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Ek samay Dushyant thhe Bhaarat ke samraat

Posted on: December 20, 2019

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Today’s song is from an obscure film-Dhola Maru-1956. The film was produced by and under the banner of Cine Workers’ Society, Bombay. It was directed by N R Acharya and the music was provided by S K Pal – for whom this film was his swan song. This was his last film as MD. All the 11 songs of the film were written by Bharat Vyas. The cast was Usha Kiran, Pradeep Kumar, Achala Sachdev, Rehana, Sapru, S Nazir, Kumkum and many others including 5 actresses named as Miss Pammi, Miss Usha, Miss Hemlata, Miss Hansa and Miss Sarita as well as a guest artiste- Ulhas.

” Unity in Diversity” was a favourite slogan of Nehru. Truly, there is no other country in the world having such a diverse population and area. The biggest surviving Democracy in the world has 28 states and 9 Union Territories. Our constitution mentions 22 official languages, including Urdu and Sanskrit. In this vast country about 30 languages are spoken, each by more than 3 million people, 120 languages are spoken by more than 10000 people and about 1600 spoken languages and with script- both mixed. In addition, 7 major and several other religions too.

With so much of diversity of languages, religions and cultures, it is a wonder that India has survived for thousands of years. The main factor is the binding of Indian Culture and Tolerance. It is interesting to recall that, just prior to getting Independence, Winston Churchill and many other world leaders had predicted that within a short period, India will disintegrate into pieces. Contrary to their wishful thinking, Indian people have come out stronger in last 75 years.

Due to the diversity, there are separate Folk lores in almost every state. Love stories are the major contributors. Like the famous Laila-Majnu and Romeo-Juliet, every state has its own Love story. Even our Mythology has thrilling love stories, Like Uttara- Abhimanyu, Dushant-Shakuntala, Arjun-Subhadra etc.

For love stories, Punjab and Sindh lead all the way. You have several such stories as – Sohni Mahiwal, Heer-Ranja, Sassi-Punnu, Monal-Rano, Umar-Marvi, Lila-Chanesar, Noori-Tamchi, Dhaj-Rorkumar and Mirza-Sahiban are some of the most popular love stories of Punjab and Sindh.

Like I said, in other regions too, there are Love stories like Jodha -Akbar, Salim-Anarkali, Bajirao-Mastani, Prithviraj-Sanyogita, Amrapali-Bimbisar, Mumal-Mahendra, Amaravathy-Ambikapathy (south-Tamil) etc.

There was yet another popular Folk-Lore of Lovers in the states of Rajasthan, M.P., Chhattisgarh and Gujarat and that is the story of Prince Dhola and Princess Maru. Unlike the Punjab Folk-Lores of Lovers, Dhola Maru has several versions, especially Rajasthani and Chhattisgarhi versions. Several Books and stories as well as Folk songs were written on Dhola-Maru. There was a Gujarati Hit film Dhola-Maru-1983.

( When I had first heard the name of Dhola-Maru, I was reminded of the Japanese steamship Kamagota Maru, which had carried about 300 Sikh and other Indians, who tried to enter Canada. They were refused and sent back to India. On reaching Calcutta, they were refused entry as they were from Hongkong. There was a fight and in the ensuing firing, hundreds were killed. This was known throughout the world.)

Dhola – Maru story took place somewhere in the 15th century. However this is a Happy ending Love story, unlike most Punjabi tragedies.

The Rajasthani version of the story is-

The Legend of Dhola and Maru is the Indian version of Romeo-Juliet saga. The princess Maru was from a place called Pugal near Bikaner while Dhola was the young and handsome prince of Gwalior. A terrible drought in Pugal made Maru’s(then 2 years old) father shift to Gwalior, which was ruled by his friend, the father of Dhola. He stayed there for three years and before leaving for his hometown, the two kings each promised to get their children married to each other. However, after a span of 20 years all promises were forgotten and Maru was betrothed to a man called Umra. But destiny prevailed, and bard from Pugal who had travelled to Gwalior sang at the royal court about the childhood betrothal of Dhola and Maru. After listening to the song Dhola fell hook, line and sinker for the virtuous princess Maru. With love in his eyes Dhola began wooing Maru who also fell in love with the handsome Dhola. Where two hearts collide there has to be an outcome, and so they decided to run away.

Umra came to know about their plans and went after them with his brother sumra. The eloping lovers on their Camel with their bows arrows were no match for the Umra-Sumra brothers who had guns. However, they were able to evade the evil brothers and took refuge in a forest. Unfortunately Dhola was bitten by a snake and died on the spot, Maru, thus cheated by her lover, proceeded to weep the death. Luck favoured Maru and her cries were heard by Lord Shiva and consort Parvati. Parvati requested her husband to revive Dhola and thus by divine intervention the lovers were united to live happily ever after.

There are some differences in the Chhattisgarhi versions, where in prince Dhola gets married to Rewa for 12 years, after which,he goes for Maru etc.

