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Ab kaun sunega mere man ki baat

Posted on: September 28, 2020

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Yearwise discussion of Lata Mangeshkar songs in HFM: Part I: 1946-1947

Today (28 september 2020) is the 91st birthday of Swar Samragyi Lata Mangeshkar (DoB 28 September 1929). We as part of HFM lovers extend her a very happy birthday and wish her many happy returns of the day.

She has been the most influential singer of HFM (and by extension all Indian film music).

A lot has been written on her career and her songs and her life. Instead of joining that race and repeating the already much repeated facts about her, I would take this occasion to stat my discussion of her HF songs yearwise, right from the beginning. So one can see that it is going to be a long series, which may have started on her birthday and it will contunue on and on, and each post will discuss one year. She has been around for more than six decades. It will take me at least 40 posts, may be more to discuss her songs over the years. I plan to publish one article every year. At this rate, this series could take upto one year. But then what is one year for this blog which is going on for more than 12 years !

This writeup, which is part I takes up the years 1946 and 1947. Why two years ? Because this series will discuss a Lata Mangeshkar song from the year under discussion. Lata Mangeshkar made her debut in 1946 but all songs sung by her in 1946 are already covered in the blog. 1947 is the second year for her HFM career. Here just one song sung by her remains undiscussed. So I had to take up the year 1947 as well so that I could discuss a song of the year with the article.

Coming to 1946, here are the details of the songs sung by Lata Mangeshkar in HFM in 1946:-

Movie Music director Lata song in the blog Lata HFM songs in the year Lata solo songs Male duet Female duet Other songs Lyricists Song detail
Jeewan Yaatra Vasant Desai 1 1 1 0 0 0 Dewar Sharar Chidiya boley choon choon choon
Sona Chaandi D C Dutt 1 1 1 0 0 0 Wali Sahab Pyaare Bapu ke charnon ki le lo prasann
Subhadra Vasant Desai 2 2 2 0 0 0 Pt Sudarshan (1) Pt Indra (1) Piya aayegaa…gori sudh na bisaar piya aayegaa Pt Indra Chandra
Saanwariya oye baansuriya oye bajaaye gayo re Pt Sudarshan
Total Three movies Two music directors 4 4 4 0 0 0 Four lyricists All solos

The next year 1947, which was an important year for the country saw Lata Mangeshkar faring more or less how she had fared the previous year, as can be seen from the table below :-

Movie Music director Lata song in the blog Lata HFM songs in the year Lata solo songs Male duet Female duet Other songs Lyricists Song detail
Aap Ki Sewa Mein Datta Dawjekar 2 3 3 0 0 0 Mahipal Paa laagoon kar joree re
Ek naye rang mein dooje umang mein
Shaadi Se Pehle Pt Ramakant Paingankar-Karnad 1 1 0 1 0 0 Pt Mukhram Sharma Chalo ho gayi taiyyar Duet with Rafi
Shehnaai C Ramchandra 1 1 0 0 0 1 P L Santoshi Jawaani ki rail chali jaaye re with Chitalkar and Geeta Dutt as co singers
Total Three movies Three music directors 4 5 3 1 0 1 Three lyricists Three solos, plus her first male duet and first multiple singers song

If someone had done an year end analysis of Lata Mangeshkar’s career prospects at the end of 1947, he would have written off her chances as a playback singer. Such an analyst would have lots of facts backing his judgement. Lata Mangeshkar had a thin feeble voice, unlike the buland voices of the predominantly Punjabi female singers of those days. Forget laypersons, even a few studio owners, such as Filmistan’s boss rejected Lata’s voice outright, despite the recommendations of music director like Ghulam Haider. If one had to give opportunities to a new voice, then Geeta Roy showed far more promise. Unlike Lata, who was struggling on family and career fronts, Geeta Roy was getting her breaks almost without much struggle. And her voice was loved by all prominent music directors and movie producers.

So, Lata Mangeshkar did not have it easy in her career. She has faced lots of hardships. She has overcome them all. Moreover, she stood for her rights, took on powerful influential individuals in the induustry and got her way. Not just that, she survived and outlived them all.

Many people, with the benefit of hindsight may think that Lata Mangeshkar had a smooth career in film industry. Not at all. She has survived lots and lots of hardships that would have destroyed lesser mortals. One forgotten fact is that an attempt was made to poison her. It was a tactic that was earlier used against Master Madan in 1940s. Lata Mangeshkar’s enemies had planted a cook in her residence who was slowly poisoning her meals. It was an incident of early 1960s. The matter was detected in time and the cook ran away.

