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Milne ki hasrat mein betaabi ke saathh

Posted on: October 21, 2020

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21/10/2020 – 89th Birth anniversary of Shammi Kapoor

I have in possession for almost a year now, a book titled “Rafinaama” by Isaak Mujawar. One day I just impulsively looked up the book availability on Amazon, and found that only two copies were available. I just ordered it without thinking anything. When the book arrived, then I realized that it was in Marathi. Even for self-proclaimed “kitaabi keeda” like me, sitting down reading it has proven a challenge. Which, I am yet to seriously take up.

Two days ago, I suddenly occurred to me, I am having these books and I should make use of the articles there for writing the various posts. The first book I encountered, for sheer visibility and the size of it, is “eh un dinon ki baat hai” – Urdu Memoirs of Cinema Legends (selected and translated by Yasir Abbasi). So for two days, I have been going through that book.

Since this Shammi Kapoor post is due to be written, I had finalized the song and lyrics are also ready. But the book does not contain anything about Shammi Kapoor and his career. I found “Rafinaama” next, in the drawer that I have kept for such treasures 🙂 never to be seen and touched by anyone.

And lo and behold, I have selected a Rafi song from the film Laila Majnu(1953) for posting on the 89th birth anniversary of Shammi Kapoor and Rafinaama starts with the chapter titiled “Shammi, Rishicha majnucha aawaaj” meaning “majnu’s voice for Shammi and Rishi”.

I am giving a brief roundup of the chapter here :

“Films on Laila Majnu title have been made in hindi film industry in 1922, 1931(2 Movies), 1945, 1953 and 1976. The “Laila Majnu” of 1922 was silent movie and the rest were talkies. Two more movies on the same characters story was differently titled, first “Daastaan-e-Laila Majnu” in 1973 and “Love and God” in 1986. Rafi Sahab’s songs were there in all these movies since 1945. In the 1945 version Rafi sahab has sung two songs but none were actually on Majnu’s character.”

The above chapter in the book says that Rafi’s voice was Majnu’s voice in 1953 film, which is incorrect. Among the 4 songs which Rafi Sahab sang for this three are already posted in the blog. In “Bhar de jholi Allah naam” Rafi sahab’s has sung in 3-4 different voices for different characters, but when Shammi Kapoor comes in line and sings, it’s Talat Mehmood’s voice for him. In the song “Aankhon mein hai tu”, Shammi Kapoor in watching the qawwali being performed, he is not singing at all. Third posted is “Mil gayaa taqdeer se chashmaa yehaan”is a solo Rafi song played in the background during the titles.

The songs posted are listed below:

Song Date posted Remarks
Ae sanam ye zindagi aayi hai lekar khushi 18 December 2010
Aasmaan waale teri duniyaa se jee ghabraa gayaa 28 May 2011
Chal diyaa kaarwaan lut gaye ham yahaan 7 June 2011
Aankhon mein hai tu 3 July 2011
Yaad teri zindagi ka saaz ban kar reh gayi 23 July 2011
Bahaaron ki duniya pukaare tu aa jaa 9 April 2012 MD-Sardar Malik
Ya ilaahi ho mubaarak tujhko ye tera jahaan 10 april 2012
Dekh lee ae ishq teri 24 May 2012 MD-Sardar Malik
Bhar de jholi Allah naam 14 February 2013
Mere sarkaar tere ishq ki duniya ko salaam 25 March 2013
Mil gaya taqdeer se chashmaa yahaan 6 March 2017

The fourth Rafi song from this film is the song of the current post. It is a very short and rapid solo which is played in the background as Laila and Majnu, Shammi Kapoor and Nutan, both die lying in the desert and the sand covers them gradually. This must be the end of the film. So the film is starting and ending with a Rafi song background song. Composer is Ghulam Mohammad and lyrics are by Shakeel Badayuni.

This is 12th song to be posted from this film. One more song which is listed/included in the list of this films’ songs is actually not from this film, but this song posted here from another Shammi Kapoor film Chor Bazar (1954), with Sardar Malik’s music. So that means this movie has 13 songs and only one song remains to Yippee this movie. Remaining song is also a special one with Shamshad Begum giving playback to Master Jadeep. (I will try and get this post shortly).

There are a few more chapters dealing with Shammi Kapoori majnu type songs style which were sung by Rafi sahab, and subsequent Shammi Kapoor clones who tried to adopt the same style. The author is of the opinion that the Shammi style of songs which became famous as “yahoo” style did not originate with Junglee and Shankar-Jaikishan, rather the origin can be found in the songs of film “Tum sa nahin dekha” by O. P. Nayyar.

Shammi Kapoor started his film career with 6 films in 1953. He was the son of Prithvi Raj Kapoor and brother of Raj Kapoor, who was well on his way to be a stalwart film maker by then. But Shammi Kapoor must have set out to make his career on his own, there was no official launching by R. K. Films. His filmography lists 146 films from 1953 – 2011. Rockstar 2011 being the last film in which he acted. Up to Andaz 1971, I counted 56 movies of his which include many memorable musical extravaganzas with Rafi sahab’s playback under Shankar-Jaikishan, O.P. Nayyar and R. D. Burman. Early 50’s when he started as a hero, I can see, that the favoured voice for the hero was not Rafi. Rafi was the voice of everyone else in the some films but not the hero. But Naushad Sahab had used Rafi for all songs on Dilip Kumar in ‘Aan” & “Deedar” and for Bharat Bhushan in “Baiju Bawra”. Or it is possible some of them felt insecure, that Rafi’s singing could over shadow them in popularity. Truly, his phenomenal singing was capable was running away with the credits for all the success of film and its music. Naushad was too big before even “Baiju Bawra”, so could maybe whither the onslaught. Other big personalities who were not so big in early 50’s could have felt insecure. We should be glad that, this type of misapprehensions, if existing, were unable to keep Rafi sahab down for long. If a star shines too bright then its neighbors can be forgiven for being apprehensive.

By any account there must be around 180 songs which Rafi sahab sang for Shammi Kapoor, beginning with “Shama Parwaana” with this unforgettable song. This is a definite Rafi-Shammi song with the definite nuances of “Majnu”’and traces of “wehshat zada ishq”, as the curtain behind which Surraiya is listening to the song, is burnt. Such is the effect of Rafi sahab and Shammi Kapoor’s singing. In this film, seen on TV long ago, Rafi sahab has 5 songs including 3 duets with Suraiyya. There is no other male singer here, so all songs sung by Shammi Kapoor were by Rafi sahab.



Song-Milne ki hasrat mein betaabi ke saath (Laila Majnu)(1953) Singer-Mohammed Rafi, Lyrics-Shakeel Badayuni, MD-Ghulam Mohammad


Milne ki hasrat mein
betaabi ke saathh
reh gaye phailaa ke haay
donon haathh
phool do din hans ke
jee behlaa gaye
aur ye gunche ae
bin khile murjhaa gaye
aaye thehre aur guzre
phir na aise
chaahne waale mile ae
maut se kyun
ishq sharmindaa rahe
qais o laila
mar ke bhi zindaa rahe
qais o laila
mar ke bhi zindaa rahe

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