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Meri aankhon mein ik sapna hai

Posted on: September 20, 2018

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With this writeup, the blog now has 4000 movies represented in the blog.

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3716 Post No. : 14646 Movie Count :


We in this blog often reach milestones that I describe as “artificial” milestones. These are “artificial” in the sense that we can only be aware of them if we keep track of them. Earlier we were not aware of them.

For instance, the blog has crossed 3700 days of existence. We first became aware of this kind of milestone only on the occasion of the blog reaching 3400 days.

Ever since, we have also had “milestones” like a pair of singers reaching centuries of their duets. For instance, we recently reached 500 duets of Rafi-Asha Bhonsle.

YIPPEE movies and Debutant movies also yield such milestones to us. We reached 1000 YIPPEE movies in the blog and subsequently 1100 YIPPEE movies.

The present milestone pertains to debutant movies. So far we have reached 3999 movies in the blog. This writeup introduces the 4000th movie to the blog. Yes, the blog, with this song, now has songs from exactly 4000 movies.

In the blog, we have songs from every year, beginning from the earliest year (1931) to the latest viz. the current year (2018).

With this song, the blog now has songs from 4000 movies. while most movies are Hindi movies, we also have some songs from other languages, viz regional languages/ dialects movies and even some international movies. Then there are some movies which were either unreleased or whose year of release are not known. The number of such movies being 78.

The decade of 1950s is the most well represented decade in the blog. 1111 movies were released in this decade (from 1951 to 1960) and there were 35 unreleased movies as well in this decade. As many as 1014 movies from this decade are represented in the blog. 1960s is the second most well represented blog. As many as 842 movies (out of 929 movies released this decade, plus 31 unreleased movies and 34 regional movies)are showcased in the blog.

Titles of these movies begin with all letters of Roman Alphabet except X. The letter S is the most common letter in this respect. As many as 489 movies had their titles beginning with S. A comes second with 390 movie titles.

In the earlier years of the blog, we were not keeping track of such matters. It was sometime in july 2016 that our beloved Khyati Bhatt, after receiving her set of HFGK carried out a thorough research on the movies of 1960s. She prepared an excel sheet and shared that with me and Sudhir Jee. That excel sheet had details about the number of movies of 1960s represented in the blog and the number of movies (with their details) that were missing. That was the homework given to Sudhir Jee. That excel sheet mentioned the fact that there were 942 movies in the decade and 695 of them were represented in the blog. So 238 movies of that decade were missing from the blog.

That excel sheet was made and shared with us on 19 july 2016 (8th birthday of the blog). And how well Sudhir Jee coped with this homework. He tracked songs of many of these elusive movies of 1960s and kept introducing these movies to the blog. Now, a little over two years later, we have 843 movies of 1960s represented in the blog. So as many as 139 elusive movies of 1960s have been introduced in the blog after july 2016. Credit goes to Khyati Jee for her research work and then to Sudhir Jee for following up on that research work with his own mission of locating the songs of these elusive movies.

This also gave me an idea that I on my own should carry out similar exercises for the other decades as well. That led to my own excel sheet where I began to keep track of movies of particular years that were covered in the blog and that had not been covered. This list turned out to of great help for me in looking for specific movies, and that made my searches more focused and purposeful.

It was as a result of this exercise that I was aware of the fact that the blog was reaching 3400th song from the decade of 1960s when the blog was on the verge of reaching 3400 days of its existence. That is how I was able to coincide these two rare and special occurences by posting the 3400th song post of 1960s on 3400th day of the blog.

Now, after this focussed exercise of introducing “debutant” movies in the blog on a regular manner, we have reached a stage when introducing more movies from 1950s and 1960s has become tough. 99 movies of 1960s and 134 movies of 1950s are now left to be covered and these movies are not easy to locate. As for earlier decades, availability of movies from these decades is even more limited. 1238 movies were made in 1940s and this blog now has 761 of them. My guess is that we may end up with a figure just above 800 for this decade before we find ourselves unable to locate any more “new” movies from the decade.

As for the decade of 1930s, 177 movies are represented in the blog. Some 931 movies were made in that decade but more than 700 of these movies along with their songs are lost forever, so in effect majority of songs available from the decade of 1930s are already showcased in the blog.

That leaves the decade of 1970s and also beyond as the decades from where most of our remaining unrepresented movies will have to come. !970s was the last decade of the golden era of HFM. It was the decade when I grew up. This decade saw 1327 movies being released. The blog so far has 769 movies of this decade in the blog.

I have decided to go for a “new” movie as the 4000th movie in the blog. This movie is from 1980s though the song itself was recorded in the decade of 1970s. In other words, it is a golden era song which was released after the golden era of HFM was over.

The movie is “Videsh”(1984). It was produced by Sheetal S Johal and Avatar Bhogal and directed by Avtar Bhogal ABC Films International. The movie had Mahendra Sandhu, Shoma Anand, Diljeet Kaur, Iftikhar, Urmila Bhatt, Sudhir, Surendra Nath, Tom Gormley, Sam, Harmeet Singh, Sukhwant Dhadha, Rajendr Kumar Sharma, Surendra Malhotra and above all Prem Kishan. 🙂 and Premnath, with friendly appearances by Satyen Kappu, Chaand Usmani, guest appearance by Paintal. Avatar Bhogal, Seetal S Johal.

