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Kaliyan sang karta rang raliyaan

Posted on: November 28, 2019

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‘Shaap Mochan’ (1955, Bangla film) was based on a story of the same name written by the Bengali novelist Falguni Mukhopadhyay. The film was directed by Sudhir Mukherjee. The main actors in the film were Uttam Kumar, Suchitra Sen and Pahadi Sanyal. The film is available on-line for viewing without English sub-titles.

The film is about a musical family in which one of the forefathers had been cursed by a Guru that any one in his family who takes up singing would die prematurely or become invalid for insulting him for non-acceptance as Guru. Devendra (Pahadi Sanyal) became blind while taking up the singing as the career forcing him to give up the singing. Because of the curse, he gets the assurance from his younger brother, Mahendra (Uttam Kumar) that he would also not practice singing.

In order to sustain the family, Devendra sends his brother Mahendra to Kolkata to his friend for getting him a job. Mahendra stays with him who has a daughter, Madhuri (Suchitra Sen). During the course of their inter-action, Madhuri comes to know that Mahendra is a talented singer. She encourages him to become a singer. He reveals to her as to why he can not take up singing. However, Madhuri does not believe in the superstition.

It so happens that Mahendra remains unemployed which forces him to become a singer for earning. Over a period of time, he becomes a famous singer and earns good money in his profession. Madhuri and Mahendra fall in love. However, the curse falls on Mahendra and he becomes seriously ill. Madhuri tends him and gets him to fully recover from his serious illness. With this, the family’s superstitious belief in curse is broken. The film has a happy ending.

The film has 6 songs of which one song is in Hindi. That song is a bandish, ‘kaliyan sang karata rang raliyaan’ which is rendered by Pandit D V Paluskar in Raag Bahar as Chhota Khayal. The bandish was written by Kiniwaale Ram. Although Hemant Kumar has been accredited as the music director for all the six songs in the film, it is apparent that Pandit D V Paluskar had a say in the composition of the tune in Raag Bahar.

Earlier, I was under the impression that Pandit D V Paluskar sang as a playback singer in only one film – Baiju Baawra’ (1952). His jugalbandi song, aaj gaawat man mero jhoom ke, rendered with Ustad Amir Khan is par excellence among the Hindustani classical raag-based Hindi film songs. It was G N Joshi of HMV who had suggested to Naushad saab to take Ustad Amir Khan and Pandit D V Paluskar for this jugalbandi song. Naushad first approached Ustad Amir Khan who agreed to sing provided Pandit D V Paluskar was his ‘opponent’ and he would not mind losing in the jugalbandi to him. This showed the respect Pandit D V Paluskar commanded from his equally illustrious classical vocalist. Incidentally, both Ustad Amir Khan and Pandit D V Paluskar never sang this jugalbandi in their respective public concerts despite the demand from the audience.

Pandit D V Paluskar (28/05/1921 – 25/10/1955), the Hindustani classical vocalist rendered mostly khayal and tarana in his own style without attaching himself to the orthodox Gharanas. But experts in Hindustani classical music believe that his singing style was close to Gwalior Gharana. In the short span of 34 years of his life, he had become one of the foremost among the Hindistani classical vocalist. Those who had witnessed his concerts had observed that he was a classical vocalist with a difference – he sang for the common man blending the classical renditions with popular appeal. He also sang bhajans in Hindustani classical raags.

G N Joshi of HMV who was also an illustrious Hindustani classical vocalist and the music director had mentioned in one of his articles that Pandit D V Paluskar had a rare quality of recording any Hindustani classical raag within the disc space of about 3:25 minutes in 78 RPM gramophone records incorporating all the ‘alankars’ (ornamentations) that generally go with the Khayal type of renditions. Pandit D V Paluskar was also known for his exquisite aalaaps and taans which are evident in the bandish under discussion.

The bandish describes the spring season during which bees are flirting with new flower buds. Gardens are in full bloom. Peacocks are calling and koels are singing. Trees, laden with blossoms are waving in the breeze. Women are out in groups with buckets to bring water from the river. Overall, the scenarios gladden the heart of everyone.

I am not sure whether I have captured all the sargam in lyrics for the second half of the chhota khayal as Pandit ji’s rendition of sargam taan is very fast.

A more elaborate rendition ( nearly 15 minutes) of this bandish in Raag Bahar by Pandit D V Paluskar is now available on-line here which he had performed on All India Radio’s National Programme of Music sometime in early 1950s.

Video Clip:

Audio Clip:

Song-Kaliyan sang karta rang raliyaan(Shaap Mochan)(1955) Singer-Pt D V Paluskar, Lyrics-Kiniwaale Ram, MD-Hemant Kumar

Lyrics (Based on Video Clip)

aaa aaa aaa
aaa aaa aaa
aaa aaa aaa
aaa aaa aaa

kaliyan sang karta rang raliyaan
kaliyan sang karta rang raliyaan
bhanwar gunjaare phooli phulwaare
chahoon oar mor bole
koyal ki kook suni hook uthhi
kaliyan sang karta rang raliyaan
kaliyan sang karta
kaliyan sang karta
lehrat leharaata
sab birachhan mori
le naar gadhwaa bharan aayi
aaj baag mein pukaare
‘Kiniwaale Ram’ bole
har baar baar
kaliyan sang karata rang raliyaan

[dialogues in Bengali]

aaaaaaa aaa aaaaaaaaaa
aa aaaa aaaa aaaa aaaa
aaaaaaa aaa aaaaaaaaa
aaaaa aa aaaaaaa
kaliyan sang karata rang raliyaan
aa aaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaa aa
aaaaa aa
kaliyan sang karata rang raliyaan
ae ae ae ae
kaliyan sang karata rang raliyaan
kali eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ee ee ee…yan
kaliyan ee ee…yan….sang………..karata rang raliyaan
kaliyan sang karata rang raliyaan
kaliyan sang karata rang
aaaaaaa aa
kaliyan sang karata rang raliyaan
aaaaaa aa
kaliyan sang karata rang raliyaan
kaliyan sang karata
kaliyan sang karata rang raliyaan
kaliyan sang karata rang raliyaan
kaliyan sang karata rang raliyaan
kaliyan sang
ga ma pa ni sa
ni dha sa ni dha ni sa ni s ani sa
kaliyan sang karata
ga ma pa ni sa ni dha
sa ri ga ri ri s ani ga ri sa
sa ni sa ma pa ga ma sa ni pa
ga ma pa ni sa
kaliyan sang karata rang raliyaan
ga ma pa ni sa sa sa dha
sa ri sa pa ni sa ma pa ni pa ga
ma ni pa ga ma pa ni sa
kaliyan sang karata rang raliyaan
kaliyan aa
kaliyan aa
kaliyan sang karata rang raliyaaaaaa…..aan

2 Responses to "Kaliyan sang karta rang raliyaan"

Hello sir,
I am avid follower of your posts. I write this to get following info.
Pl refer to song Main Dil Hun ek armaan bhara, sung by Talat Mehmood in film Anhonee.
Song has beautiful interludes and counter melody played on piano.
Will you know the piano player in this song?
If yes kindly do let me know.I am just curious
Best regards


Lovely treat…thanks a lot!


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