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Tumse muhabbat kaun kare

Posted on: November 25, 2018

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Today’s song is from the film Gunsundari(1948). It was a bilingual movie in Gujarati and Hindi, made by Ajit Films-a cover company of Ranjit Movietone.

This film was the third Avatar of the same story with same title. First time, Chandulal Shah wrote the story of the film, based on a famous Gujarati drama,”Sangeet Leelavati”, which had appeared in the first decade of the twentieth century. It was written by Keshavlal Bhojak. Chandulal Shah directed the silent film Gunsundari-1927, made by Kohinoor Film company. The cast included Miss Gohar, Raja Sandow and Rampyari in the lead. This silent film was remade in 1934 as a Talkie film ” Gunsundari’-1934, with the same story and same cast. Like the first silent film, even this edition was a hit film.

In the initial stage of Ranjit Movietone, Gunsundari-34 was a Milestone and gave the company the much needed money and stability. Incidentally, after this film, Chandulal and Gohar Mamajiwala came closer and stayed together till Chandulal’s death.

In 1946-47, when Ranjit Movietone came into financial difficulties ( Chandulal Shah had lost 1.25 Crores in one day in Satta Bazar ), it was ‘Gunsundari’ again which was thought of as a saviour. This time, however, the film was made by a cover company of Ranjit- Ajit Chitra, and was directed by Ratilal Punatar, nephew of Chandulal Shah. The set of actors also changed as Gohar had not only stopped acting, but had passed the age and glamour of a Heroine, by now.

A new Heroine- Kokila Balsara was selected as Heroine. She was renamed as Nirupa Roy. This was her first film as a Heroine. The Hero was Manhar Desai. He was actually a Christian- Malcolm Alfredo D’souza. This was his first film with Nirupa Roy. Later, the pair featured in many films-mostly Mythologicals. In Hindi films, it is a miracle that two Christian actors- Manhar Desai and Shahu Modak, became famous by doing Hindu God’s roles in Hindi films. This also confirms that our Film industry was truly a Secular one.

Due to the Partition, Independence etc, film Gunsundari got delayed. Meanwhile Chandulal started another film Lakhon mein ek-47, with Nirupa Roy as the Heroine. This film was released first and for Nirupa Roy, it was on record as her Debut film as a Heroine. As expected, Gunsundari-48 which was made in Gujarati and Hindi, became a hit film in both languages. Nirupa Roy’s acting was appreciated by one and all…including the impossible Baburao Patel of Film India. Gujarati people spread all over India loved the film, as it was shown to be a story happening in a Gujarati family.

The story of Gunsundari was very simple. A simple village girl is married to a rich, educated and modern boy. He does not like this villege belle and keeps off her, spending his time with a professional singer. The film showed how the heroine gets herself educated and becomes modern. At the same time she serves her in laws in traditional ways, winning their hearts and support. In the end, the husband realises his folly and she wins him back completely.

Indian film audience of India is unusual. They are not tired of repetition of popular stories and themes rather they take pleasure in repeat viewing. Therefore a popular theme gets made as a film again and again. This is exactly what happened in case of Gunsundari.

There are several examples of popular films made with same story and same title.

Gunsundari- 1927, 1934 and 1948 ( Gohar in first 2 films)
Devdas- 1934 (Bangla), 1935 (Hindi) and 1955 ( I am not counting Shahrukh’s film)
Anarkali- 1928, 1935 and 1953 ( Sulochana-Ruby Myers- acted in all three. In the first two films, she was Anarkali. In the third, she did a character role.)
Khazanchi-1941 and 1958 ( Manorama acted in both films.)

Off hand, I remember only these films, where the story and Title was same. There may be more such cases.

There are umpteen number of film remakes on the same story, but with different Titles and casts. Some examples I remember at this moment are.

Aurat-40 and Mother India-57 ( Kanhaiyalal acted in both versions).
Mala-41 and Amar-54 (Jayant acted in both. Naushad gave music to both)
Grihasthi-48 and Ghar basake dekho-63
Malkin-53 and Biradari-66
Geeta-40 ( Chandramohan did double role of Father and son) and Ustad-57 (Ashok kumar did the double role) and Karmyogi-78(Rajkumar did double role)
Sangram-50 and Shakti-82
Kismet-43 and Bandhe Haath-73
School Master-59 and Zindagi-76 and Baadbaan-2003

There are many such remakes and the list would be too long. This only proves that a popular theme/story is worth in remaking a film.

Why does this happen. Are there shortage of stories ?

In 2004, a book called “Why we tell stories’, written by Christopher Booker was published. It is a book having more than 700 pages-728 pages to be exact. The book says “There are only 7 (Seven) basic plots in the whole world. They are recycled again and again in Novels, movies, Plays and Operas. These are

1.Overcoming the Monster
2.Rags to riches
3.The quest
4.Voyage and return
6.Comedy and
7.Tragedy .

After this book was published, there was a chaos and criticism started. ‘New York Times’ also jumped in. The author coolly replied all points and stuck to his statements. If we look at Hindi films, I personally feel that what the author has said is true in our case. Only thing is that our film stories are always a clever mixture of all or some of the above points.

Coming back to today’s song, it is a lovely song by Amirbai. There were 3 MDs-Bulo C Rani, Hansraj Bahl and Avinash Vyas. For 14 songs, 5 singers were used. Sadly, some of the songs ( including today’s song) are not credited to any of the 3 Music Directors. Also we do not know the lyricist’s full name .

After listening to the song, I find it has lot of similarity to Nurjehan’s song from film ‘Dost’-44- Badnam muhabbat kaun karen, aur ishq ko ruswa kaun kare. Just like Sajjad Hussain used a pause after the word ‘badnaam’, in Nurjehan’s song to get a special effect, in today’s song also there is a pause after the word Ármaan’. However, the same magical effect is not achieved. Afterall original is original !

Song-Tumse muhabbat kaun kare armaan pareshaan kaun kare(Gunsundari)(1948) Singer- Amirbai Karnataki, Lyricist- Sharma


Tumse muhabbat kaun kare
armaan pareshaan kaun kare ae
Tumse muhabbat kaun kare
armaan pareshaan kaun kare
ummeed se hansti duniya ko
ummeed se hansti duniya ko
pal bhar mein biyaanbaan kaun kare ae
tumse muhabbat kaun kare
armaan pareshaan kaun kare

jab jaan ki dushman ulfat hai
jab jaan ki dushman ulfat hai
aur pyaar hai dushman raahat ka
aur pyaar hai dushman raahat ka
aap hi apne haathon se
aap hi apne haathon se
phir maut ka saamaa kaun kare ae
tumse muhabbat kaun kare
armaan pareshaan kaun kare

kyun tumse aankhen chaar kare
kyun tumse aankhen chaar kare
kyun ulfat ka iqraar kare
kyun ulfat ka iqraar kare
chitchor ko dil ki nagri ka
chitchor ko dil ki nagri ka
betaur(??) nigehbaan kaun kare ae
tumse muhabbat kaun kare
armaan pareshan kaun kare

har waqt labon par aahen hon
har waqt labon par aahen hon
aur haath kaleje par hi rahe
aur haath kaleje par hi rahe
din raat lahu ke ashq baha kar
aankhon ko veeraan kaun kare
din raat lahu ke ashq baha kar
aankhon ko veeraan kaun kare ae
tumse muhabbat kaun kare
armaan pareshaan kaun kare ae
tumse muhabbat kaun kare
armaan pareshaan kaun kare

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