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Chalna sambhal sambhal ke jee

Posted on: June 3, 2020

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Today’s song is from film Raaj Tilak-1958.

This was a S.S.Vasan film from his Gemini Pictures, Madras. Film Raaj Tilak was a remake of the original popular film in Tamil-“Vanji Kottai Valiban”( The youth from Vanji Fort). It was loosely based on the famous adventure novel, “The Count of Monte Cristo”, written by Alexander Dumas and first published in 1844. Its Telugu version was titled “Vijay Kota Veerudu”and the Hindi version was Raaj Tilak.

AVM and Gemini, the two giants from Madras were keen on making Bi-Lingual (Tamil-Hindi/Tamil-Telugu,Telugu-Hindi) or Tri-lingual (Tamil-Telugu-Hindi) films to capture all the three big markets. Southern bosses took pleasure in engaging artistes from Bombay and in return Bombay artistes were happy to work in southern films, because they were disciplined, punctual and worked methodically. Their payments, staying arrangements and the treatment to Hindi artistes was very satisfying.

From the time Vasan’s multilingual Blockbuster, Chandralekha’s success in 1948, it dawned on south producers that a huge market in Hindi belt was available for their successful south films. One after another hit films started from South, like Nishan-49, Mangala-50,Bahar-51, Mr. Sampat-52, Miss Mary-57, Asha-57 and such other films, which were either remakes of Tamil/Telugu hit films or films made in Madras.

During this period, C Ramchandra and his songs were very popular in south. At the same time, his favourite Lyricist Rajendra krishna also had a great demand in south. Rajendra Krishna worked for both AVM and Gemini films. Vasan wanted that Rajendra krishna should work only for Gemini and not AVM. However, Rajendra Krishna continued working for AVM, so Vasan decided not to take Rajendra krishna for Gemini films anymore.

In 1957, AVM’s film Bhabhi became a Hit film. Rajendra krishna had written all the songs for Bhabhi. In 1958, when Vasan Planned to make Raaj Tilak in Hindi and its Tamil and Telugu versions, at the same time, he selected C Ramchandra as its Music Director. That time C Ramchandra was working for film Amardeep-58 in Bombay and Rajendra krishna was the Lyricist. C Ramchandra knew that Vasan will not take Rajendra krishna as a Lyricist for Gemini films anymore. At that time only, P L Santoshi met C Ramchandra. He had fallen on bad days and requested C Ramchandra for his help.

With consideration for past successful association with Santoshi, C Ramchandra recommended Santoshi’s name to Vasan. He also agreed. When Rajendra Krishna came to know this, he did not like it and he severed ties with C Ramchandra. The two never worked together again. The year 1958 was not a good year for C Ramchandra anyway. Lata had given indications that after Raaj Tilak, she would not sing for C Ramchandra. She did only one solo and one duet in this film. After Rajendra krishna split with C Ramchandra, he started recommending Chitragupta, Madan Mohan and others to South producers. C Ramchnadra stopped getting their offers. In addition film Raaj Tilak also did not do so well.

The cast of film Raaj Tilak-58 was Vaijayanti Mala, Padmini, Gemini Ganeshan, Pran, Jagirdar, Bipin Gupta, Lalita Pawar, Durga Khote etc etc. Gemini Ganeshan (17-11-1920 to 22-3-2005), better known in Hindi belt as actress Rekha’s father, started his Hindi films with Devta-56. Then came Miss Mary-57 and his third film was Raaj Tilak-58. He acted in 24 Hindi films. His last film was Allauddin and wonderful Lamp-82. After his death in 2005, two films were released in 2009, namely Shivdoot and Devi Saraswati, both dubbed films.

When I saw actor Pran’s name in the cast of this film, I remembered that Pran had also acted in another same titled film Raaj Tilak-84, featuring Dharmendra, Hema etc. Pran’s first Hindi film – as a Hero – was Khandan-42 in Lahore. he again acted in another same name film Khandan-in 1965. In the 42 film he was the Hero, but in the 1965 film he was a Villain. He did exactly opposite in another same name film. In film Aan Baan-56 ( Ajit-N.Jaywant), he was a Villain, but in the 1972 film Aan Baan (Rajendra kumar-Rakhi) he did a benevolent person’s sober role in this film ! Pran acted as a Villain in film Chingari-55(Shekhar-N.Jayawant) and also in film Chingari-89 (Sanjay Khan-Leena Cghandavarkar).

