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Tum nahin maanoge

Posted on: December 30, 2018

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Rajesh Khanna – The Phenomenon – 5
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Welcome to today’s post (albeit one day late) under this series. Today’s post under this series is coming after a long gap of almost two years, though in between I had written two articles on Rajesh Khanna’s anniversaries.

29th December 2018 is the 76th birth anniversary of Rajesh Khanna (29.12.1942-18.07.2012).

In the previous article under this series we had a song from the ‘1978 movie ‘Chakravyuh’ and today we move forward to the year ‘1979’ …

I had mentioned it earlier and our Atul ji has also been writing this that by ‘mid-seventies’ the Rajesh Khanna magic started declining and his ‘golden period’ was almost over.

Why I am writing ‘almost over’ was because though his movies were failing at the ‘box-office’ they were still coming and he was seen in doing many different types of roles.

The difference was that his movies were not getting commercial success or they do not generate the same hysteria as his movies had been from ‘1969 to 1975’ or we can say from the period of ‘Aradhana’ to ‘Prem Kahaani’.

In ‘1976’ we had his much awaited and talked about movie ‘Mehboobaa’ directed by Kaka’s favorite director Shakti Samanta and the ‘team’ of RD-Anand Bakshi-Kishore together though creating the magical ‘mere naina saawan bhaadon’, ‘parbat ke peechhe’, etc it was not successful at the ‘box-office’.

In ‘1977’ Kaka had a ‘hit’ in ‘Chhaila Baabu’. And the critically acclaimed ‘Palkon Ki Chhaaon Mein’…

‘1978’ again was not seen as good for him though his performances in ‘Chakravyuha’ and ‘Naukari’ were appreciated by the critics.

If we go through the filmography of Rajesh Khanna for these years i.e. 1976 to 1979, we can see his seeking different roles like and some of them like a ‘common man’ or ‘man next door’ viz. in ‘Mahaachor’, ‘Palkon Ki Chhaon Mein-1977’ (where he played a ‘postman’), ‘Chakravyuha-1978’, ‘Bhola-Bhala-1978’- an insurance agent (another role is of a ‘dacoit),

Then we can just see the range of directors he was working with for example if we talk of his ‘lean period’ or I can say those years where he was still a ‘under current’ existing strongly and waiting to hit on the ‘top’ again;

He had movies with directors like B.R. Chopra, Basu Chatterjee, Hrishikesh Mukherji, Narinder Bedi, Ramanand Sagar, Mehmood, Joy Mukherji, Omprakash and his favorite Shakti Samant.

Year Passed by Censor on Movie Director
1976 19.07.1976 Mehboobaa Shakti Samant
1976 * 29.07.1976 * Tyaag Deendayal Sharma
1976 16.10.1976 Mahaachor Narinder Bedi
1976 04.12.1976 Bandalbaaz Shammi Kapoor
1977 31.01.1977 Anurodh Shakti Samant
1977 20.04.1977 Chhaila Babu Joy Mukherji
1977 27.04.1977 Karm B.R. Chopra
1977 16.06.1977 Chalta Purza Bhappi Sonie
1977 18.11.1977 Aashiq Hoon Bahaaron Ka J. Omprakash
1977 04.11.1977 Palkon Ki Chhaon Mein Meraj
1978 25.04.1978 Bholaa Bhaalaa Satpal
1978 02.06.1978 Naukari Hrishikesh Mukherjee
1978 22.07.1978 Chakravyuha Basu Chatterjee
1978 26.12.1978 Prem Bandhan Ramanand Sagar
1979 10.01.1979 Jantaa Hawaldaar Mehmood
1979 18.04.1979 Amar Deep K. Vijayan and R. Krishnamurti

(* I have not included his movies with ‘Special Appearance’ like ‘Tinku’, ‘Hatyaara’, ‘Naya Bakraa’ etc in above list and corrected myself by including ‘Prem Bandhan’ for ‘1978’ which I missed to include in my previous article 😊)

And if we include ‘awards’ in our discussion he was nominated for the Best Actor Award by BFJA (Bengal Film Journalists’ Association Awards) for ‘Mehboobaa’, ‘Anurodh’, ‘Chakravyuha’, and ‘Amar Deep’ during this period.

