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Dig dig dig dig daiyya…chali meri naiyya

Posted on: April 7, 2019

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Today’s song is from the film Chandi Pooja-57.

The decade of the 1950’s was significant in HFM for many reasons. Firstly, this was the decade which saw the peak of the Golden Era of the HFM and also it witnessed the downward trend in the quality of music by the end of the decade. Secondly, those Music Directors who bloomed highest in the end of 40’s, slowly started their journey downwards. A glaring example is that of C.Ramchandra. At the same time, those Music Directors who had just started their ascent in the end period of the 1940’s, went to their Zenith, stayed there for a while and began their descent by early 1960s. Typical examples are Shankar-Jaikishen, S D Burman, Madan Mohan etc.

The last few remnants of HFM of 1940s like Khemchand Prakash (he died in 1950), Hansraj Behl, Gyan Dutt, K.Datta etc began their downward journey in this decade and new stars like N Dutta, Hemant Kumar etc emerged on the musical horizon.

Thirdly, the decade was a decade of Mythological and Religious films. As many as 124 such films were released under this Genre. Consequently, Music Directors like Avinash Vyas and S N Tripathi etc, who were specialists of this Genre prospered.

1957, in my opinion, was the Pinnacle of Hindi films in the Golden Era. What films! What Music !! What entertainment !!! Films were at their best in 1957. The list reads Aasha, Abhimaan, Ab Dilli door nahin, Agra Road, Apradhi kaun, Baarish, Bada Bhai, Begunah, Bhabhi, Champakali, Dekh Kabeera roya, Do aankhen bara haath, Ek gaon ki kahani, Ek jhalak, Ek saal, Gateway of India, Hum panchhi ek daal ke,, janam janam ke phere, Kathputli, Miss Bombai, Miss India, Miss Mary, Mother India, Mr. X, Nau do gyarah, Naya Daur, paying Guest, Pyaasa, Shaarda, Yahudi ki Ladki etc etc.

It seemed as if, leading Music Directors had decided to showcase their Best offerings to the HFM lovers in the decade of the 50’s. In this flood, other MDs like Narayan Dutt, Bipin-Babul, Avinash Vyas, Jimmy, Sanmukh Babu upadhyaya, B N Bali, A R Qureshi, Ram gangully, S Mohinder, Ghulam Mohammed, Kanu Ghosh, Ramlal, Vinod, Sardul kwatra, Husnlal Bhagatram were operating but without their presence being felt.

Among all the stalwarts and their films,there was one Music Director, who quietly performed his acts and disappeared . His name was Ajit Merchant. He is one of those who were successful in Gujarati films more than Hindi films. he did give some melodious songs, however, he was not successful. he was the son of Ratansy Jetha, a criminal Lawyer in Bombay. Born on 15-8-1922, he was the only child in the family.Instead of school education, he was more interested in learning Music. he was encouraged by his father and learned from Ustad Amaan ali khan of Bhendi Bazar and Shiv kumar Shukla ( Principal of Music college, Baroda). he also learnt western music from Amy Markerus.

He started as assistant to Ashok Ghosh and Anil Biswas. His first independent work as Music Director was film Refugee-48. Then came film Raaj kumari-55 (a remake of Tamil film Van sundari), Indraleela-56, Chandi Pooja-57, Rambhakta Bibhishan-58, Sapera-61, Challenge-64 and his last film Lady killer-68. He was a Music producer in A.I.R. from 1957 to 1967. He gave music to 32 Gujarati films and only 8 Hindi films. In Gujarati, he is best remembered for Dilip Dholakiya’s song ” Taari aankhno afini” from film Diwa Dandi-50. ( Mera joota hai Japani is inspired by this song). He also gave music to more than 200 Gujarati, Hindi and Marathi stage dramas. He left behind wife Nilamben , 4 daughters and 2 sons, when he died on 18-3-2011 at Bombay.

Film Chandi Pooja-57 was directed by Raman Desai. Raman B Desai was born in Bilimora,Gujarat,on 28-4-1918. At the age of 20 years he joined Wadia Movietone as an assistant Director. He assisted Director Chaturbhuj Doshi for quite some time. he became an independent Director with Pehli Pehchan in 1947. Then came Narad Muni,Raja harishchandra,Hari Darshan,Naag Panchami,Chakradhari,Rajyogi Bharthari,Navaratri,Waman Avataar,Ram navami,Grihalaxmi (he also produced it) and Amar jyoti-1965. he also directed 6 Gujarati films.Due to his expertise in religious films,he was known as ” King of Mythological Films”.