Her detractors accuse her of sabotaging the careers of some of her contemporaries. I think this accusation has an element of exxagaration. Even in the prime of her career, there were lots and lots of movies where she did not sing. She would typically sing songs in 50 odd movies in a year out of 100 odd movies released in that year. If these contemporaries were as good as they thought, they had enough opportunities to get work in the movies where Lata Mangeshkar did not sing. It takes far more than just raw singing ability to get work and get repeated. It takes lots of social networking which Lata Mangeshkar was good at. A few of her contemporaries known to be regarded as her competitors did not possess even a fraction of the networking abilities that Lata and her equally illustrious younger sister Asha Bhonsle possessed.

My observation about Lata Mangeshkar is that she was like an iceberg, and only the tip of her abilities were used in HFM. And even that has resulted into a body of work that is quite formidable.

One can see from the above two tables that Lata Mangeshkar was a struggler for most of the 1940s and she had very little to show for her struggles by the end of 1947. Lots and lots of things happened thereafter. She has the luck and the ability to turn it around spectacularly in the years to come. We will look at these facts in details in the future posts of this series.

It has been mentioned above that all Lata songs of 1946 have been covered in the blog. The table for 1947 shows that one Lata song from 1947 remains uuncovered. The song under discussion is that remaing song.

“Aap Ki Sewa Mein”(1947) was directed by Vasant Joglekar for Chandrma Pictures Bombay. This obscure movie had Dixit, Kesri, Shantarin, Saroj Borkar, Nimbalkar, Smson, D R Gokhale, Bhal Marathe, Vijaya, Baby Nalini etc in it. The movie had eight songs in it. Four songs have been covered in the past.

Lata Mangeshkar had sung three solos in the movie. Two of these songs have been covered in the blog in the past.

Here is the third and final Lata solo from “Aap Ki Sewa Mein”(1947) to appear in the blog. The song is penned by Mahipal (later a hero of mythological movies). Music is composed by Datta Davjekar.

Listening to the voice in this song, one can notice the influence of Suraiyya in her voice, who was a leading female playback singer of those days.

With this song, all the Lata Mangeshkar HFM songs of 1947 have now got covered in the blog.

In the next instalment of this series, we will discuss Lata Mangeshkar HFM songs sung by her in Hindi movies released in 1948.

Song-Ab kaun sunega mere man ki baat (Aap Ki Sewa Mein)(1947) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Mahipal, MD-Datta Davjekar


ab kaun sunega
ab kaun sunega aa aa
mere man ki baat
ab kaun sunega aa aa aa
mere man ki baat
jiske chhoote sabhi sahaare ae ae ae
jiske chhoote sabhi sahaare
uska haar(?)
ab kaun sunega aa aa aa
mere man ki baat
ab kaun sunega

jo karte thhe kabhi ishaare ae ae
jo karte the kabhi ishaare
doob gaye we chand sitare
doob gaye, doob gaye
dub gaye oe chaand sitare
raah dikhaane aayi mujhko
raah dikhaane aayi mujhko, toofaanon ki raat
ab kaun sunega aa aa aa mere man ki baat
ab kaun sunega

jyot diye ki ee ee jab bujh jaaye ae ae ae
jyot diye ki ee jab bujh jaaye
aansu kya usko sulgaaye
aansu kya aa
aansu kya
aansu kya usko sulgaaye
bhar bhar aatin ankhiyaan
bhar bhar aatin ankhiyaan
man sookha sookha jaaye
ab kaun sunega aa aa
mere man ki baat
ab kaun sunega aa aa
mere man ki baat
ab kaun sunegaa

6 Responses to "Ab kaun sunega mere man ki baat"

Atul ji,

Thanks for this birthday gift to the nightingale.
This will be a good exercise to revisit untraceable songs of her initial years.


Atulji ,
That is a massive task you have undertaken. All the best to you. hope we can be of help to you.


Lata Mangeshkar, is no doubt the best of the playback singers. All her efforts to stay on top of her competition, are evident in her singing and total devotion to perfection. Net working or not, her hard work is the bigger factor. The body of work of less than 6000 songs is so much short of potential, for a singing talent of her caliber.

The ‘Suraiya’ element in this song could be more the doing of the MD, as Lata was still a struggler.

Liked by 1 person



HFM means Hindi Film Music.


Dear Atulji,

There’s a typo in the 7th Para. It should be GHULAM HAIDAR and not Ghulam Ahmed.

Looking forward to the next steps in the Herculean Task that you’ve undertaken.

With warm regards



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