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Suniye kahiye

Posted on: February 13, 2013

I thank Sudhir jee for the HUGE writeup on the 7500th song! It took me more than one hour to post it so one can only imagine how much time it must have taken him to type it down.

The parallels with “Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron” are hilariously accurate. Indeed there used to be very few visitors in the earlier days (in double figures every day) of the blog and I was starved of comments. Raja was the first commenter and the sole commenter for quite such time. Shalini Austin, the second commentor to the blog was no stranger to me and Raja. She was (still is) the member of the cricket forum where Raja and I were (still are) members. We would discuss cricket and many other subjects in that cricket forum. Songs discussion was one of our activities there. I tried to do some discreet publicity for the blog in that forum and as a result I first got Raja and then Shalini to visit and comment in the song blog.

Shalini was also the first farmaish giver in the blog when she gave the farmaish for “Nanhi Kali sone chali”.

The first comment from a stranger was on 5 september 2008 when amitabhn commented on the “Naseeb” song “John Johny Janardan”. Indyana was the second such person who commented on 9 september 2008. They were followed by kcpingle, Kanan and Suhans in october 2008.

16 july 2008, the “Rakhi” festival day was special for the blog. I had decided beforehand that Bhaiyya mere raakhi ke bandhan ko nibhaana(Chhoti Bahan)(1959) song was going to be posted on that day. I hoped to get good number of visitors to the blog on that day. And indeed I was right. I got a “whopping” 190 + visitors that day. It was the first time that the number of visitors reached three figures in a day in the blog.

End of november 2008 was approaching and the number of visitors and commentors was making no headway. Thanks to my comments in memsaab’s blog, memsaab became aware of the blog and she visited the blog on 29 november 2008. She was kind enough to the blog by writing an article, viz.I am in love… about this blog. That earned this blog some much needed publicity and visitors from her blog.

It was not a one way traffic though. From this blog, Raja discovered Memsaab’s blog and the rest, as they say is history.

With time, more visitors and commentors joined the blog and a few of them became regulars.

After going through the writeup of Sudhir ji, I had no option but to add to his nostalgic observations. Sudhir ji himself wished that I and Raja should offer our takes on his observations. I am sure Raja will have some interesting comments to offer too when he comes online.

After Sudhir ji discussed some of the earlier commets and commentors, I thought that I should go through the comments (there are over 27, 000 of them) to find out when our regulars and some other special people made their first comments. Here is a summary of the first comments made by our contributors and also others (viz relatives of music directors, lyricists, singers etc) and some other bloggers.

Here are the details:

Member Date of first comment Comment link
Raja 21 july 2008 Rajneegandha phool tumhaare
Shalini 27 august 2008 Ik din bik jaayegaa
Amitabhn 5 september 2008 John Jaani Janardan
Indyana 9 september 2008 Man re tu kaahe na
Suhans 20 october 2008 Jis gali mein tera
kcpingle 25 october 2008 Matlabi hain log yahaan par
kanan 2 november 2008 Laga laga laga prem rog
memsaab 29 november 2008 About this blog
Lalitha 4 december 2008 Chalte chalte mere ye geet
Peevesie 13 march 2009 Main chali main chali
Peevesie’s mom 20 march 2009 Logon ka dil agar
Richard S 1 april 2009 Sakhi ri sun
Yunus Khan, Vividh Bharati Announcer 6 june 2009 Hansta hua nooraani chehra
Ava Suri 12 june 2009 Le le sainyya odhni panjaabi
Nikita, singer Shanti Mathur’s sister in law 22 july 2009 Nanha munna raahi hoon
Santosh Ojha 8 august 2009 Qismat mein bichhadna thhaa
Avinash Scrapwala 15 september 2009 Kashti ka khaamosh safar
Pam Harvey 28 january 2010 Dil jale to jale
Lavanya Shah, Pt Narendra Sharma’s daughter 22 january 2010 Jyoti kalash chhalke
Pragya Joshi, lyricist Y N Joshi’s daughter 16 august 2010 Aayenge aayenge
Shekhar Gupta 13 august 2010 Nazar utthne se pehle hi
Prakashchandra 1 september 2010 Tim tim tim taaron ke deep jale
Shikha Vohra, Anil Biswas’ daughter 10 october 2010 Mori atariya pe
Sudhir 18 october 2010 Duniya mein logon ko
AK 3 december 2010 Tooti phooti gaadi
nahm 25 january 2011 Readers farmaishes
Atif M 30 january 2011 About this blog
Vidur Sury 9 january 2011 Aaja dil ko nain hai karaar
Arunkumar Deshmukh 18 january 2011 Jaane bhi de
Pradeep Raghunathan 5 march 2011 Mile na phool to
Sadanand Kamath 14 july 2011 Ye raat ye fizaayen
Rajendra Bhatt 17 august 2011 Apni hasti ka agar
Khwaja Sultan Ahmad, Music director Khurshid Anwar’s brother 3 november 2011 Tumhe dil diya
Khyati Bhatt 18 november 2011 Jinhen ham bhoolna chaahen
Nitin Shah 19 february 2012 Chhaila chhaila pakad ke haath