Raman B Desai expired on 22-12-1997. ( he should not be mistaken for another director Ramanlal Desai,who operated in the same period and directed films like Aab-e-Hayaat-55 and Sangeeta-50 etc).

The cast of the film was Nirupa Roy, Manhar Desai, Prem Adeeb, Shanta Apte ( her last film), Sapru and others. In hindi film, Shahu Modak and manhar Desai both were Christians, but became famous by doing Mythological and religious films and enacting Hindu Gods and Saints.

Manhar Desai was a Gujarati Christian-real name Malcolm Alfredo D’souza. He was born on 3-8-1917. He used to stammer when he was a boy. He used to act and sing in dramas and due to his stammering style, he was very popular on stage. After completing High school, he ran away to Bombay to join Films, but could not even enter any studio, Disappointed, he returned to his home and restarted studies. He joined Wilson college in Bombay for graduation. In college he started acting and singing on stage. He had a friend N.C.Pandey, who was also mad after films. He promised Manhar that if he becomes a Director, he will make manhar a Hero. While in college Manhar married his classmate, who was from U.P.

In 1947, Manhar got a call from his friend N.C.Pandey, who was to direct a Hindi film. He made manhar the Hero of this film and thus fulfilled his promise. Toofani Sawar-47 was the first film of Manhar Desai, in Hindi. He was invited to work in film Gunsundari-48 ( Gujarati), opposite Nirupa Roy. The film was Hit and he acted in next film Mangal Phera-49 with Nirupa Roy. This too became a Hit film in Gujarati and then there was no looking back. His next Hindi film was Madhosh-51 opposite Meena kumari. Following their success in Gujarati, Nirupa Roy and Manhar were paired in several Mythological films in Hindi. Films Naag Panchami-53 and Shivratri-54 made him a popular Hero in Hindi mythological films.

Manhar Desai was fond of Reading. During breaks in shooting, he would catch up with his reading. He also was a good painter. Manhar worked in 106 Hindi films. His last film was Nal Damyanti-88. In the last phase of his career, he was disillusioned about the working in films in this era, so he gave up working and retired. ManharDesai died on 25-2-1992.

Today’s song is a very melodious song. Many readers may still remember this song. My thanks to our Sadanand ji Kamath for locating this song and giving me the link, on my request, since I could not find it anywhere. This is the type of camaraderie that exists among the Atulites.

Song-Dig dig dig dig daiyya…chali meri Naiyya (Chandi Pooja)(1957) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Kavi Pradeep, MD-Ajit Merchant


Dig dig dig dig daiyya
aa aa aa aa aa
chali meri naiyya
aa aa aa aa aa
Dig dig dig dig daiyya
chali meri naiyya
bahe purwaiyya re
hey haiyya re haiyya
haiyya re

matwaali gopiyaan pukaaren
jaldi se aa mil kanhaiyya
hey haiyya re haiyya
haiyya re

ooper chalte kaale megha aa
kaale kaale megha re
ooper chalte kaale megha
neeche chalti naav
chalti naav re ae
aa gaye ham to door
rah gaya peechhe gokul gaanv
gokul gaanv re
man ki amraiyya hai sooni ee
aa ja re raas rachaiyya
hey haiyya re haiyya
haiyya re

dig dig dig dig daiyya
aa aa aa aa
chali teri naiyya
aa aa aa aa

dig dig dig dig daiyya
chali meri naiyya
bahe purwaiyya re
hey haiyya re haiyya
haiyya re

chori chori kar ke bahaana aa
kar ke bahaana re
chori chori kar ke bahaana
ham nikle hain ghar se
nikle hain ghar se ae ae
mil ja re mohan
kaanp rahi hain ham duniya ke dar se
duniya ke dar se
lehron pe khelti patwaaren ae ae
karti hain chhappak chhappak chhaiyya
hey haiyya re haiyya
haiyya re

5 Responses to "Dig dig dig dig daiyya…chali meri naiyya"

song link is not available


It is only audio and it is working. please try again.


I tried many times using two different internet connections and got the same ‘video not available ‘ message. 2. Then I Sent the video link as well as your post link to a person living in Ohio-USA and she got the same message for both. 3. Probably youtube link may not be public. 4. Meanwhile I searched the song in the internet and I could listen to the song in Song’s tune and melody and rendition was so beutiful I bought the mp3 clip from through that person in Ohio. Now I Have the mp3 clip of the song and I listen to it many times. Thank for your excellent post.


Perhaps this link is unavailable where you live.


I am happy that finally you got the desired song. I thank you for your appreciation of the article. Such comments give a feeling of satisfaction for the work that went into writing this post.


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