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Sun Re O Chhalia, Boley Kya Paayaliya

Posted on: September 5, 2019

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Jaane Jaana Yoon Na Dekho Aaj Nafrat Se Mujhe” – this lovely lilting from the 1963 film ‘Faulaad’, is the creation of the songwriter Anjaan. A poet who has given us some of the most wonderful gems of the Hindi screen. Songs like “Pipraa Ke Patwaa Sarikhe Doley Manwaa” (‘Godaan’, 1963), “Bahaaro Thaam Lo Ab Dil, Mera Mehboob Aata Hai”(‘Namaste ji’, 1965), “Aap Ke Haseen Rukh Pe Aaj Nayaa Noor Hai”(‘Bahaaren Phir Bhi Aayengi’, 1966),  “Aaj Tumse Door Ho Kar, Aise Royaa Mera Pyaar”(‘Ek Raat’, 1967), and “Bina Badraa Ke Bijuriyaa Kaise Chamke”(‘Bandhan’, 1969) – and on to “Rotey Huye Aate Hain Sab, Hansta Hua Jo Jaayegaa. . .”(‘Muqaddar Ka Sikandar’, 1978), “Maano To Main Ganga Maa Hoon, Naa Maano Te Behtaa Paani”(‘Ganga Ki Saugandh’, 1978), “O Khaike Paan Barnaaras Waala” (‘Don’, 1978), “Pag Ghunghroo Baandh Meera Naachi Thi” (‘Namak Halaal’, 1982), “Gori Hain Kalaayi’aan, Tu La De Mujhe Hari Hari Choodiyaan” (‘Aaj Ka Arjun’, 1990). And many more.

Remembering Anjaan on the 22nd anniversary of his passing away, earlier this week (3rd September).

Today, I present another wonderful song penned by him – a song that has been forgotten and has remained obscure for decades. The film is equally obscure – ‘Lady of the Lake’ from 1960. The film is produced and directed by AM Khan, under his own banner of AM Khan Productions, Bombay. It is a fantasy cum stunt film. The list of actors includes Azad, Krishna Kumari, Shaam Kumar, Sherry, Jai, Neelima, Shahgul, Ram, Fani Tinchar, Jilani, Jameela, Baby Leela, OK, Avtar, Maqbool, Robert, and Burhan etc.

The film has nine songs shared between three songwriters. Five songs are written by Anjaan, one by Saba Afghani and the remaining three by Munshi Naayab. Two songs of this film are already represented on our blog.  Today’s song is also from the pen of Anjaan. Music for all the songs is composed by the music director duo of Suresh-Talwar.

The lyrics of this song have been sent in by Nitin Shah.

This song is a duet in the voices of Geeta Dutt and Mahendra Kapoor. Here is duet combination of two well known singers, who came together very rarely during their careers. There may probably be fifteen or maybe less, songs that they have sung together.

A wonderful lilting melody that should have been heard more often. I am sure you would agree.


Song – Sun Re O Chhalia, Boley Kya Paayaliya (Lady Of The Lake) (1960) Singers – Geeta Dutt, Mahendra Kapoor, Lyrics – Anjaan, MD – Suresh-Talwar

Lyrics (Provided by Nitin Shah)

sun re o chhaliya
boley kya paayaliya
chhed ke dil ke taar
sajanawa aaj na ja
balamwa aaj na ja
o tere bina ratiya
o re mann basiya
soona laage sansaar
sajanwa aaj na ja
balamwa aaj na ja

kab se baithi raah mein teri
baalam aas lagaaye
ho oo oo balam aas lagaaye
itne din ke baad miley bhi
to tum rahe paraaye
ho oo oo
do dil milne na paaye
behki adaayen
tujh ko bulaayen
dil hai bada beqraar
sajanwa aaj na ja
balamwa aaj na ja

jaadu ajab chalaaye gori
tera roop suhaana
ho oo oo tera roop suhana
pehli jhalak mili jab teri
dil ho gaya deewana
haaye ab isey kahaan hai jaana
ruk ja re ruk ja
palkon mein chhup ja
kar le ji bhar pyaar
sajanawa aaj na ja
balamwa aaj na ja
o sun re o chhaliya
boley kya paayaliya
chhed ke dil ke taar
sajanawa aaj na ja
balamwa aaj na ja

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)

सुन रे ओ छलिया
बोले क्या पायलिया
छेड़ के दिल के तार
सजनवा आज न जा
बलमवा आज न जा
ओ तेरे बिना रसिया
ओ रे मन बसिया
सूना लगे संसार
सजनवा आज न जा
बलमवा आज न जा

कब से बैठी राह में तेरी’
बालम आस लगाए
हो ओ ओ बालम आस लगाए
इतने दिन के बाद मिले भी
तो तुम रहे पराये
हो ओ ओ
दो दिल मिलने ना पाये
बहकी अदाएँ
तुझ को बुलाएँ
दिल है बड़ा बेक़रार
सजनवा आज न जा
बलमवा आज न जा

जादू अजब चलाये गोरी
तेरा रूप सुहाना
हो ओ ओ तेरा रूप सुहाना
पहली झलक मिली जब तेरी
दिल हो गया दीवाना
हाय अबे इसे कहाँ है जाना
रुक जा रे रुक जा
पलकों में छुप जा
कर ले जी भर प्यार
सजनवा आज न जा
बलमवा आज न जा
ओ सुन रे ओ छलिया
बोले क्या पायलिया
छेड़ के दिल के तार
सजनवा आज न जा
बलमवा आज न जा

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