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Dil Ko Ye Kya Hua

Posted on: April 30, 2020

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chupke se kho gaya. . .

Searching through his list of songs, I chanced upon this gem of a melodious creation – one of those ‘love at first hear’ type songs that I have really come across after so many days. It has been sitting in my collection forever, and I pulled it today, looking for an unheard or less heard song to include in this post. The composition is quite atypical with a different sound structure attempted. A beautiful melody that I am sure you will also fall in love with.

Remembering C Arjun today, on the anniversary of his passing away (30 April, 1992).

Preparation for this post started a couple of days ago. And in the interim, the industry and the lovers of Hindi films have been shaken by the news of two luminaries passing away yesterday and today. Yesterday morning we got the news about Irfan Khan, who lost his battle with cancer at Kokilaben Hospital in Mumbai. The emotions are still to settle, and the second shocking news came in today morning. Rishi Kapoor, the darling Chintu Baba of the 1970s and 80s, lost his battle with leukemia at another Mumbai hospital today. Irfan Khan, 53 – too yuong, too early. Rishi Kapoor, 67 – lively, and a lot of life still to go. But alas no, this is the ‘as much’ that was ordained.

As I check out the dates on C Arjun today, when he passed away, he was 59. Just about midway between Irfan and Rishi, in terms of years. The writ of life is no one’s command – it is what it is. We see, we compare, we critique, we like, sometimes we ignore. But then, when the finality of the process dawns upon us, one is left with a vacuum somewhere inside that says – wish there was more. . .

Very little details are available about C Arjun’s life and times. The article in Pankaj Raag’s book dedicated to this music director is almost completely based on his work, the films that he did, and the wonderful songs that he has composed. Other than that, very little about the person himself.

He was born on 1st Sep, 1933 in Sindh. His full name – Arjun Chandnani, which was later modified to be C Arjun, for the sake of brevity in film circles, and to avoid any confusion with the name of his mentor music director Bulo C Rani (full name Bulo Chandirani). After partition, his family moved to and settled in Baroda.

C Arjun’s father was musically inclined and was a singer. There is no information available about his training. In one place, there is anecdotal mention that C Arjun fondly remembers being present at the recording of a song by Noorjehaan in Lahore. This anecdotal nugget does not carry any other details. We read about his career initiation in early 1950s – appearing as assistant music director working with Bulo C Rani, in films like ‘Shikaar’ (1955), ‘Aabroo’ (1956), ‘Baadshah Salaamat’ (1956) and ‘Jeevan Saathi’ (1957).

In 1958 came the hit Sindhi film ‘Abana’. In this film, C Arjun shared the credits for music direction with Bulo C Rani, and not just as an assistant. Then in 1960, he got his first break as an independent music director in Hindi cinema with the film ‘Road No. 303’. His career remained very patchy throughout, despite some of the most wonderful songs and ghazals created by him. The songs gained popularity with the listening public, but that never really translated into more work for him from the producers in the industry. Following is the list of films he has composed for,

  • 1961 Main Aur Mera Bhai
  • 1964 Punarmilan
  • 1965 Ek Saal Pehle
  • 1966 Chale Hain Sasural
  • 1966 Sushila
  • 1967 Lambu In Hong Kong
  • 1970 Mangu Dada
  • 1971 Ustad Pedro
  • 1973 Guru Aur Chela
  • 1975 Jai Santoshi Mata
  • 1976 Raksha Bandhan
  • 1977 Aankh Ka Tara
  • 1977 Subah Zaroor Aayegi (possibly a re-release of Sushila from 1966)
  • 1978 Nawab Saheb
  • 1980 Karva Chauth
  • 1981 Kaanoon Aur Mujrim

Unreleased Films
Sant Valmiki
O Mere Jaan e Jigar
Gunaahon Ka Mandir

Besides these, he also has given music to films in Sindhi, Gujarati and Haryanvi. He also has composed music for non-film albums in Sindhi. He was actually in a recording studio, rehearsing with artists for the recording of a Sindhi non-film album release, when he suffered a cardiac arrest and passed away.