Here are some of the sweet first comments that were made:

Prakashchandra (1-9-2010) Tim tim tim taaron ke deep jale

can you get me the lyrics of song “ye haseen raat, ye bahaar, yeh samaa,….baadlon ke peeche hai ek chotasa jahaan,chalo hum dikha …zindagi hai kya”(sorry I don`t know the lyrics exactly)I think it is from 1962 film “GIRLS HOSTEL”(music by ravi)in which ajit & nalini jaywant starred.Vividh bharthi always plays that song in “chhayageet”.The lyrics I think has been provided by S.h.bihari.asha bhosle and rafi sang it. I don`t think except from vividhbharthi no one has a copy of this song.


Sudhir 18-10-2010 (Duniya mein logon ko )

Atul ji,

Your comments in this post, regarding the age and the frame of mind on seeing Hindi movies, jell so well with my own emotions on having seen movies as a child and a teenager, and even now as I see some of these classics again. This post brought back to life all those emotions of my childhood and teenage, and I thank you for that.

I am an avid collector my self, and I have a huge collection (audio in mp3 format) approximating to 15,000 plus songs, compiled from various sources on the net, including conversions from my own huge collection of music cassettes that I have been hoarding since a teenager. I am currently working to compile this collection into a data base complete with all info about each song, and I am about 30% complete with this task.

Web sites like yours are an encouragement, a hope, and a vision that this wonderful legacy will not be lost to oblivion.

With heartfelt thanks for your efforts, and the love for this music that shines through it, and a warm emotional handshake in thought. Please let me know if I can be of any help with your research, I would be delighted to contribute.

Sincere and appreciative regards
(New Delhi, India)

Atif M

Wonderful site, Atul. A very useful & handy reference tool, too. I browse it regularly for my dose of golden oldies, rare gems, lyrics, song info or just to surprise myself. The days of yore studded with glittering jewels such as Radio Ceylon/SLBC & Vividh are sorely missed.
One thing that I notice & love about your blog is the painstaking indexing & categorisation of the content & the accuracy of material, esp. lyrics. Generally, the lyrics are free from errors, authentic and spelled brilliantly. Only a person of language can do such justice to transliterating hindi into english with admirable precision & exactness.

I’m sure you devote a considerable amount of time to build up and maintain this blog. As I do consult this blog from time to time, to repay the favour and as a token of my gratitude, I would like to offer my assistance in keeping this blog ticking over. What I can do for this blog is to submit a song’s lyrics & youtube link directly to you. After your approval & review, you may post it on to the blog alongwith your usual valuable & insightful comments.

Thank you indeed.

With so much goodwill flowing all around, it is no wonder that we in this blog have notched up 7500 songs and are still going strong. When this blog was started, my grand vision was to post 2500 songs. I was sure that 2500 posts would cover all the great songs that were there to be covered. Now we are at thrice that figure and yet it appears that we are far far off from exhausting the list of great songs that are yet to be discussed.

With time, this blog has become a meeting point of likeminded individuals and many nice friendships have been struck up. Personally I have been fortunate to have met three of the abovementioned regulars in person too, namely Raja, Sudhir ji and AK. They were exactly the same what I had expected them to be, viz great music lovers and generous large hearted self effacing individuals of tremendous calibre. And I have had occasions to have online interactions in various ways with a few others, viz Memsaab, Ava Suri, Pam Harvey, Pradeep Raghunathan etc. This blog as well as some other blogs have been meeting grounds of like minded individuals and these interactions have led to some awesome creative outputs. Imagine old forgotten Hindi movies being resurrected by a Hindi movie enthusiast and its dialogues subtitled and translated by others for the benefit of non Hindi speakers ! This was a long felt requirement and it is beig done by people many of whom we know in this blog. I feel proud that many of these tremendous contributors to the cause of Hindi movie are regulars in this blog.