He won the ‘All India Critics Association Award’ for ‘Best Actor’ for the movie ‘Chhaila Babu-1977’.

At the ‘Filmfare’ awards he was nominated in ‘Best Actor’ category for the movie ‘Amar Deep-1979’ (and this nomination for him at ‘Filmfare’ came after 1974 when he was nominated for the ‘Best Actor’ award for ‘Prem Nagar-1974’).

(for that matter sometimes, I think that he was loved very much by ‘Bengal’ and they loved him the most. I have a personal experience related to this, which I intend to share in my future articles under this series).

In my previous posts I start giving the details of the movies of Rajesh Khanna in that particular year of the song I was presenting therewith. And so, in the last two posts where we discussed the songs of Rajesh Khanna movies of 1977 and 1978, I am presenting today’s post with a song of a movie released in 1979.

His movie list of 1979 is as given below;

SNo Movie Year Passed by Censor Board
01 Jantaa Hawaldaar 1979 10.01.1979
02 Nayaa Bakraa 1979 16.02.1979*
03 Amardeep 1979 18.04.1979
04 Muqaabalaa 1979 14.09.1979*

(*special appearance)

(So, that is one change that I have made in my ‘presentation’ of the posts in this series. And, while I find it interesting, I am sure that readers will also enjoy this.)

Because, in this journey we have started from the years where Rajesh Khanna’s golden period was over and his movies in row were getting flopped at the box-office and he was ‘trying hard’ to get over to the ‘top’ again.

And though his movies, acting wise some the best of his career, had miserable failures at the box office his fans were still there and while Kaka was ‘as always’ in his heart saying to them ‘is kadar itnaa tumhe ham pyaar kartein hain’, his fans were waiting and more fans were waiting, to welcome him back again with ‘tum nahin jaanoge, tum nahin maanoge ‘kis kadar kitnaa’ tumhe ham pyaar kartein hain’ …

With this movie ‘Amar Deep-1979’ we move to the ‘eighties’ where Kaka’s style and mannerisms hit the screens again and Rajesh Khanna days were back again reaching to its heights (in terms of number of his number of movies in a single year) …


‘Amar Deep-1979’ was directed by K. Vijayan and R. Krishnamurti for ‘Sujatha International, Madras’. Presented by K. Balaje.

It had Rajesh Khanna, Vinod Mehra, Shabana Azmi, Deven Verma, A.K. Hangal, Roopesh Kumar, Bindu and others. Ashok Kumar had a special appearance in the movie while Mithun Chakravarty had a ‘guest appearance’ in this movie. This movie introduced actress Deepa (from South).

Dialogues of this movie were written by Ali Raza, and Prem Kapoor was the dialogue director. Editing for this movie was done by B. Kandaswamy.

Music of this movie was composed by Laxmikant-Pyarelal. This movie had four songs written by Anand Bakshi. Anuradha Paudwal, Asha Bhonsle, Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar had given their voices to these songs.

Rafi Saab had sung a song (few lines) which appears at the end of the movie and had already been posted on the blog here.

In the very beginning of the titles of the movie ‘sincere thanks’ have been expressed to Kaifi Azmi and Rafi Saab, so I guess that these lines were written by Kaifi Azmi.

HFGK Vol-V does not mention this song in the list of songs of this movie. (However, I would request editors to correct the number of songs of this movie to ‘five’ on the blog, with the today’s song it will be (3/5))

One other song from this movie ‘koi na tere pehle thhi’ was posted earlier on the blog in 2013.

I get to watch this movie after Rajesh Khanna’s sad demise in 2012 on a TV Channel.

Let us now enjoy today’s song. The song is picturised on Rajesh Khanna and Shabana Azmi.