The movie had five songs in it. This song is the first song from the movie to appear in the blog ofcourse. The song is a picturised as a get together song cum marriage reception song. The song is sung by Rafi and Pankaj Mitra. Sapan Jagmohan composed the music. This movie had two lyricists (Kulwant Jani and Prem Jallandhari)but the disribution of songs among them is not known.

The song is lip synced by Prem Kishan (in Rafi’s voice) and Mahendra Sandhu (in disguise- I hope I have identified him correctly) in Pankaj Mitra’s voice.

He looks like an ugly version of Rishi Kapoor- that is what a comment in YT says. The commentator may not be aware that this resemblance in not a coincidence. This actor and Rishi Kapoor are sons of siblings. Rishi Kapoor is the son of Krishna Kapoor where as Prem Kishan is the son of Premnath (brother of Krishna Kapoor). So Prem Kishan and Rishi Kapoor are cousins. And that is where this resemlance comes from. Prem Kishan may not have become as successful as his cousin, but let us not forget that he too had his moments in Hindi movies. He was the hero of the blockbuster Rajshree Productions movie “Dulhan Wahi Jo Piya Man Bhaaye”(1977) and the famous song, Khushiyaan hi khushiyaan hon daaman mein jiske was picturised on him.

So, here is this forgotten gem of a song from 1980s. With this song, “Videsh”(1984) makes its debut in the blog and becomes the 4000th movie to get introduced in the blog. The song also has a slower, sad version, whose lyrics are not different from the longer happy version. Both versions are included below.

Today is 3716th day for the blog. 4000 movies in 3716 days means that we on an average introduce one “new” movie to the blog daily. Quite a decent rate, I would think.

PS-The Punjabi words sung by Pankaj Mitra and noted by me may not be accurate. So I request our Punjabi knowing regulars to suggest corrections in the lyrics as applicable.

Audio (Happy Version)

Video (Happy Version)

Audio (Sad Version)

Song-Meri aankhon mein ik sapna hai (Videsh)(1984) Singer-Rafi, Pankaj Mitra, MD-Sapan Jagmohan


meri aankhon mein ik sapna hai
meri aankhon mein ik sapna hai
meri aankhon mein ik sapna hai
khushnaseeb hain wo log
jinka koi apna hai
meri aankhon mein ik sapna hai
meri aankhon mein ik sapna hai

pyaar ki aisi mehfil mein
pyaar ki aisi mehfil mein
humko apnon ki yaadein aati hain
poochho pardes waalon se
des ki baatein kya sataati hain
nazron mein aapnon ka
har chehra rehta hai
meri aankhon mein ik sapna hai
meri aankhon mein ik sapna hai
khush naseeb hain wo log
jinka koi apna hai
meri aankhon mein ik sapna hai
meri aankhon mein ik sapna hai

ho o o
doli chadh’deyaan maariyaan heer chikhaan
haaye ae ae
mainu lai chale baabla
lai chale ae ae ae. . . ve. . .
mainu rakh le baabla
heer aakhe
haaye ae ae ae
doli kathh kahaar ne
lai chale ve ae

dil ko mere yaqeen hai ye ae
dil ko mere yaqeen hai ye
hum bhi apnon se milne jaayenge ae
unki baatein sunenge hum
milke baithenge khushiyaan manaayenge
aayegi wo ghadi
dil mera kehta hai
meri aankhon mein ik sapna hai
meri aankhon mein ik sapna hai
khush naseeb hain wo log
jinka koi apna hai
meri aankhon mein ik sapna hai
meri aankhon mein ik sapna hai

10 Responses to "Meri aankhon mein ik sapna hai"

Great going Atul ji. A lovely milestone indeed. Very interesting statistics. Good to know we’re also a new movie a day blog too!


Thanks a lot. And thanks for making me realise that yes, in addition to being a new song a day blog, we are a new movie a day blog as well. 🙂


Heartiest Congratulations Atul ji on 4000th movie introduced on the blog …!!!
Nice post and the song too. ( I don’t remember if I had listened to this song earlier.
Thank you very much !!!
Congratulations again …!!!


Thanks a lot. 4000 movies, at the rate of one or two new movies a day- it is a great feeling.


WOW! Fascinating!
3716; 14646; 4000!
Not an easy feat or an easy statistics to achieve!
Great work.
Congratulations and all the best for a smooth musical journey. May you exhaust all the available songs!


Thanks a lot. The daily strike rate has fallen under 4 songs per day. Hopefully recovery will be made on that count. We are concentrating on exhausting the movies. That should be easier than exhausting the songs.


This Blog has become one of a kind now.
Everytime you dive in this ocean, you come out with a surprise jewel.
4000 films featuring their songs here !
A tremendous feat indeed !!
As the time passes by, you will find few more achievements, I am sure. With the speed of reaching them, I feel, they should be renamed
Kmstones and not Milestones,now.


Thanks a lot. I am sure we will find some new and interesting HFM related statistics in future that have so far escaped being noticed.


Sad audio ?


longer audio ??


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