I am sure we all realise that what we are achieving song by song in this blog is to help preserve our rich legacy that Hindi movies and their music certainly is. Preserving the history for future reference is a weak suit of Indians, and we in this blog are among the select few who have better appreciation of our history and legacy and what is more, we are doing our bit to collect and preserve that. In addition, we are sharing that information. It is something that the official custodians of historical artifacts shy away from. They hoard the material with them till they are destroyed. We have found that private music lovers are often better preservers of this history. Many songs which were presumed lost for ever have come back to public domain thanks to these private collectors who preserves them and are now sharing them with others. We in this blog may have helped discover nearly two dozen such songs if not more. Sudhir jee has been the person who has been mainly instrumental in making such songs available again.

The number of songs being discussed these days have come down somewhat from the heady days of 2011 when songs were being discussed at a rate of seven songs a day. But the main thing is that songs continue to get added at a decent rate even now.This is the second century of the blog this year. 200 songs in 43 days is somewhat slow going, but seeing that this is a hobby and not a profession for us, it is still good going. Sustaining the blog for just under five years while maintaining a rate of over four songs a day is something that I could not have imagined when this blog was begun in july 2008. The number of visitors and commentors were few and far between as Sudhir jee has described so entertainingly, drawing parallels with “Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron”. Those were the earlier days of the blog and even a few hundred visitors daily appeared like a lot to me. In fact, the “about” page of the blog still has the proud annoucement (dated 3 october 2008) that the blog was averaging over 300 visits a day and the best was 506 visits a day. By 2011 end, the average number of visitors had reached over 8000 visitors a day in november 2011 with the best being over ten thousand visitors in a day! By now the number of visitors has reduced to just under 3000 visitors a day. Yes, I am disappointed at a figure of 3000 visitors a day now, whereas 300 visitors a day was regarded by me as a big figure in 2008. The blog has so far had over 4.1 million visitors which is not bad for a blog discussing a non populist topic, viz old Hindi movie songs.

Statistically speaking, over 2300 movies are represented in this blog (there have been just under 6000 movies in all during this period) as of now. 246 music directors, 356 lyricists and 400 singers have figured in the 7500 songs of the blog. 23 music directors, 20 lyricists and 14 singers have over one hundred songs each, and in many cases, these artists are in their multiple hundreds, with three of them being in four figures. 219 movies out of 2300 + in the blog have had all the songs already discussed. so it is a matter of time when more and more number of movies will join the ranks of movies with all songs covered.

Among artists, all the songs of K L Saigal has already been discussed. Almost all the available songs of Sajjad Hussain have already been discussed. With the 7500th song marking S D Burman’s 400th song, S D Burman now has around 260 more songs left to be discussed. Likewise, Naushad and O P Nayyar too have only around 300 more songs each left to be discussed.

With the blog becoming an online collaboration of contributors, we now have more than a dozen lyrics contributors and writeup contributors each. All these contributors have together helped the blog move forward by adding new dimensions to this blog. They, alongwith the comments by the visitors contain some invaluable information that are worth their weight in gold for music lovers.

I am a big believer in the Hindi saying “boond boond se ghada bharta hai” (the pot gets filled up with water drops falling on it drop by drop). That is how we have reached this barely belivable figure of 7500 songs in the blog. With so many drops pouring in from different sources, it is more like a steady stream of songs available with me that are waiting to fill up the pot.

The bandwagon continues steadily. Hopefully this bandwagon will continue to go on and on and hopefully it will gain some more speed as time goes on.

This is one of the longest write ups that I have wtitten (rather typed) in quite some time. I have one more topic (dear to my heart) pending for quite some time. I have not discussed my pets for some time and by now I have lots and lots of things to say about them. Hopefully I will be able to do that writeup soon as well.

I take this opportunity to thanks all the visitors, contributors and well wisshers of this blog for their continued support and encouragement.

While discussing the blog, let us not forget the song under discussion. I have talked about the first comments made by people in this blog. Making first comment is not easy. It is like trying to breaking the ice, getting nervous and eager at the same time, and feeling relieved after one is done with it. It is in some way similar to striking friendship with a stranger which develops into closeness in a matter of talking, viz “Baaton Baaton Mein”.

The song is from “Baaton Baaton Mein” (1979). This delightful song has Amol Palekar and Tina Munim gingerly sizing each other up while going out together in the various locations of Bombay. The picturisation is quite sweet and natural and so is the song “Suniye, kahiye”. The song is sung by Kishore Kumar and Asha Bhonsle. Amit Khanna is the lyricist. Music is composed by Rajesh Roshan.

It is quite an appropriate song for the occasion, I think.



