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Ham un par bharosa kiye ja rahe hain

Posted on: October 21, 2020

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Today’s song is from an unique film – Kinara-1949.

I say Unique because it was produced by a person who was also the film’s Hero and the Music Director. He also sang 3 solo songs in the film. The film’s story was written by him. The name of this person was Madhusudan Acharya. He was a trained singer, visited the USA 9 times, visited the UK once and sang on BBC Radio too. Wrote several stage plays and was a force to reckon with on the Gujarati stage !

Bombay is a Maya Nagari. People from all over the country come here to make money and a career. Not everyone succeeds, but that has not dampened the people’s attraction for Bombay till today. In addition, Bombay has a pulsating Cinema Industry. If one succeeds here, he can earn Millions, be famous and popular and get the best in life. This ” if ” is ignored by most people and hordes of them rush to Bombay in search of a successful career – may be in acting, singing, directing composing or whatever.

There are 3 types of results for such people. One- the person gets only one or two chances- does not succeed and quits for ever. Two- gets few chances, succeeds moderately but quits after some time voluntarily. And Three- succeeds and lives here till the end comes to him.

There are examples in every category. In the first category, I remember off hand, at least 2 examples. The first is the only Trio of MDs – Lala, Sattar and Asar, who came together in 1965 to compose songs for 2 films – Sangram and Jahan Sati wahan Bhagwan. They failed and this group broke. Asar left for ever. The second example is the MD pair of Rai-Frank, who gave music to film Gogola-1964. After this film Rai- who was Mukund Rai Trivedi, son of a Mine Owner in M.P. left the film industry to join family business.

In the second group there are more examples. I remember Shashi Kapoor Sr. who acted as a Child Artiste in 21 Hindi films, quit films, continued his studies and became a Maths professor in a University in USA for the rest of his life. The second case is of Arjun Bakshi, who failed as a Hero in film Malhar-51 and 2 other films, left acting, tried writing screenplays etc. and then migrated to Canada, opened a Music shop and lived there for ever. Yet another case is of Ashraf Khan, who after a successful acting and singing career on stage and in films, quit all and became a Sufi Saint !

In the third group, there are several examples which we all know. The point is, Madhusudan Acharya fits into the first category. Lets know more about this person. Information on him was scarcely available.

Hindi films only know him as an actor, singer, composer and producer, but there is much more to him in different fields. Madhusudan was born on 28-11-1911 at Acharyawadi in Ahmedabad city. After completing education upto SSC , he jumped into the agitation called out by Gandhi. There was a Lathi charge on 20-8-1930 and he was arrested and jailed for 2 months.

After release from jail he went back to home, but his mother fired him so much that he left home again. After 8 years, his uncle found him and brought him back to home. Meanwhile, he learnt music from Ustad Abdul Kareem khan and later from his disciple Balkrishna Buwa Kapileshwari from 1931 to 1933, as well as from Roshan Ara Begum.

Due to his good nature and sweet tongue, he was popular. In 1939, he went to Japan, with a team of Ahmedabad Mill owners. In Tokyo, he did a stage show and sang songs. He came to Bombay in n1947 and stayed here for the next 30 years.. He wanted to make a Drama Theatre to be let out at a very nominal rate. He also wanted to make 2-3 films.

He produced the film Kinara-49. He became the Hero. He composed its music giving 12 songs. He sang 3 solo songs himself in this film. He selected Geeta Bali as the heroine, because he was impressed with her acting in the film Suhag Raat-1948. The film took about 15 to 16 months to be ready. It was censored in June and released in Swastik Cinema, Bombay, where it ran for 9 weeks, a reasonable success. 14 prints were made of the film, which were all destroyed in a fire at the Chembur Godown.One print of the film was stolen and it was released in Pakistan. Due to inexperience and wrong decisions, the film gave him a huge loss. However he professed, ” loss is nothing but bother of profit and every setback is the root cause of the Rise.”

C.Ramchandra and Husnalal Bhagatram were his good friends. He praised R C Boral and Khemchand prakash. In actors, he liked P C Barua, Mazhar Khan, Chandramohan and Nawab. Lata Mangeshkar sang only one song for this film, because by 1949, she became a very busy artiste. However he recorded one more song by Lata for his next film- which never materialised.

