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Chaar dinon ka hai ye mela re bhai

Posted on: October 22, 2018

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Today’s song is from film Sati Toral-47. This film was made by Laxmi Productions, Bombay and was directed by Nandlal Jaswantlal. The music was provided by a team of Hari Prasanna Das and Manna Dey. The song is sung by Amirbai Karnataki and Manna Dey. The lyrics were by Miss Kamal, B.A. This was a pseudonym of Kavi Pradeep. At that time, he was under contract with Bombay Talkies and could not use his real name . Under this Pen name, he wrote lyrics for four films, namely Kadambari-44, Amrapali-45, Sati Toral-47 and Veerangana-47. Incidentally, all these films were directed by Nandlal Jaswantlal.

Nandlal was born on 15-3-1907 at Bardoli in Surat. His father was Administrative Officer in Kohinoor films. He started his career by joining it in 1924. He assisted Chandulal Shah(1926-29) and also directed silent and Talkie films for Ranjit from 1929 to 1933. Nandlal left the job and went to Europe on tour. On his return he joined Imperial company(34-36) and directed some remakes of silent films of Sulochana into Talkie films. For one year-1937- he went to Madras and ran a Laboratory also.

His first Talkie film as a Director was Pardesi Preetam-33 and last was Akeli mat jaiyo-63. Both were Ranjit films. Due to his death in 1961, Akeli mat Jaiyo was delayed and completed by Chandulal Shah himself. Nandlal directed, in all, 24 films-5 Silent and 19 Talkie films. Some of his well known films were Indira M.A.-34, Bambai ki billi-36, Sati Toral-47, Sanam-51, Anarkali-53 and Nagin-56. (adapted from

Music Director Hari Prasanna Das or H.P.Das was born in Chitgaon, East Bengal, in 1905. He was a Bengali. He was assistant to Pankaj Malik in films Dushman and Kapal Kundala-1939. He gave music to Bangla film ‘ Nimai Sanyasi’-40, in which he gave singing opportunity to 20 year old young Hemant Kumar. His first Hindi film as a MD was New India Films’ Blood Feud (or Josh-E-Inteqam)- 1935. His other films were Mohabbat-43, Meena-44, Kadambari-44, Mazdoor-45, Begum-45, Insaaf-46, Veerangana-47, Sati Toral-47 and Hum bhi insaan hai-48. He died on 26-9-1989.

The cast of the film was Shobhana Samarth, Prem Adeeb, Sankata Prasad, Jeevan, Badri prashad, Rehana and others. Sankata Prasad was the elder brother of more famous character actor Kanhaiyalal, who entered film line first as a Lyricist only. Born in Banares in 1903, Sankata came to Bombay and joined Sagar Film company in 1929. From the beginning, he was a fixture in almost every silent and Talkie film of Sagar Film company, Sagar Movietone, National Studios and lastly Amar pictures. After the last connection, he became a free lancer. To be noted is a fact that Sankata Prasad is the only actor who worked in all 3 First Talkie films of Sagar Movietone, namely Veer Abhimanyu, Romantic Prince and Abul Hasan. His last film was Do Mastane-58. He acted in 65 films,in all.

Film Sati Toral -47 was based on a Folk Tale of Gujarat. Folk Tales are stories passed through generations by telling. They are built around Fairy Tales, Tall tales, Trick tales, Myths and Legends. The base of Folk tales is a true historical event , person or a story. Folk tales of loving couples have been very popular and have been subjects on which films in almost every language are made. Stories of Heer Ranjha, Mirza Sahiban,Sassi Punnu, Sohni Mahiwal, Momal Rano, Dhola Maru,Prithviraj Sanyogita, Bajirao mastani, Laila Majnu, Salim Anarkali, Shahjehan Mumtaz Mahal etc. are famous folk tales of lovers and films are made on them.

Similarly, Mythology and religious books provide plenty of scope for Folk tales. Several films are made in several languages on the folk tales of Satis in Hindu religion. Actually, 44 Talkie films are made, whose Titles contain the word ‘Sati’. The more popular Folk tales are on Sati Anusuya, Parvati, Ahilya, Anjani, Madalasa, Narmada, Mahananda, Pingala, Renuka, Savitri, Seeta, Sulochana, Toral, Vaishalini, Vijaya and Vimala to quote a few. Maximum 7 films are made on Sati Anusuya. As if only Sati is not enough, there are films like Mahasati Anusuya, Behula,Madalasa,Maina Sundari, Savitri, Tulsi and Tulsi Vrinda. You really must appreciate the creativity of Hindi film makers.

Like lovers and Religious persons, there are folk tales of Historical persons too, Like Rana Pratap ( and his Horse Chetak), Akbar, Shivaji, Amar singh Rathod, Razia Sultan, Chandbibi, Jhansi ki Rani, Birbal and Tenali Raman. Films have been made on most of these too.

