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Sasuraal mein hogi tu akeli

Posted on: September 16, 2020

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In my last post on the Blog, I had written about Mohana Cabral, the dancer who had ruled Hindi film industry during 1949-55. After writing this post, I thought that I should do, more or less, a similar exercise on another well- known dancer who was one of the much sought-after dancers during 1955-60, now almost forgotten. She had worked in the films of big banners like R.K. Films, Navketan Films Guru Dutt Films, Filmistan etc. The dancer is Sheila Vaz. And what a coincidence! Both Mohana and Sheila Vaz had Goan background. When Mohana ‘vacated her seat’ from Hindi films in 1955, Sheila Vaz stepped in to fill the vacant seat in 1955.

While Mohana came from theatre background and became dancer in Hindi films, Sheila Vaz came from a dancing background having learnt dancing, especially folk dancing during her teenage days in Mumbai. But unlike Mohana, Sheila Vaz had tough competitions from reigning dancers like Cuckoo, Roopmala and the emerging dancers like Helen, Kumkum, Minoo Mumtaz etc. But Sheila Vaz created a niche for herself among her contemporary dancers in Hindi films. Like Mohana who bid adieu to Hindi films in 1955 after her marriage, Sheila Vaz too left Hindi films in 1960 after her marriage and remained in Mumbai as a housewife keeping aloof from the Hindi film industry.

I could not get much information about Sheila Vaz on the internet or articles in the newspapers/film magazines as to her background, upbringing and as to how she got associated with Hindi films. Some bare information about Sheila was available in an article ‘Dances with Sheila’ written by Karan Bali which appeared in The article was based on an interview of Sheila Vaz conducted by him in 2009. Since he had interviewed her for his project on the golden age of Hindi cinema, he shared only some background information and her dance songs in the article.

Sheila Vaz’s family hailed from Goa. She was born on October 18, 1934 in Dadar, Mumbai. Her schooling was completed in Mumbai. Simultaneously, she learnt dances especially Indian folk dances. Initially, she had to face some resistance from the family who were against her joining films but eventually she got permission to dance in Hindi films. She began her filmy career with Kishore Sahu’s ‘Mayur Pankh’ (1954) as dancer though Kidar Sharma’s ‘Gunaah’ (1953) was released first. [According to me, she seems to have acted as a chorus dancer in Kidar Sharma’s ‘Shokhiyaan’ (1951) followed by a full-pledged dancer in ‘Maa’ (1952)]. In the interview, Sheila Vaz had said that she was extremely fortunate enough to have worked with legends like Kidar Sharma, Raj Kapoor and Guru Dutt. Her active years in Hindi film industry was during 1955-60. She got married sometime in 1960 after which she quit her filmy career. After marriage, she became Rama Lakhanpal.

Since Sheila Vaz could neither read or understand Hindi, she was given the songs in Roman script and explained their meaning so that she would know what expressions to give. One of many interesting anecdotes revealed during the interview was the shooting of the song ‘leke pehla pehla pyaar’ from CID, which was choreographed by Zohra Sehgal. The song was shot at Worli Sea face and was completed in two days.

I have been working on the filmography of Sheila Vaz and on the songs picturised on her in Hindi films. But I found collating her filmography somewhat a hard task. The reasons were that in some films, she was not accredited. And if accredited, her name appeared as ‘Sheila Vaz’, ‘Sheela Vaz’. ‘Shela Vaz’, ‘Shila Vaz’ or simply ‘Sheela’. In this context, Sudhir ji helped me by sending a list of her films by culling out information from HFGK which has listed 61 films between 1955 to 1961. I compared the HFGK list with my list which I had compiled from checking on the internet with different spellings of Sheila Vaz and also from our Blog which has tagged her songs under the category ‘Sheila Vaz Dance Songs’. With these, my revised list merging with HFGK list provided by Sudhir ji came to a whooping 70 films in about 6 years of her Hindi film career.

Year-wise details of Sheila Vaz’s 70 films are as under:

1952 (1): Maa

1954 (1): Mayur Pankh

1955 (4): House No.44, Sardaar, Shree 420, Tees Maar Khan.

