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Teri yaad sataaye ghadi ghadi

Posted on: July 31, 2020

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Remembering Mohammed Rafi Sahab on his 40th death anniversary :

meri awaaz ka tee…ee…eer
jaayega dil kob hichee…
meri awaaz ka teer
jaayega dil ko bhi cheer
khoye nafrat laaye ulfat
ye hasar hai meherbaan
sun le tu dil ki sadaa
pyaar se pyaar sajaa
sun le tu dil ki sadaa

(Hasrat Jaipuri)

How true these lines are from this song from ‘Tere ghar ke saamne’(1963).

tum mujhe yoon bhulaa naa paaoge
haan tum mujhe yoon bhulaa naa paaoge
jab kabhi bhi sunoge geet mere
sang sang tum bhi gungunaaoge
haan tum mujhe yoon bhulaa naa paaoge
ho tum mujhey oon …


This song from the film “Pagla Kahin kaa” has gone down in history as the closest to the real impact and the engravings of Rafi Sahab, for the fans of hindi film songs. No question of forgetting a legend, which lives on through his voice. And how he does this! Till there is sound and voices in this mortal world and there is the ability in human race to hear and appreciate the sounds of the universe, his vibrancy and legacy, his echo and alaap, shall survive, in sha Allah.

It is 40 years already since the soul left this world. We are lucky that we have lived in this era, blessed to be able to listen to Mohammed Rafi Sahab’s songs.

That fateful day 40 years ago, was a Thursday. I remember that because it was the day of ‘Chhaayageet’, it was a weekly treat of watching film songs on TV. The program that day included songs of film ‘Aradhana’. If I remember correctly than ‘Gungunaa rahe hain bhanwre khil rahi hai kali kali” was one of the songs played that day. It was in the 10:00 pm English news that the sad news was announced. The next day was a Friday, may be second or third Friday of the holy month of Ramazan. As per the custom, the funeral was held after Friday prayers.

Another fact about this death and funeral is not often referred to anywhere, is that Ramadhan is considered to be most auspicious, for those who die during the month. It is said that the doors of heaven are kept open throughout the month for those pious people whom the Almighty chooses to call back to his fold. It is considered to be the best possible end (burial after the Jumah prayers included) second only to the death and burial in Makkah and Madinah. When I say this people may ask, what is good about a death? Death is the only certainty, inevitable fact that all creation comes to an end. The end has to come one day, earlier for some and later for others. Here is a prayer which is uttered as soon as the news of demise is heard:

Inna lillahiwainnailayhi raji’uun
Meaning : Surely to Allah we belong and to him we shall return.

Let’s go back to the funeral of Rafi Sahab. It is said to be the largest funeral procession Mumbai has ever witnessed. I read in the newspapers and magazines later on that the people heard the news on radio in far off places and left for Mumbai. Without thinking of anything, whether buses/trains are available or not, whether they will reach in time for a last glimpse of the smiling face of their beloved Rafi Sahab. The television news coverage that Friday evening is unforgettable for me. There was a sea of people all around the road in front of the Masjid at Bandra, where the ‘namaaz-e-janaaza’ was held. Plus it was raining heavily, but the people were not deterred. They all wanted to accompany their favourite singer to his final resting place. There were film stars and superstars, technicians and musicians who had witnessed the Rafi magic in the recording studios, people indebted to him for some reason or the other, people who had known him personally and met him a few times and then there were the lakhs of people who knew him only through his voice heard on radio or in the cinema theatre in playback to big and small film actors.

Surely for these people on that fateful Friday, it was the Rafi voice “awaaz ka teer”, which brought them to the ‘janaaza’ as it went ‘jaayegaa dil ko bhi cheer”. The expression ‘Dil ko cheer’ is such an apt description of the phenomena’s effect on the discerning. It means to be such a pain so as to split the heart, literally.

This blog has the ‘Sharf’ of having begun with a Rafi song on 19th July 2008. I made use of the word ‘sharf’ here as it means more than the ‘mere honour’, it means good fortune and the ‘zarf’ too. More so, in the context of all the good intentions with which this blog began and continues to maintain, purity of intentions, I mean. Reminds me of a ditty I wrote in the comments of this post which is the 1000 Rafi songs milestone for the blog :

A memory, momentous,
A drop, which shapes.
The legacy that lingers,
It is the purity which prevails.

The blog also has the honour of celebrating the its very first event of Rafi sahab’s 28th death anniversary on 31/07/2008, with this song. The blog was a thirteen day old baby on this day and celebrating its first remembrance day for Rafi sahab.

This was the thirteenth song to be posted on the blog and third Rafi song after the first song of “Anokhi Raat” and Love in Tokyo. After such auspicious beginning there was no looking back. More than 3000 Rafi songs are posted in the blog, but still thousands are yet to be posted. All the songs referred above are of the 60’s decade, which belonged to Rafi sahib as a matchless playback singer, as the preferred on screen voice of all the stars and male actors of the era. And a first choice for the full genre of playback singing, for all the composers.

