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Suman sudha rajni chanda aaj adhik kyun bhhaaye

Posted on: September 28, 2020

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“Man Pasand” (1980 – censored on 26-6-1980 and released on 11-7-1980) was among the first few movies whose music cassette was purchased by my father along with “Yaarana” when they hit the market. And since then I am a huge fan of their songs. I Know almost all of them by heart.
This was a movie produced by Amit Khanna and directed by Basu Chatterji. Rajesh Roshan was the music director and Amit Khanna himself wrote the lyrics. The movie itself was inspired by the famous stage play by George Bernard Shaw – ‘Pygmalion’ (first published in 1913), and also on the hugely popular iconic film ‘My Fair Lady’ (1964 – Rex Harrison and Audrey Hepburn). The movie stars Dev Anand, Tina Munim, Girish Karnad, Simple Kapadia, Leela Mishra, Jalal Agha (appears as a guest in the song with this post), Piloo Wadia and Mehmood.

The movie has Dev Anand and Girish Karnad playing best friends, bachelors and musicologists. They encounter a loud and foul-mouthed vendor of ‘datun’ {neem branches} in the late-night local trains of Mumbai. Then and there, Dev (Pratap) throws a challenge that he can transform the unpolished girl into a graceful and talented singer and Karnad (Kashinath) picks up the bet and agrees to marry the girl if Pratap is successful.”

The above is from the last post that I wrote for this movie, in 2018 to celebrate Dev Anand’s 95th birthday.

We revisit the movie today. It has songs in the voice of another legend. When this movie was being made i.e. at the time of recording the songs of this movie, our Nightingale or Saraswathi- incarnate (as she is addressed by her ardent fans) must have been in her late 40s or just turned 50. She had been in the industry for nearly 37-38 years having stepped into the film world at the young age of 13, with the sole aim of supporting her family after the untimely death of her father. There was a time when she was rejected by Sashadhar Mukherjee for having a “thin-voice”. But it is that same “thin-voice” which was used in later years for songs that were filmed as early morning songs- “jaago mohan pyaare jaago” (Jaagte Raho); “jyoti kalash chalke” (Bhabhi Ki Choodiyan); “Satyam Shivam Sundaram” & “Bhor bhaye panghat pe” (Satyam Shivam Sundaram); and the bhajan which Saira Banu lip syncs in the morning hours in “Shaagird” – ‘Kanha kanha aan padi main tere dwar’. These are only a sample of what India’s Nightingale -Lata Mangeshkar – has given us over a career span of about 66-67 years. From the discography available on various websites it looks like she has stopped singing film songs sometime in 2010- that is why I have said that the career span is about 66/67 years. Of course, there was a time when she used to sing for actresses who were 50 years younger to her; then she switched to singing one or at the most two songs per movie after 2001 but has kept her date with recording songs by bringing out non-film albums and bhajans etc. I read somewhere that after a 14-year hiatus she recorded a song for some movie called “Dunno Y—Na Jaane Kyun” (2010).

She is a recipient of various awards including the Dadasaheb Phalke award in 1989, the Padma Bhushan (1969), Padma Vibhushan (1999) and finally the Bharat Ratna in 2001. She definitely is India’s Ratna (Gem), don’t know if we will have another like her ever!!!!

Coming back to the song for this post. This is the song by which Pratap (Dev Anand) introduces a fully trained & graceful Kamli (Tina) to upper class, high-society, party-going friends of his. He showcases her as an accomplishment of his scientific method of music coaching. The song which is composed by Rajesh Roshan as a semi classical number was picturised on a young Tina Munim and gives us a sample of what the ‘Koyal Kanthi’ Lata Mangeshkar is all about. Why I say sample is because this is a very short song. There are other songs where she has sung full classical and semi classical for close to ten minutes or even more. Here I remember another song where, in a Dev Anand movie, S D Burman has given Lata Didi (as the film industry addresses her) an 8½ minute song which has various ragas incorporated in it (any guesses which song I am referring to).

“Man Pasand” has had a rather slow journey on the blog. The movie has 8 songs of which the first one in Mohd. Rafi’s voice was posted in March of 2009. The previous song posted was in 2018 on the occasion of Dev Anand’s birth anniversary.

Here is the penultimate song the post for which began a day before Devsaab’s birth anniversary in 2019.

I can write a lot more about the song and the near-parallel careers of Devsaab and Latadidi in the film industry. But I choose to halt here.
Wishing our dear Lata Mangeshkar, a very Happy 91st birthday. Salute to her on her long innings in the industry.


Song-Suman Sudha Rajni chanda aaj adhik kyun bhaaye (Manpasand)(1980) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Amit Khanna, MD-Rajesh Roshan


suman sudha
rajni chanda
aaj adhik kyun bhaaye
suman sudha
rajni chanda
aaj adhik kyun bhaaye
suman sudha

prem singhaashan piya biraaje
pankha jhaloon main haule
mohit mugdh unhin ko taakoon
ban mayur mann dole
suman sudha rajni chanda
aaj adhik kyun bhaaye
suman sudha
rajni chanda
aaj adhik kyun bhaaye
suman sudha

ooo aaaaa mmmmm aaaaa

pratibimb meri aashaon ka
tum santosh ho mera
aalingan sundar sapnon ka
khushiyon ka kosh ho mera

suman sudha rajni chanda
aaj adhik kyun bhaaye
suman sudha
rajni chanda
aaj adhik kyun bhaaye

8 Responses to "Suman sudha rajni chanda aaj adhik kyun bhhaaye"

lost the race 🙂


Nice post Peevesie’s Mom ji ,
When I started reading it I read it in one go. Like the song too.
Our best wishes to Lata Mangeshkar ji on her birthday and wishing a her healthy and peaceful life ahead.

And we will be waiting for your long post or many posts on ‘near-parallel careers of Devsaab and Latadidi in the film industry’ with other songs. Do write please.



‘Piya tose naina laage re…….” is the song you are referring to.




The songs of ‘ Manpasand ‘ are a nice mixture of indo-western classical. I visited them the other day while looking for Dev Anand songs.

Your song post of ‘Charu chandra ki chanchal chitwan” is a two part song as per, meaning listed as two songs, ‘sa re ga ma pa ma ga re’ and “charu chandra ki “, in Geet kosh too.

Good that I had no plans to post this song as I would have given the lyrics as :

suman sudha
rajani gandha

It is sheer reflex reaction.


The song Piya Tose Naina laage re is based on Raag Khamaj. Raag Khamaj is a chanchal prakriti raag (light mood wala). Hence one can find many light music songs set to tune in this raag.
In Piya tose, each stanza displays a different mood, but the raag remains the same – Khamaj. That is the genius work of SD Burman.
Other songs in Khamaj – Vaishnav Jan to (bhajan), O sajana (romantic), Aayo kahan se ghanshyam (more classical), bada natkhat hai re (motherly love), Khat likh de sawariya ke naam babu (lilting dance number), kuch to log kahenge (philosophical), etc.

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Some essays can never be accomplished or rather, written compactly…India, My Mother, Mahatma Gandhi …..& Lata Mangeshkar?
(Though my favourite female playback singer is Asha Bhosale)


thank you for your detailed description of the Raag Khamaj. also thank you for pointing out examples of the various moods that the raag lends itself to.
I stand corrected about the Raaga statement on Piya Tose Naina Laage Re. I will like to re-frame it as “S D Burman has given Lata Didi (as the film industry addresses her) an 8½ minute song in Raag Khamaj, where each stanza is in a different mood”.
But all things considered there are very few like her and her sisters who can sing all genres


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