Song-Suniye kahiye (Baaton Baaton Mein )(1979) Siners-Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Amit Khanna, MD- Rajesh Roshan



kahiye na

kehte sunte baaton baaton mein
pyaar ho jaayegaa
kahiye na

kehte sunte baaton baaton mein pyaar ho jaayegaa
pyaar ho jaayegaa

ye pehli nazar kaa uff kyaa asar hai
tumhaari kasam dagmagaaye se ham hain
la ra la la la ra la
la ra la la la ra la

nahin jispe kaaboo
ye hai kaisaa jaaduu
mere liye to sach bhi bharam hai

kahiye na

kehte sunate baaton baaton mein pyaar ho jaayegaa
pyaar ho jaayegaa

ghataa chaand bijli barkhaa pawan mein
shaamil ho tum meri har kalpanaa mein
taareef meri itni karo na
udne lagoon main kahin aasmaan mein


haan haan

kehte sunte baaton baaton mein pyaar ho jaayegaa
pyaar ho jaayega

tumhaari adaa hai wo sabse judaa hai
chaahaa thha tumko isi vaaste
ham bekhabar hain,
tum besabar ho

uthhte hain dekho naye raaste


kehte sunte baaton baaton mein pyaar ho jaayegaa
pyaar ho jaayegaa


kehte sunte baaton baaton mein pyaar ho jaayegaa

14 Responses to "Suniye kahiye"

This is a super beautiful post Atul. Many congratulations. The pains you take in maintaining this blog always touches my heart. I always wish to contribute more songs, but find myself unable to.

You have some really staunch friends here to help you and I am equally amazed at their dedication as well.

My best wishes to you.


Oh, I adore this movie and love this song. 🙂


Dear Atul!
Congratulations on the 7500th song! Such a moving post with interesting facts and figures!
I am all admiration for your determination, persistence in your grand endeavour. I’m happy that I could contribute 2-3 boondhs to this Geet Sagar. I wish you lots of love, strength and encouragement in your work and hope soon to celebrate the 10000th song.
Previously, I always use to link the giitaayan pages as a link to the lyrics on my post. Nowadays I use your blog and I’m never disappointed!
All the best my dear friend and may your blog grow din dooni raat chauguni


Atul jee

Main itnaa hi keh saktaa hoon
“Dil ko chhonewaali bahut hi sundar lines likhe hain aapne iss post mein”

God Bless you and LOVE you more and more and more……


Just like the post of Sudhirji did when I read it a short while ago, this post also makes me very emotional. It brings back lovely memories of the journey of this blog from those one-song-a-day days to today.

Once again I am reminded of this quote (we’ve quoted it many times on this blog but it never tires me to repeat it) : Main akela hi chala tha janibe manzil magar.. log saath aate gaye aur karwaan banta gaya”. When you started this, it was just you wanting to share a song a day on the internet. Now it is a mission with a team, all with a shared passion and interest.

I remember those early days fondly – the number of farmaishes I used to keep bombarding you with. And you patiently posting as many of them as you could manage. Lalitha’s farmaishes used to make me feel a little less guilty. 🙂

Like you rightly say, I first came across memsaab (Greta)’s blog only through this blog. She had posted a comment and that led me to her blog. It was early Dec 2008.

This post of yours, as your posts always do, hits the nail right on the head. Indeed, Indians are very poor at respecting and preserving their heritage. And this blog is doing its best to at least preserve the musical legacy of so many artistes of yesteryear, whether sung or unsung.

It doesn’t matter if the pace has slowed down a bit in the last few months – it can always pick up. Like you say, this is done as a labor of love, as a hobby and not as a full-time job. So whatever pace you are able to come up with, is just fine. “Boondon ka tapakna” may have slowed down, par boondein tapak to rahi hain.

I realise I haven’t quite contributed enough in the last few months. I’m really sorry for that. Am going through an “extended lean phase”, like some of our BCCI players. 😉

Now waiting to read more about your pets. 🙂

Oh, and I didn’t talk about the song at all. What a perfect song to pick for the occasion. Kehte sunte baaton baaton mein pyaar ho jaayega…arrey, ho jaayega, nahin, ho gaya. 🙂


You made us all emotional by taking us through the nostalgic lane. The joy is akin to seeing your own child after taking baby steps grow up in front of your own eyes.
We all look forward to see the ‘teen’ take giant strides in near future.