Pran did role in many remakes of his films. When he came to Bombay from Lahore in 1948, he got roles in films Grihasthi, Ziddi and Chunaria. In 1948, two of his Lahore made films – Birhan and Barsat ki ek raat – released in India. In both these films, he was the Hero, but in India, he started as a villain in his first 3 films. Kishore Sahu remade film Grihasthi-48 as Film “Ghar Basaa ke Dekho”-1963. In this film Pran did the same role as in the 48 film. Comedian Gope had made a film “Malkin” in 1951 (Gope and Yakub). His brother Ram Kamlani remade this film as “Biradari’ in 1966 (Mehmood and Kanhaiyalal). Pran was villain in both the films.

In his 66 years of career, Pran did variety of roles. Besides acting in remakes and same title films, he also worked in 2-3 generations of actor families. In film Rajkumar-1964, he worked with Prithviraj Kapoor. With Raj Kapoor, he did films like Aah, Chori chori, Jis desh mein Ganga behti hai etc etc. He worked with Shammi Kapoor and Shashi Kapoor also. In 1973, he worked in film Rikshawala, with Randhir Kapoor and in film Bobby, with Rishi Kapoor. Thus he worked in 3 generations of Kapoor family.

Pran worked with Naseem Bano in film Sindbad the sailor-52 and worked in many films with Saira Bano-her daughter. He worked with Mumtaz Ali and Mehmood. Pran acted with Sunil Dutt and Sanjay Dutt. He also worked with Dharmendra and Sunny Deol.

There was no other actor like him in Hindi film industry ever again.

Coming back to film Raaj Tilak-58, the story of the film was….

The loyal Diwan of the kingdom accuses the Senapathi to have planned the killing of the young prince. The king ,as a punishment banishes him to another country, but Senapati hides in the kingdom itself. One day he kills the king and becomes the ruler. Before dying, the king asks his loyal Diwan to save the prince and the princess. Diwan takes them and runs away, leaving his own wife and children.

Senapati captures Diwan’s wife, keeps her in prison on an island and leaves his son and daughter in the flowing river. Some kind person saves the children and they grow up as Chander ( G.Ganesan) and sister Gowri ( Vijaya kumari). Senapati comes to know about them and abducts Gowri and arrests Chander and keeps him in a prison on the same island as his mother. Gowri dies while attempting to run away.

Chander meets his mother and learns everything. He vows to kill the Senapathi. He tries to escape from the island with his mother, but mother dies on way and Chander is thrown into the raging sea. He survives and reaches Ratna island. The Rajkumari Mandakini of Ratna island loves him. He narrates every thing to her and she allows him to go his kingdom to kill Senapathi. He comes to the kingdom where he meets his father and also princes Padma who loves him. Meanwhile Mandakini also reaches the kingdom. Padma and Mandakini meet and Padma allows them their love, sacrificing her love.

However during the final battle, in an attempt to save Chander, Mandakini dies. Senapathi is killed and peace returns to kingdom. Padma and Chandar marry and he gets the Raj Tilak !

Today’s song from film Raaj Tilak-58 is sung by Asha, Rafi, Vinod and chorus. In the video, one can see Agha, Jagirdar, Shammi and Padmini. This will be the 4th song from this film to feature here.



Song-Chalna sambha sambhal ke jee (Raaj Tilak)(1958) Singers-Rafi, Asha Bhonsle, Vinod, Lyrics-P L Santoshi, MD-C Ramchandra


ha ha
sambhal ke bhai
chalna sambhal ke ji sambhal sambhal ke chalna
chalna sambhal ke ji sambhal sambhal ke chalna
ho o raahi ho
ho o raahi ho
chalna sambhal sambhal ke ji chalna sambhal ke
hoy chalna sambhal sambhal ke ji chalna sambhal ke

ho gaadi waale
dekh gali ke khadke gaali re chalaaye
naazuk naazuk dil hai mera
gachke na khaaye
piya gachke na khaaye

atak datak kyun tu bole
ye to meethhe methhe hichkole laage halke halke
hoy chalna sambhal sambhal ke ji chalna sambhal ke

manzil hai kitni door oor
manzil hai kitni door
jaanoon na haaye re ae
soch ke yahi mera aa aa
jiya ghabraaye re
jiya ghabraaye re
hone aayi shaam
hone aayi shaam
ek na taara jhhalke

hoy chalna sambhal sambhal ke ji chalna sambhal ke

meelon ki koson ki tu dekh na doori
tu dekh na doori
man mein jo aasha teri hogi wo poori
hogi wo poori
sooraj niklega phir
ek baar dhhal ke

hoy chalna sambhal sambhal ke ji chalna sambhal ke
hoy chalna sambhal sambhal ke ji chalna sambhal ke


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