Song-Tum nahin maanoge (Amardeep)(1979) Singers-Kishore Kumar, Anuradha Paudwal, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal


Tum nahin maanoge
Tum nahin jaanoge
Iss kadar itnaa tumhe
Ham pyaar kartein hain
Zindagi hai tumse
Har khushi hai tumse
Hum tumhaare saamne iqraar kartey hain
Tum nahin maanoge
tum nahin jaanoge
Kiss kadar kitna tumhen hum pyaar kartein hain
Aankh jhuk jaati hai
saans ruk jaati hai
Jab kabhi hum pyaar ka ijhaar kartey hain
Tum nahin maanoge

Arey tum nahin jaanoge ae

Har ik din ahaa milan ka din
Har ik din ahaa milan ka din
Har ik raat milan ki raat

Ab tumse kahen kaise
Lab pe jo ruki hai baat
Hum kahaan us baat se inkaar karte hain
Kiss kadar kitna tumhe hum pyaar kartein hain
Tum nahin maanoge ae

Tum nahin jaanoge ae

Rut badli samaa badlaa aa aa
Rut badli samaa badlaa
Lehraaya naya mausam
Aise mein kaho tum to
Kaanon mein kahen kuchh hum

Jo kaho manzoor hum sarkaar kartey hain
Ham tumhaare saamne iqraar kartey hain
Tum nahin manaoge
Tum nahin jaanoge

Jhaanko to mere dil mein
Samjho kya kahaani hai

Ye apni mohabbat ki
Badi pyaari nishaani hai
Oon oon oon oon oon oon oon
Ye apni mohabbat ki
Badi pyaari nishaani hai
Dillagi kya yoon sarey bazaar karte hain
Are iss kadar itna tumhe hum pyaar kartein hain
Tum nahin maanoge
Tum nahin jaanoge
Kiss kadar kitnaa tumhe hum pyaar kartey hain

Iss kadar itnaa tumhe hum pyaar kartein hain
Tum nahin maanoge
Tum nahin jaanoge

Devnagri Script lyrics (Provided by Avinash Scrapwala)
तुम नहीं मानोगे
तुम नहीं जानोगे
इस कदर इतना तुम्हे
हम प्यार करतें हैं
ज़िन्दगी है तुमसे
हर ख़ुशी हैं तुमसे
हम तुम्हारे सामने इकरार करते हैं
तुम नहीं मानोगे
तुम नहीं जानोगे
किस कदर कितना तुम्हे हम प्यार करतें हैं
आँख झुक जाती हैं
साँस रुक जाती हैं
जब कभी हम प्यार का इजहार करते हैं
तुम नहीं मानोगे

अरे तुम नहीं जानोगे ए

हर एक दिन अहा मिलन का दिन
हर एक दिन अहा मिलन का दिन
हर एक रात मिलन की रात

अब तुमसे कहें कैसे
लब पे जो रुकी हैं बात
हम कहाँ उस बात से इनकार करतें हैं
किस कदर कितना तुम्हे हम प्यार करतें हैं
तुम नहीं मानोगे

तुम नहीं जानोगे

रुत बदली समा बदला आ आ
लहराया नया मौसम
ऐसे में कहो तुम तो
कानों में कहें कुछ हम

जो कहो मंज़ूर हम सरकार करते हैं
हम तुम्हारे सामने इकरार करते हैं
तुम नहीं मानोगे
तुम नहीं जानोगे

झांको तो मेरे दिल में
समझो क्या कहानी है

ये अपनी मोहब्बत की
बड़ी प्यारी निशानी है
ऊँ ऊँ ऊँ ऊँ ऊँ ऊँ ऊँ
ये अपनी मोहब्बत की
बड़ी प्यारी निशानी है
दिल्लगी क्या यूं सरे बाज़ार करतें हैं
अरे इस कदर इतना तुम्हे हम प्यार करतें हैं
तुम नहीं मानोगे
तुम नहीं जानोगे
किस कदर कितना तुम्हे हम प्यार करतें हैं

इस कदर इतना तुम्हे हम प्यार करतें हैं
तुम नहीं मानोगे
तुम नहीं जानोगे


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Dil ko chhu jane wale shabd! ♡

audio link from the record label inreco

Thank you Prakash ji for the audio link ‘from the record lable inreco’,.
however as of now it is not available to play in my place.

Thanks Atul ji for the post and video of this song …!!! 🙂
Thank you very much,

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