In the deeper recesses of the conscious thinking mind, I find it astonishing and unbelievable that a playback singer with a name “Mohammed Rafi” should have found such adulation, recognition, love and affection, not to mention the fan following in the post-independence/ partitioned India. He was the voice of the singing stars visible on screen. His own face was never visible. May be some photographs could appear in magazines. But as far as I can remember his voice was always synonymous with his smiling face, with the high forehead. It could be because we grew up to love his songs through radio. He himself must have found it surreal and felt as if he is in a dream, will wake up in no time to find the dream has ended. He ruled the musically inclined hearts of the nation with his benign self. He unwittingly ruffled a few powerful feathers. Despite all this, he achieved his own superstardom long before the term “superstar” was coined for Rajesh Khanna. It all materialized as destined or divine decree not due to any PR machinery or the favoritism, nepotism etc. Rafi sahab is akin to equestrian Gold Medallist in the Olympics, no less, for 2 decades. I exaggerate, will compromise and make it 15-16 years or like 4 Olympics in a row.

Yes there was space for a versatile playback singer in the 50’s, which really was not vacated by anyone. But then the likes of Shankar-Jaikishan, O. P. Nayyar, Ravi, Madan Mohan, Roshan and S. D. Burman, found the one to suit all the moods of music they were looking to create. It was Naushad who explored and exposed Rafi Sahab as the all-encompassing singer in musical block busters “Aan’, ‘Deedar” ‘Baiju-Bawra” etc. The second and third generation of maestros couldn’t help, but lap up the goodies on offer. The stupendous abilities of such a divine voice quality must have felt like a dream come true, Naushad sahib included. It gave wings (say freedom) to all those composers to create and compose at will anything and everything, which they did and enriched the hindi film music. Rafi sahab was only too glad to be able to deliver. And the beneficiaries are us, hindi film music fans, whoever may have the copyrights.

I would say even the super musician, R D. Burman created some of his best with Rafi sahab. I am not prejudiced in thinking of “Pyar ka Mausam”, “Abhilasha”, ‘Teesri Manzil” and ‘Caravan” as among the best of RDB. Who can make a list of best of RDB in creativity and melody and can ignore songs like “ goriya kahan tera des re” “wadiyan mera daaman” “Chekhush nazaare”“tum bin jaun kahan” “rut hai Milan ki”(this is distinctly different creation), and all six classics of “Teesri manzil”, not to forget ‘kya hua tera wada” and the qawwalis. I know some people do manage to exclude these in their enthusiasm, but sorry I can’t.

Rafi sahab achieved all this or rather was granted as a blessing by the Almighty, without having the ambitions of this status. He was right in pointing towards the sky and saying “sab upar wale kee den hai” whenever he was praised and appreciated. There are very few such souls who have the grace of accepting all “Rab di meher” and being so humble with it, without artifice.

Another quality which is often attributed to Rafi sahab is ‘innocence’. So here is an innocent sounding song, with the purity of heart in the one and only divine voice of Rafi Sahab. This will be among the last Rafi songs of 40’s decade remaining to be posted. The film is “Baansuriya” (1949). Composers are Husnlal-Bhagatram and Mulk Raj Bhakri is the lyricist. The words of the song “teri yaad sataaye ghadi ghadi“ are quite apt, if one wants to say that we are missing Rafi sahab’s voice. But I would go with “dil bhar bhar aaye ghadi ghadi”, which is every day because of the range of emotion that Rafi Sahabs different renditions invoke in me.

Having written so much in this long post, I am still feeling as if I have not expressed all that I wish to. I will quote Mirza Ghalib here :

Ya rab wo na samjhe hain na samjhenge meri baat
De aur dil unko jo na de mujhko zubaan aur

Song-Teri yaad sataaye ghadi ghadi (Baansuriyaa)(1949) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Mulkraj Bhakri, MD-Husnlal Bhagatram


teri yaad sataaye ghadi ghadi
haay ghadi ghadi
teri yaad sataaye ghadi ghadi
haay ghadi ghadi
dil bhar bhar aaye ghadi ghadi
haay ghadi ghadi
teri yaad sataaye ghadi ghadi
haay ghadi ghadi

mujhko kyun dil se bhulaa diyaa
ye kya kiya haay kya kiyaaaaa
teri yaad sataaye ghadi ghadi
haay ghadi ghadi