1956 (8): Anokha Jungle, Basre Ki Hoor, CID, Durgesh Nandini, Jallad, Kaarwaan. Patraani, Shatranj.

1957 (23): Abhimaan, Agra Road, Bade Sarkaar, Bansari Bala, Begunaah, Ek Saal, Hill Station, Johny Walker, Maya Nagri, Mirza Sahibaan, Miss India, Mr. X, Nausehrwaan-e-Adil, Pawan Putra Hanuman, Ram Hanuman Yudha, Sant Raghu, Sati Pareeksha, Shaahi Baazar, Sharada, Silver King, Tumsa Nahi Dekha, Ustaad, Yahudi Ki Ladki.

1958 (9):Chaubees Ghante, Hathkadi, Light House, Mr. Qartoon MA, Paravrish, Raj Sinhaasan, Sawera, Solva Saal, Taqdeer.

1959 (11): Bus Conductor, Chaand, Chhoti Bahen, Guesh House, Jagga Daaku, Jaagir, Kaagaz Ke Phool, Madaari, Madhu, Naya Sansaar, Samraat Prithviraj Chauhan.

1960 (8): Bade Ghar Ki Bahu, Bahaana, Duniya Jhukti Hai, Kala Aadmi, Laal Quila, Manzil, Miyan Biwi Razi, Superman.

1961 (5): Batwaara, Chhote Nawab, Modern Girl, Ramlila, Ramu Dada.

Our Blog have listed 33 songs picturised on Sheila Vaz under the category Sheila Vaz dance songs for which video clips are available to watch. There would have been more of her dance songs if the VCDs/DVDs of her other films were available on video sharing platforms. I have listed some of her popular dance songs with links below:

sach keh den gar bura na maano – ‘Maa’ (1952)

tandaana tandaana tandaana – ‘Mayur Pankh’ (1954)

ramaiyya vastavaiyya – ‘Shree 420’ (1955)

leke pahla pahla pyaar – ‘CID’ (1956)

thandi thandi hawa pooche unka pataa – ‘Johny Walker’ (1957)

jaane kaisa jaadoo kiya re – ‘Parvarish’ (1958)

akeli mujhe chhod na jaana – Madaari’ (1959)

suna hai jab se mausam hai pyaar ke kaabil – ‘Ramu Dada’ (1960)

With 70 films to her credit in a short filmy career of 6 years, Sheila Vaz was in great demand for her dance songs. I have watched almost all of her dance songs for which video clips are available. One thing comes out clearly from her dance songs is that she has an electrifying presence in almost all her dance songs. For example, in dil ka haal sune dilwaala, though Sheila Vaz presence in the song is less than one minute out of 5 minutes of song, when she dances with Raj Kapoor, the attention of the audience would be more on her rather than on Raj Kapoor. Similarly, in the song, thandi thandi hawa pooche unka pataa, in my view, Sheila Vaz outperformed Shyama. When the old timers listen to the songs like leke pahla pahla pyaar, they are likely to remember more of Sheila Vaz though Dev Anand and Shakila were also present in the song sequence.

On the basis of my searches, I think only 3 dance songs of Sheila Vaz for which video clips are available are remained to be covered in the Blog. Of the three songs, I present one of her dance songs, ‘sasuraal mein hogi tu akeli’ from the film, ‘Mirza Saahibaan’ (1957). The song is sung by Shamshad Begum and picturised on Sheila Vaz. The song is written by Verma Malik which is set to music by Sardul Singh Kwatra. The audio clip has a shorter version of the song without the second stanza of the video clip.

This song ia probably based on a Punjabi traditional pre-wedding song. And what a guidance to the ‘would be bride’ from her friends!

ban jayiyo na saas ki cheli
saheli zara dat ke rahiyo

Enjoy the dance song.

