishore Kumar in Kunwaara Baap and Julie in 74 and 75 respectively. 76 was the year in which Mukesh passed away and we have only 3 songs that Mukesh sang for Rajesh Roshan and two of the movies were released after Mukesh had left this world.

Below is table of the short list of 3 songs with all the details. Needless to say, all 3 songs were famous and in particular the one from Tumhaari Kasam remains active in public memory to this day.

S.No Name of song Movie (Year of release) Co-singer if any Lyricist
1 Pari re tu kahaan ki pari Udhaar ka Sindoor (1976) Asha Bhosle Majrooh Sultanpuri
2 O maiya mori main mahin makhan Charandas (1977) Rajinder Krishan
3 Hum dono milke kaaghaz pe dilke Tumhaari Kasam (1978) Asha Bhosle Anand Bakshi

Tumhaari Kasam had Jeetrendra in the lead role, but the duet sung by Mukesh with Asha Bhosle was featured on Navin Nischol. The film was released two years after Mukesh passed away and yet it’s the only notable feature left of the film today. The tune is quite catchy and is a personal favourite of mine.

Charandas was released in 1977 and it makes a debut on the blog with this last of the 3 songs of Mukesh sung for Rajesh Roshan. The song is sung on screen by Om Prakash who seems to be the protagonist in the film.
Shri Harish Raghuwanshi ji helped me with the confirmation of both the tables and I am ever grateful to him.



Song-Maiyya moree main naheen maakhan khaayo (Charandas)(1977) Singer-Mukesh, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-Rajesh Roshan


maiyya moree
o o o
o o
main naheen maakhan khaayo
maiyya moree
ho o o
o o
main naheen maakhan khaayo
kahat sunat mein aakar kaahe
jhootha dosh lagaayo
ree maiyya moree
main naheen maakhan khaayo
maiyya moree
ho o o
o o
main naheen maakhan khaayo

o o o
o o o
o o o
jamuna key tat par
gwaal baal sang
chaar pahar main khela
o o o
gaiyya charaavat bansee bajaavat
bhai saanjh kee bela
bhookh lagee toh daudat daudat
seedha main ghar aayo
maiyya moree
main naheen maakhan khaayo
maiyya moree
ho o o
o o
main naheen maakhan khaayo

o o o
naa koyee maine matkee phodee
naa kee koyee choree
ho o o
jaan liya kyun mujhko jhootha
toone maiyya moree
apne ang ko kaise samjha
toone aaj paraayo
maiyya moree
main naheen maakhan khaayo
maiya moree
ho o o
o o
main naheen maakhan khaayo

main toh baaba nand ka laala
kaahe chor kahaaun
o o o
apne ghar mein kaun kamee
jo baahar maakhan khaaun
baat sunee toh maat yashoda
hans kar kanth lagaayo
phir bolee
tu naheen maakhan khaayo
govinda morey
tu naheen maakhan khaayo
rey krishna more
tu naheen maakhan khaayo

1 Response to "Maiyya mori main nahin maakhan khaayo"

Thank you Mahesh ji for the detailed post and thanks for introducing this song too…!!!
I do not remember if I had listened to this song earlier before. Heart touching rendition by Mukesh ji and it was very pleasant to see Om Prakash performing it on screen and also the performance by the child artists (Master Bittu and Master Romeo(I am guessing from the credits given in HFGK for this movie) and Urmila Bhatt – great as usual (may not much for her in this song to do).
Also, I don’t remember to have watched this movie in those years.

Thanks again,


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