jab se saajan tum door huye ae
jab se saajan tum door huye ae
dil ke armaan sab choor huye ae
dil ke armaan sab choor huye ae
jab tum hi nahin ho saathh sajan
jeene ki nahin koyi aas sajan
teri yaad sataaye ghadi ghadi
haay ghadi ghadi
teri yaad sataaye ghadi ghadi
haay ghadi ghadi
dil bhar bhar aaye ghadi ghadi
haay ghadi ghadi
teri yaad sataaye ghadi ghadi
haay ghadi ghadi

kuchh apna pataa diyaa na mujhe ae ae
kuchh apna pataa diyaa na mujhe ae ae
kabhi bhool ke yaad kiyaa na mujhe ae ae
kabhi bhool ke yaad kiyaa na mujhe ae ae
kaise dil ko samjhaaun main
kab tak yoon ashk bahaaun main
teri yaad sataaye ghadi ghadi
haay ghadi ghadi
teri yaad sataaye ghadi ghadi
haay ghadi ghadi
dil bhar bhar aaye ghadi ghadi
haay ghadi ghadi ee
teri yaad sataaye ghadi ghadi
haay ghadi ghadi

8 Responses to "Teri yaad sataaye ghadi ghadi"

Good morning Rafifans
This is a lovely post by a huge Rafi Fan. Only u can write all this and end it the way you have, Nahmji.
And I must say you have a great memory. Remembering minute details as to what song played that date on Chhayageet, exact time of announcement etc.
Thank you for providing additional information about the “luck” associated with a funeral after the Friday prayers, plus Ramadhan month.
The only thing I remember of that was the heavy rains as if the skies were also shedding tears at his sudden departure.


Thank you Peevesie’s Mom. The post appeared early and you read the lengthy post so early. Somehow, the things that really matter about the life and times of Rafi Sahab, had missed mention in the many posts I myself have written.

Yes the skies had opened up that fateful friday 40 years ago. The clips of doordarshan news coverage are available of youtube.



Nahm Ji,
such a touching write up on Rafi saab. In all my readings about Rafi saab, I do not recall having read that Rafisaab passed away during Ramdaan month. I also did not register that he was buried after Friday prayer.( he truly was a blessed soul)
Nice to note that this blog itself began its journey with a Mohmd. Rafi song.. True, we are also blessed to have lived thru the era of Mohammed Rafi. His memories will never never fade away.



Thank you for reading the post and your comment. I was remembering a lot of things while writing that para about the demise and burial in Ramadan.

Everytime I read your comments I remember my father’s friend and colleague, whom we called Shenoy uncle. In the year 1992, during Ramadan, one saturday, they all were at an office meeting in the morning. But Shenoy uncle was feeling uneasy, so he left the meeting mid-way and went home. He sufferred a massive heart attack in the evening and could not be revived. It was a shock to all of us.

All through the years both our families were good friends with each other including the us kids. Shenoy aunty was very close to my mother and we developed the love for different flavours of Konkani cousine through her cooking. In her shock and grief, aunty had referred to my paternal grandmothers death(also in Ramadan)and the fact of the good fortune of passing away in the holy month and that she remembered my mother talking about this. They still keep in touch via phone.

Just thought of sharing this here. I feel the earlier generation had a way of making friends and maintaining friendships for decades on end, which I have missed out on.

Thanks and regards.


Nahm ji , thanks for the post and the details about the day Rafi Saab passed away. We were not having TV then. What I remember is ‘raining’ and ‘sea of people’ in his last journey that either I heard on radio or read in newspaper/magazines.
Our tributes to Rafi Saab !!!
He is part of our life and people like us who were there and have been fortunate to watch those black & white era movies and movies of seventies till his death and his voice in the songs after his death.
Many many songs come to mind and yes for us there is not a single day without Rafi. He is there … hamaare aas paas hi hain hameshaa… his soul divine and humble inspiring people for doing good for the humanity !!!


Avinash ji, thanks a lot for reading the post and liking it.



What a beautiful post this is, Nahmji.
With memories of that fateful day.
I agree that some of RD Burman’s best songs are those with Rafisaab, and I think a lot of it has to do with the sparkle of Rafisaab’s voice.
Many of RD’s soulful songs are by Kishore Kumar, not by Rafisaab.
Maybe cos the audience mood had changed.
Rafisaab’s soulful songs were more for Madanmohan, Ravi, Naushad, Roshan – but the 1970s audience was different.
So RD used Kishore for songs like “chingaari koi bhadke”, but used Rafisaab for songs like “goriya kahaan tera des”.
I just love the songs of Caravaan – so much sparkle in them. 🙂

Thanks once again for this superb tribute.


Yes, you have a point there about RDB. See how he divides the songs of “Abdullah”. There are also Yaadon ki Baraat and Ham kisi se kam nahin. How did I miss to mention ‘Chura liya hai” ?

But if he was the good for doing soulful and sad for Ravi and Madan Mohan than why not RDB. Then there was “Kya hua teraa wadaa”.

Thank you for reading the long post and appreciating.



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