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Saamne mere paani bharte

Posted on: September 4, 2020

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Remembrance day of Mukri :

Mukri also spelled as Muqri was an Indian film actor, who worked as a comedian in Hindi films. Born as Muhammad Umar Mukri in Alibagh, in Kokani Muslim Family, he started his film career with the film Pratima along with noted film actor Dilip Kumar in 1945. Born of 5th January 1922, he left for heavenly abode on 4th September’2000 at the age of 72 years.

Mukri was seen in many films in character roles and comic role. One movie which comes to mind in ‘Ram aur Shyam”. Here also he featured with Dilip Kumar as his friend.

Today is the 20th death anniversary, so as a tribute, I have found a wonderful comic song picturized on Mukri and Mehmood. The film is ‘Madhavi’(1969), with Laxmikant –Pyarelal and Anand Bakshi as music director and lyricist. The movie had very good songs, I hear. This is the only Rafi song picturized on Mukri which remained to be posted, going by the information is Rafi sahab’s excel sheet. I expect, Mukri may not be as prolific as Mehmood, Johhny Walker or Agha. So there are most likely fewer songs where he actually sings. In this song Manna De is giving playback for Mehmood and Rafi Sahab is singing for Mukri. Now, in the absence of song video, how can I be certain of this ? I have searched on youtube, though the movie “Madhavi” is available, video of only one song is there. All other songs, only audio is available, including the song being posted. Actually, on closer inspection, there are voices of both Mehmood and Mukri are there is the song along with the singers. This is a comic song in real terms, maybe a rip-off on “Padosan” songs.

It was my husband who confirmed the playback for Mehmood and Mukri. As I was noting the lyrics this evening, he asked from where I had found this song from ‘Madhavi”. This is not a known song for me, but may husband knows the songs of this film very well.

The name did ring a bell that I had contributed the lyrics of Lata solo of the two songs posted :

parda hata de mukhda dikha de
saanjh sawere adharon pe mere

My husband also helpfully given the story outline of this costume drama film of Kings, Princes and Princesses. Sanjay Khan is a prince and Deepa, in title role of Madhavi, is a princess. Mehmood and Mukri are all part of the Sanjay Khan’s entourage. This songs is performed on stage. Pran is the Senapati of Sanjay Khan, and he has this dialogue as his ‘takiya kalaam” :

“Shaadi karungaa to sirf madhavi se, warna maut se !”



Song-Saamne mere paani bharte… na karoon band tere chhand tingu (Madhavi)(1969) Singers-Manna Dey, Rafi, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal


Aa eeeeee
ae eeeeeee
aaaaaaaa aaaa
saamne mere paani bharte
baden baden kaviraaj
arey ik chhota sa machhar aayaa aaa
mujh se ladne aaj
hee hee hee heeee
hamm mmm
he he he he he
machhar boltaa hai
khatmal ke bachhe

na karun band tere chhand
hey thingu
to mera naam nahin
na karoon
na karoon band tere chhand
hey thingu
to mera naam nahin

kavita chhod re
chal daud lambu
hey lambu
yeh teraa kaam nahin
kavita chhod re
chal daud lambu
hey lambu
yeh teraa kaam nahin

yaad karaa dungaa main nani ee ee
nani ee
yaad karaa dungaa main nani
(coughing sound)
jis ki bhains ussi ki laatthi
jis ka ghoda ussi ki kaatthi
naach na jaane
da da triga da
naach na jaane
aangan tedha

tu to hai Mathura ka peeda aa

gaaliyaan denaa
baat hai gandi ee

ye kavita hai
ya tuk bandi

hey ea ea ea
hey ea ea ea
hey ea ea ea
hey ea ea ea

na doon main
na doon main
tod tere jod tthingu
hey tthingu
to meraa naam nahin

kavita chhod re
chal daud lambu
hey lambu

yeh teraa kaam nahin

“>ek to dhelaa
uss pe khotaa
ek to chhotaa
uss pe motaa
main lekhak sansaar chalaaun un

main lekhak sansaar chalaaun
main sainik talwaar chalaaun
aa jaa
arey aa jaa
aa jaa
jaa jaa
arey aa jaa aa jaa
sainki lekhak se na ladnaa
wah wah wah wah
phir se padhnaa

sainik lekhak se na ladnaa
aage na badhnaa
bol gagan pe kitne taare
aaj ginoongaa raat ko pyaare
yeh gori mujh pe hai marti
lekin mujh se pyaar hai karti
oye oye oye oye oye oye oye
oyo oyo oyo oyo oyo oyo
peyn peyn teyn teny peyn peyn
peyn peyn teyn teny peyn peyn
…… ………
……. ………

tu maali
tere haathh mein khurpee
bol bol
chup kyun ho gayaa
tu maali
ter haath mein khurpee

tu teli
tu teli
tere sar pe kolhu

qaafiyaa nahi milaa

arey qafiyaa nahi milaa to kya huaa
wazan se to maregaa aa

11 Responses to "Saamne mere paani bharte"

video link of full movie where the above mentioned song video starts from 1:25:38 and ends at 1:31:13

Alongwith Mehmood and Mukri, Aruna Irani can also be featured in the song video


audio link:


found the video link of the song


Thank you Prakashchandra ji for finding the video of the song. I had hoped that you would.


Prakashchandra ji, It is commendable that you could locate and post the video. Thanks


Waah! Great that u gave us a post to say thank you to Mukri for having entertained us


Even if we see the video we know that it is Mukri and Mehmood. The lyrics are a give away


That’s right. It helped me in colour coding different voices. Mukri and Mehmood’s voices are also recognizable in the some conversation parts.

For e.g.

he he he he he
machhar boltaa hai
khatmal ke bachhe

Its Mukri’s voice.

Its Mehmood’s voice :


Nice to see a remembrance post for an artist who may not feature in many other write ups. Without the video the voice of Mukri is evident.
I best remember Mukri in Amar Akbar Anthony. I note, for the first time, that he is a Konkani speaking Muslim. Most such people hail from Bhatkal south of Goa


Mukri is from the coastal Maharashtra, Kokan region. They speak a dialect very similar to Marathi, which is kokani. Bhatkal is different region and Konkani is also different from Kokani, as far as I know.

I have been to Bhatkal once, and the muslims of that area are mainly known as “nowayeti muslims”. The cuisine there is similar to Udupi and Kerela. There maybe some groups speaking Konkani also.


Thanks Nahm Ji, for the info. I hail from Dakshina Kannada of coastal Karnataka..Not far from Bhatkal. As far as my knowledge, the language spoken by Muslims of Bhatkal is a mix of many languages with dominant influence of Konkani.


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