Coming back to Film Sati Toral-47, I have not seen this film in Hindi or Gujarati, So, I was looking for the story of Toral. I found one on Wiki. There is a slightly different ( in details) story written by Amrit Ganger ji, the famous author in English and Gujarati on cinema and history. He has won the Gujarat Sahitya Academy Award too. This story is available on, for those who are interested.( I am happy to note here that I know Mr. Gangar and he has gifted me his latest book ” Walter Kaufmann in India 1934 – 1946″ ). So, here is the Sati Toral story from Wikipedia…

” Jesal, a young Kutchi Rajput, was a dreaded dacoit.
His brother’s wife once chided him that if he was truly brave, he should prove it by stealing Toral, an extraordinary mare belonging to a Saurashtra king. In the process of stealing Toral, Jesal’s hand got caught in a nail and his agonised cries brought the king running outside.

Asked what he wanted, Jesal said “Toral”, not knowing that the queen too had the same name. The king, a devout daani (donor) who had sworn never to disappoint anyone, gave him three Torals – his queen, the mare and a sword by that name. But on the boat journey back home, Jesal realised that Toral was not an ordinary woman.

He was tormented by guilt at having taken away someone who, out of loyalty, did not even question her husband’s decision. It is said that the enlightened company of Queen Toral, remembered in Gujarati literature as a devotional poet who composed and sang songs, transformed Jesal completely and the two began spreading the message of God.

Their inseparable companionship as teacher and disciple is talked about, but in cautious tones. No one, not even the local scholars, wants to discuss the Jesal-Toral alliance as a man-woman relationship. “Even the Gujarati film Jesal-Toral did not suggest any such angle,” recalls photographer Vinay Thacker, who started his career in 1976 by selling photos of the twin samadhis outside the shrine.

However, people do accept their unusual affinity, which even death couldn’t change. It is said that when Jesal undertook samadhi, he called out to Toral from his grave to join him. Toral, who was travelling, heard his voice, came back to Anjar and immediately took samadhi.
Toral, the mare, too was buried outside the temple. A green and magenta chaddar now covers the equestrian grave. The destroyed roof of the shrine has been temporarily replaced with an asbestos sheet. ”

Today’s song is sung by Amirbai Karnataki and Manna Dey, with Chorus. HFGK does not indicate names of singers for this song, but the voices are unmistakable. This song is in Amirbai’s song list. Prof. Yadav, in his book ” फिल्म संगीतकार – सुवर्णयुगवाले” also mentions these two names for this song. This is quite a good song. “Sati Toral”(1947) makes its debut in the blog with this song.

Song-Chaar dinon ka hai ye mela re bhai(Sati Toral)(1947) Singer-Amirbai Karnataki, Manna Dey, Lyrics-Kavi Pradeep, MD-H P Das


Chaar dinon ka hai ye mela re bhai
?? raha hai ??
hari ka sumaran kar le re
tera hoga bhala
mera hoga bhala

apne ?? ko bacha le
hai shaam ki bela
aur din dhala
khud ko kar de prabhu ke hawaale
door karega wo teri bala
apne man ka dhundhla darpan
apne man ka dhundhla darpan
tu hari bhajan se kar ujla
hari ka sumaran
prabhu ka sumaran
kar le re
tera hoga bhala
mera hoga bhala

ab to hari ko sumar le re bhai ee
saari umar toone yoonhi ganwaai ee ee
yoonhi ganwaai
tera prabhu tere bheetar chhupa hai
tera prabhu tere bheetar chhupa hai
tu apne man ka deepak jala aa

hari ka sumaran
prabhu ka sumaran
kar le re
tera hoga bhala
mera hoga bhala

ye duniya hai ek musaafirkhaana
yahaan ki dosti ka kya thhikaana
ye duniya hai ek musaafirkhaana
yahaan ki dosti ka kya thhikaana

aaj yahaan par hai rain basera
aaj yahaan par hai rain basera
kaun jaane kal kahaan ho dera
is zindagi ka kya bharosa
ye jal ki dhaara hai silsilaa(?)
hari ka sumaran
prabhu ka sumaran
kar le re
tera hoga bhala
mera hoga bhala

dil ka rakshak wo parmeshwar hai ae ae ae ae
unko is jag mein kiska darr hai
unko is jag mein kiska darr hai ae ae
kaun hai aisa ishwar ka banda
kaun hai aisa ishwar ka banda
ki jis ka sankat nahin tala aa

hari ka sumaran
prabhu ka sumaran
kar le re
tera hoga bhala
mera hoga bhala

2 Responses to "Chaar dinon ka hai ye mela re bhai"

Arun ji , namaskar.
It was interesting to read that there are 44 films till date which have the word ” Sati ” in their title.

I remember having watched the very famous Gujarati movie જેસલ તોરલ on doordarshan.
Upendra Desai nd marathi actress Anupama were in the title roles .
The song
જેસલ કરી લે વિચાર
Was a very melodious , meaningful nd nicely picturised one which I still remember.

So for me, this post made me nostalgic.
Thanks a lot , Arun ji.


Thank you very much. These old time film articles are meant to tickle your Nostalgia. I am glad, this one did it.


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