Video Clip (Longer)

Audio Clip:

Song-Sasuraal mein hogi tu akeli (Mirza Saahibaan)(1957) Singer-Shamshad Begam, Lyrics-Verma Malik, MD-Sardul Kwatra

Lyrics(Based on Video Clip)

akadi to akadi leke aaya kakdi
gupchup khaane laga saari
Razia Saeeda aur Fatima ko chhod kar
aayi hai Julekha sarkaari

sasuraal mein tu hogi akeli
saheli zara dat ke rahiyo
teri ulfat hai nayi naveli
saheli zara dat ke rahiyo
sasuraal mein tu hogi akeli
saheli zara dat ke rahiyo
teri ulfat hai nayi naveli
saheli zara dat ke rahiyo

ban jayiyo na
ho ban jayiyo na saas ki cheli
saheli zara dat ke rahiyo
teri ulfat hai nayi naveli
saheli zara dat ke rahiyo

har raat nayi
har baat nayi
har raat nayi ji har baat nayi
ik baat mein sau sau baat nayi ji
ik baat mein sau sau baat nayi
wo raat bhi hogi paheli
wo raat bhi hogi paheli
saheli zara dat ke rahiyo
teri ulfat hai nayi naveli
saheli zara dat ke rahiyo

dildaar mila
tujhe pyaar mila
dildaar mila ji tujhe pyaar mila
gharbaar mila sansaar mila ji
gharbaar mila sansaar mila
mili balam ki oonchi haveli
haay mili balam ki oonchi haveli
saheli zara dat ke rahiyo
teri ulfat hai nayi naveli
saheli zara dat ke rahiyo

phoolon mein pali
naazuk si kali
phoolon mein pali naazuk si kali
lekar khushiyaan ban thhan ke chali ji
lekar khushiyaan ban thhan ke chali
maa baap ko chhod akeli
haay maa baap ko chhod akeli
saheli zara dat ke rahiyo
teri ulfat hai nayi naveli
saheli zara dat ke rahiyo

ban jayiyo na saas ki cheli
saheli zara dat ke rahiyo
teri ulfat hai nayi naveli
saheli zara dat ke rahiyo

8 Responses to "Sasuraal mein hogi tu akeli"

Dear Sadanand ji,

While reading your Post on Mohana, I was wondering when you would write about Sheila Vaz who was an Item of interest for people of our age in our younger days. Thanks for reliving old memories.

I would hasten to add that she was in the Film “ALBELA” (1951) in this song :

(You can see her around 02:03)

I am taking the liberty of placing this song from “NAUSHERWAN E ADIL”

Looking forward to your Post on HEERA SAWANT.

With warm regards


Liked by 1 person

Partha Chandqa, Ji Thanks for pointing out two songs of Sheila Vaz’. Never realised she was part of ‘Shola Jo…’


Partha Chanda ji,

Thanks for pointing out the presence of Sheila Vaz in the iconic song of ‘Albela’ (1951). A more close up of her can be seem at 4:10.

This information strenghthens my guess that Sheila Vaz was also among the dancers in the song I referred to above in ‘Shokhiyaan’ (1951). Adding both these information together gives me a feeling that Sheila Vaz started her film career in the dance troup of Krishna Kumar, the Choreographer for ‘Shokhiyaan’ (1951). His brother Surya Kumar was the Choreographer for ‘Albela’ (1951) who is also seen in the song.


Dear Sadanand ji,

Here is a song from “SHOKHIYAN” :

You can spot Sheila Vaz @ 0:51 and at least twice later, singing the refrain in Lata’s voice.

With warm regards


Liked by 1 person

Sadanand Ji, Thanks for writing on persons like Sheila Vaz, who is very familiar to that generation, but hardly written about. Thanks for links for some songs featuring Sheila. Though the songs are familiar to me, in some cases I did not know that Sheila featured in those songs.


Satish ji,
Thanks for the comments.

If you go through the songs under the category ‘Sheils Vaz Dance Songs’ (34) in the Blog, you may get many more familiar songs. But I did not know that some of the familiar songs were picturised on her.

Liked by 1 person

another Sheila Vaz Song from Johnny Walker((1957)

Atul ji you can add this song to “Sheila Vaz`s songs category” tag


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