Acharya wrote many dramas in Gujarati. ” Mangal Murti ” a drama based on the film Kinara became so successful that it did 3500 stage shows. His plays were staged in Bombay and Saurashtra. He had a good income from his estate in Ahmedabad. he wanted to go to the USA and settle there. He went to the USA first time in 1967 and later 8 more times, but could not settle there. In 1976 he went to London. He was invited on BBC where he sang a classical song.

Madhusudan was a very self respected person and truthful too. From 1977, he lived in Surat. He was interviewed by Harish Raghuwanshi ji on 18-4-1984. This interview was published in Listener’s Bulletin No. 59 of November 1984. This article is the rough translation of that interview. I thank Harish ji heartily for this rare information.

Film Kinara-49 was directed by Ambalal Dave, for whom the film was the only one directed by him independently. He had jointly directed another film in the same year-Roop Sundari-49 along with Narayan Patel. For him that was the only film in his life. Looks like this film,Kinara-49, played as a Trial field for the hero, singer, MD, Producer and the Director too ! Incidentally, there are 2 duets in the film, one by Harish and Shanti Sharma and another by Harish and Ram Pyari.

This singer Harish Bhatt was the younger brother of singer Yashwant Bhatt. He was an ardent fan of Saigal. He sang many songs in Gujarati but the film Kinara was the only Hindi film where he sang. Incidentally, this Harish and Yashwant Bhatt are close relatives of our Khyati Ben Bhatt- an active Atulite. Another unique feature of this film was that the famous Shenai player Bismilla Khan acted in this film and played Shehnai too. His name features in the cast credits. For this, he was called specially from Banares twice, adding to the cost of the film. As per my information, this is the only film in which Bismilla Khan acted in his lifetime.

By now, we have seen that there were so many First (and last) timers in this film. Story writer, Director, Producer, Music Director, 2 singers, Hero and an actor/musician. We have no information if there was any first timer amongst the Technicians. That is how this film was an Unique Film !

3 songs from this film are already discussed. This is the fourth song today. The song, singer, tune and music are not bad-if not excellent.

Song-Hum unpar bharosa kiye jaa rahe hain (Kinaara)(1949) Singer- Madhusudan Acharya, Lyricist- Sahir Bhopali, MD- Madhusudan Acharya


Hum unpar bharosa kiye jaa rahe hain
Hum unpar bharosa kiye jaa rahe hain
muhabbat ke maare jiye jaa rahe hain
muhabbat ke maare jiye jaa rahe hain
wohi hum ko dhokha diye jaa rahe hain
wohi hum ko dhokha diye jaa rahe hain
Hum unpar bharosa kiye jaa rahe hain

dil o jaan se sab ko daulat hai pyaari
dil o jaan se sab ko daulat hai pyaari
mubaarak zamaane ko ho duniyadaari
mubaarak zamaane ko ho duniyadaari
jo karna hai humko kiye jaa rahe hain
jo karna hai humko kiye jaa rahe hain
Hum unpar bharosa kiye jaa rahe hain

zara dekhna haal o maalik hamaara
zara dekhna haal o maalik hamaara
hai manjhdhaar naiyya na koi sahaara
hai manjhdhaar naiyya na koi sahaara
magar jeene waale jiye jaa rahe hain
magar jeene waale jiye jaa rahe hain
Hum unpar bharosa kiye jaa rahe hain

2 Responses to "Ham un par bharosa kiye ja rahe hain"

Hello Arunji,
Thank you for in-depth information about Shri Madhusudan Acharya, an actor, story writer, music director, lyricist…. a multifaceted personality of Hindi Cinema. I remember hearing his name and contribution to HFs from Shri Harish Bhatt, my uncle – in – law but not all the details you have provided. His son told me once about Kinara-49 and Harishkaka’s songs in this film. I will forward this post of yours to him. Thank you again.


Khyati ji,
Thanks for additional information. I am glad that this post has ignited nostalgia for you. I am sure the son of Harish Bhatt ji will be also very happy to read the post about film Kinara-49, with which his father was associated as a singer.


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