(all information culled from, and wiki)

In Indian films, there were some actresses who were earmarked to do the roles of Mothers and Grandmothers. Some of them were Leela Chitnis, Durga Khote, Leela Mishra, Deena Pathak, Nirupa Roy, Achala Sachdev and few others. While Leela Mishra and Deena Pathak seemed to be born to do such roles, most others were Heroines in their Hey-days. Achala Sachdev was a prominent actress, who was highly respected in the industry – only till she was in circulation. Once she retired from films, no one bothered about her and she died absolutely a lonely death.

Achala Sachdev ( 3-5-1920 to 30-4-2012) (original name Rajinder)’s name is permanently conjoined with a mother’s role. She did a mother’s role when she was very young and since then-more than a heroine- she has been seen either as a sister or Mother in films. In her earliest film ‘Dilruba’-50 she was Dev Anand’s sister and later in many films she was a fixed mother of Dev Anand.

She worked in All India Radio, Lahore,she came to Delhi after the Partition and continued her job in All India Radio, till her first film. She acted in 181 Hindi films, 3 Punjabi films and 1 Gujarati film, in addition to 1 uncompleted Bangla film. She acted in few television serials and FD documentaries too.

In her early years she had got married to Gyan Sachdeva. She begot one son and one daughter from him. Her son Jyotin, a business consultant, settled in US and Daughter was married in Bombay. When she could not pull on, she divorced her husband. After 12 years of loneliness she fell in love and married an American Clifford Douglas Peters, who was an Engineer and ran an Electronics factory in Poona. She stopped accepting new films after 1976 and then shifted to Poona.

After her second husband died, she shifted from her Bungalow in Bhosari, near Poona to a specious flat in Hadapsar area of Poona. She had completed all films on hand ,but due to insistence of family friend Yash Chopra, she acted in some of his films- notably ‘Dilwale dulhaniya le jaayenge’-95. Though her last film was ‘ Dahak ‘-98, her last released film was Suno sasur ji-2003.

During her heydays, she was very friendly with Sunil Dutt and Nargis, Mona Dev Anand ( kalpana kartik), Meena kumari, Saira Bano and her mother Naseem Bano. She was very punctual during her shootings. Once while working in a Rajesh Khanna film, she had to wait for him for 4 hours, with all make up done. When this continued to happen for next 10 days, she left the film and went back to Poona. Rajesh Khanna wrote an apology letter to her and then only she came back to complete the film.

Once she was in Poona, she was all alone. No one from film industry ever contacted her in her last 40 years. She was very generous. She had donated 25 lakhs to an NGO, Janseva Foundation to start ‘Achala Sachdev Institute of Education”. She also gave 15 Lakhs to Dr. H.V.Desai Eye Hospital for a ward construction. In her last days,she even donated her flat also to the NGO Janseva Foundation.

She was sick for last 6 months and was looked after by the NGO. Admitted to Poona General Hospital ICU, she got Paralysis, lost her vision and then lost her life on 30-4-2012. A highly successful film star with lots of money, but she was neglected by her own son and daughter. Above all, in last 40 years in Poona, not one soul from the film world met her. What was pathetic was, when she was admitted in I.C.U., her attending doctor, Dr. Mehta sent messages to Yash Chopra and others in Film industry, but none came or even inquired and she died a lonely death.
( ( Based on Cine Blitz, Madhuri,Times of India, Indian Express, Wikipedia and info kindly given by shri Harish Raghuwanshi ji ).

Here is a duet by Manna Dey and Asha Bhosle from film Dhola Maru-1956.

Song-Ek samay Dushyant thhe Bharat ke samraat(Dhola Maru)(1956) Singers- Manna Dey, Asha Bhonsle, Lyricist- Bharat Vyas, MD- S K Pal


Ek samay Dushyant thhe
Bharat ke samraaat
jinka danka goonjtaa desh videsh viraat

Kaamdev ka aa aa
Kaamdev ka roop thha
dhoop bada balwaan
dhoop bada balwaan

ek samay ban mein chale
le kar teer kamaaaan
le kar teer kamaan
ban mein ek albeli mili
bandevi si naar
?? se nrup se sant ki
ho gayin aankhen chaar chaar
ho gayin aankhen chaar

mohit ho Dushyant ne
ek nikaali raah
Shakuntala ke sang kiya
jhat gandarv vivaah

din beete aur jug beete ae ae ae ae
din beete aur jug beete
bhookh bhaye behaal

roye dukhi Shakuntala
roye dukhi Shakuntala
khabar na li
khabar na li
khabar na li pratipaal

bhooh bhaye behaal

band karo ye geet
?? ke raajveer
bane aaj Dushyant

haan tum
apni marwan bhool kar
rewa sang raman
rewa sang raman ??
maruwan bisraai
maruwan ho maruwan ??
bharman hoi

2 Responses to "Ek samay Dushyant thhe Bhaarat ke samraat"

Partial missing words are

jispe nrup (nrip) Dushyant ki
ho gayin aankhen chaar chaar

band karo ye geet
Narwal Garh ke raajveer
bane aaj Dushyant
haan tum
apni marwan bhool kar
rewa sang raman
rewa sang raman bahu
maruwan bisraai
maruwan ho maruwan ??
bharman hoi




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