Quite a few songs of Sajjad Husein are still yet not covered:
1) Dost-44:
Cheed Gaye Manwa Hamar Nainan Se
Churaya Hai Dil To
Kaleje Me Tise Labo Per Hansi Hai
More Aajanwa
Tum Munh Na Bana Ke Peena
2)Tilasmi Duniya (1946)
Chhed De Mann Ke Taar
Mazburiyan To Dekho
Mere Lay Me Pade Kaise
Rut Aayi Hai Kar Ke Shringar
3) Mere Bhagwan (1947)
Bansi Bajaiyya More Kanhaiyya
Bedardi Piya Tujh Bin Chaiin Na Aaye
Haaye Re Insaan Ka Jeena Mushqil
Kahiye Saahab Kaha Chale
Mori Ankhiya Ladi Murari Se
O Lal Dupatte Wali Murari Se
O Shyam Meera Ke Girdhari Ab To Darshan Do
4) Kasam-1947
Din Raat Hai Badle Hue Malum Nahi Kyo
Hame Apna Jalwa Dikha Kamli Wale
Hamse Kya Hui
Khuda Tera
Khuda Tujhko Dega Hame Dene Wale
5) Rooplekha-1949
Chupke Se Yeh Kaun Aa Ke Basa Dil
Duniya Hai Haseen Dil Hai Jawan
Jab Sone Ki Koshish Ki Hamne
Mai Hu Bholi Si Naar
Pardesi Balma Aaye Ang Mein Bijli Lapki
6)Rukhsana (1955)
Hame Woh Bahut Yaad Aane Lage Hai
7) Mera Shikar (1973)
Dil Ki Lagi Ko Koi Na Jaane
Teri Chhahat Mein Jiye


Those songs are not available. They will be discussed as soon as they become available.


so now we are at 7500….. congrats to us for the song number 7500…. and HAIL ATULJI!!!! for the patience you show on us who bombard you with farmaish or posts or contributors. the way we send you our mails it makes me feel that we are the ones who signed up on to start the blog. actually I really appreciate the love we have for each other on this blog. imagine a whole set of hindi movie song addicts—- with very few people who know each other personally—- and sharing information @ rate of 6-7 songs a day. amazing!!!!
And lastly a special thanks to Atul for all the write ups you add to all the links or lyrics or farmaish we send.


Congrats on reaching 7500, of course number of songs! What a wonderful, detailed write up for all who joined your team recently. Your patience in maintaining this blog, (atul-6songs-aday, a new name by Sudhirji 🙂 )satisfying requests of all your fans and then posting 6-7 songs a day with write ups for songs by lyrics contributors, searching all info that are not known to us, updating all the data,…… I was talking to Sudhirji about you, that I don’t know how Atulji can manage all these things while taking care of his professional and personal life. It’s just total love, devotion and passion for Hindi music. Thank you again for making this blog and keeping it running. 🙂 🙂


Congratulations Atul ji , and yes this song is very perfect for this occassion.
Congratulations to all our team members, readers, contributors and all well-wishers!
Also i would like to add a slight correction about my first comments date, it is 15.09.2009. i came in contact with our blog around end 2008 or begining 2009 and then ‘ dheere dheere’ the ‘pyaar badhta hi gaya’ and it will … ‘aur badhta hi rahega’… lately i have experienced this many times – that the likeminded people get together from unknown directions and become your ‘hamsafar’ for ever ..and we feel ‘are ham to bane hi the – ‘ek duje ke liye’ …. thanks Atul ji !!! (and sorry for the belated comments).


Mind boggling statistics. What a journey this blog has had!! Congratulatuions to ll in this herculian attempt to preserve our film history. I have learned and heard a lot from this blog. In my little way, I am contributing through occasional comments.


Heartiest congratulations Atul ji! What an effort extraordinaire! Hats off… others have mentioned this blog has become an authentic source for songs, information & trivia since you and all contributors (names of Sudhir ji, Arun ji, Kamath ji, Nahm ji, Atif ji immediately come to mind) painstakingly research all the material!

Personally speaking this blog has given me so much of joy, so many forgotten and many many new songs….it is simply beyond words! A big thank you….and wish you all the best!

Warm Regards,

PS: Sorry for being late 🙂


Just reading this post after almost a year.. Aankh mein aansoo bhar aa gaye! I am so fortunate to have found the blog and the bandwagon :). I still cannot forget the first time I posted a comment on the song Mile Na Phool (still my favourite, and surprisingly a favourite of my daughter too :). Mile Na Phool and Tum Agar Mujhko Na Chaaho To.. were the first 2 songs I read about and heard on the blog and I was smitten :). Thank you Atul Ji and thank you all the rest of you in the bandwagon… you are Family!!


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