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Main ek paheli hoon barson se akeli hoon

Posted on: September 25, 2020

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23 rd September was Tanuja’s 77th Birthday and 25th September, 2020 is the 81st birth Anniversary of Feroze Khan. Incidentally, these two have acted opposite each other in at least one film, i.e. Ek Paheli (1971). These are three songs already posted in the blog from this film :

Aansoo ki ek boond hoon main
kaahe karta hai tu itna shor…tera mera ik rasta
Mera tumhaaera saath to sadiyon ka saath hai

I have seen a few songs yesterday while deciding which one to post, they are mostly in the same genre of songs where the heroine Tanuja is singing in some ruined fort like locality with a cemetery inside the ruins. I found one more song of similar setting, where the face of lady singing the song is not shown, so I could not be sure that it is Tanuja. In the song that I have selected, the smiling Tanuja is very much visible and in her customary stylish self with high heels and a small handbag dangling from one hand. The formal attire with the party dress also is not suitable for the location where she is singing the song and leading a curious Feroze khan inside the cavernous ruins of the fort, in broad daylight. She is looking like no “bhoot’, so no bhoot or rooh in this song. SumanKalyanpure is the singer of this song composed by UshaKhanna. Asad Bhopali is the lyricist.

I can find a lot of similarities between these two actors of yesteryears. Both were stylish and good looking. While Tanuja came from a film family and must have been surrounded by the family connections in the film industry, Feroz Khan was an outsider. They both had siblings in the film industry, but I think Tanuja’s sister Nutan was estranged from her family. From the filmography it is seen that most of Feroze Khan’s films are with Mumtaz. They must have a good personal equation also, much like common people do, which results in their children marrying each other. I have read somewhere these two, Mumtaz and Feroz Khan became great friends during their struggling days and Amitabh Bachchan was also a part of this friendly circle, also a struggler.

There are a lot of bad and worst things being said, heard, written and repeated about the film industry and its so called ‘movers and shakers’, in recent times. It is a known fact that all that glitters is not gold. There are always dark and murkier things below the surface. And those who choose to be part of it are going in the murky waters with their eyes open. There are hardly any secrets in this world anymore, let alone the film industry. We as outsiders can only be this much detached and away from the ugliness, and try to maintain the façade of art and culture, and hide our knowledge and apprehension behind beautiful music, or what else we find good and appreciable.

In the 50’s and 60’s decades, there were people going in the industry to make a living or decent living. Some were maybe so impoverished that, there was hardly a choice to make, between flesh trade or do hard labour in the film studio as extra artist. And there are always ambitious people ready to give all and compromise all for either easy money or name and fame, or to be rid of financial ruin caused by their family members. Too much money or too little, it is a factor. Nepotism exists here too as it does everywhere else, in any form.

This is what MeenaKumari means when she says :

Aabl apaa koyi iss dasht mein aaya hogaa
Warna aandhi mein diya kisne jalaaya hogaa

Or when she says this :

Jalti bujhti si roshni ke pare
Simta simta sa ek makaan tanhaa

This was an insider view, saying things through poetry, what cannot be said for fear of losing its charm, glitter and shine.

The two actors Feroze Khan and Tanuja have spent their lives in the industry, been right in the thick of things. We can certainly say a few good things about these two, that they were talented and their successes were due to their talent and hard work.



Song-Main ek paheli hoon barson se akeli hoon (Ek Paheli)(1971) Singer-Suman Kalyanpur, Lyrics-Asad Bhopali, MD-Usha Khanna


Main ek paheli hoon
barson se akeli hoon
mujhe jaan’ne walaaa koyi nahin
pehchanne waalaa koyi nahin
main ek paheli hoon
barson se akeli hoon

mere paas aa
mere meharbaan
na de door hi se
sadaa mujhe ae
main hoon ik charaagh
bujhaa huaa
tu jalaa sakey to
jalaa mujhe
tu jalaa sakey to
jalaa mujhe
main ek paheli hoon
barson se akeli hoon
barson se akeli hoon

meri kab se hai
yahi aarzoo
ke mujhe galey se
lagaaye tu
tere dil ka dard
mitaaun main
mere dil ki pyaas
bujhaaye tu
mere dil ki pyaas
bujhaaye tu
main ek paheli hoon
barson se akeli hoon

tujhe kya khabar
ke tere liye
main na jaane kab se
udaas hoon
meraa pyaar dekh ke
har ghadi
tere saathh hoon
tere paas hoon
tere saathh hoon
tere paas hoon
main ek paheli hoon
barson se akeli hoon
mujhe jaan’ne waalaa koyi nahin
pehchaan’ne waalaa koyi nahin
main ek paheli hoon
barson se akeli hoon

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