Today’s song is from his debut Hindi film ‘Road No 303’. The film is produced under the banner of Mahesh Pictures, Bombay, by Bheeku Bhai and Ratan Kumar. The film is directed by Dharam Kumar. The star cast is listed as Shobha Khote, Mehmood, Bhagwan, KN Singh, Tiwari, Sheelu, Helen, Altaf, Maqbool, Raju, Mirajkar, Ramlal, Fazlu, Majnu, Joshi, Kashi, S Kerawala, Master Nisar, Bakshi and others.

The film has six songs, equally shared between the songwriters Jaan Nisar Akhtar and Naqsh Lyallpuri. This particular song is sung by Asha Bhosle. Only the audio of this song is available, and I request our more knowledgeable readers to please add more information about this song, and the movie itself.

A wonderful creation in my opinion. Listen and enjoy.


Song – Dil Ko Ye Kya Hua (Road No 303) (1960) Singer – Asha Bhosle, Lyrics – Naqsh Lyallpuri, MD – C Arjun


aaa aaaaaa
aaa aaaaaa

aaa aaaaaa
aaa aaaaaa

aa aaa aa aaa aa aaa aa aaa aa aaa aa aaa aa aaa aa aaa

dil ko ye kya hua
taaron ki chhaon mein
mehki hawaaon mein
chupke se kho gaya
dil chupke se kho gaya
dil ko ye kya..aa hua. . .

maine khushi ka
dekha savera
jaaga ujala dooba andhera
mausam bhi hai jawaan
jhoome hai aasmaan
rangeen fizaaon mein
chupke se kho gaya
dil chupke se kho gaya
dil ko ye kya..aa hua. . .

meri nazar mein
hain wo nazaare
deewana kar den jinke ishaare
saagar pe jhoom ke
lehron ko choom ke
sapnon ke gaon mein
chupke se kho gaya
dil chupke se kho gaya
dil ko ye kya..aa hua. . .

mujh ko bulaayen
phoolo ki baahen
hansti hai mere jeewan ki raahen
sun ke bahaar ki
mastaana raagini
meethi sadaaon mein
chupke se kho gaya
dil chupke se kho gaya
dil ko ye kya..aa hua. . .

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)

आs आssss
आs आssss

आs आssss
आs आssss

आs आss आs आss आs आss आs आss आs आss आs आss आs आss आs आss

दिल को ये क्या हुआ
तारों की छाँव में
महकी हवाओं में
चुपके से खो गया
दिल चुपके से खो गया
दिल को ये क्या॰॰आ हुआ॰ ॰ ॰

मैंने खुशी का
देखा सवेरा
जागा उजाला डूबा अंधेरा
मौसम भी है जवां
झूमे है आसमां
रंगीं फिज़ाओं में
चुपके से खो गया
दिल चुपके से खो गया
दिल को ये क्या॰॰आ हुआ॰ ॰ ॰

मेरी नज़र में
हैं वो नज़ारे
दीवाना कर दें जिसके इशारे
सागर पे झूम के
लहरों को चूम के
सपनों के गाँव में
चुपके से खो गया
दिल चुपके से खो गया
दिल को ये क्या॰॰आ हुआ॰ ॰ ॰

मुझको बुलाएँ
फूलों की बाहें
हँसती हैं मेरे जीवन की राहें
सुनके बहार की
मस्ताना रागिनी
मीठी सदाओं में
चुपके से खो गया
दिल चुपके से खो गया
दिल को ये क्या॰॰आ हुआ॰ ॰ ॰

3 Responses to "Dil Ko Ye Kya Hua"

Sudhir Ji, Thanks for this post on C Arjun.
As you wrote, this is truly ‘ Love at first hearing’ song for me too.( Not heard before)


What a lovely lilting song. Strangely I haven’t heard it before either. I love the music and Asha’s voice. Thanks for the gem.




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