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Seekh le baabu pyaar ka jaadu

Posted on: October 20, 2020

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Blog 10-Year Challenge (2010-2020) – Song No. 87

Welcome all to the ‘Blog Ten-Year Challenge’ series where today we will have a song after a gap of almost a month. Last song posted under the ‘challenge’ was on 25.09.2020.

We missed some opportunities, but today hopefully we will have two songs in this challenge.

If we see the songs posted ten years back on this day (20.10.2010), we had only three posts on that day as given below;

Song Movie title-Year Remarks
Aaj mere naseeb ne mujhko rulaa rulaa diyaa Halchal-1951 All songs covered
Bhajan binaa baawre Rooplekha-1962 03 songs posted
Ham to muhabaat karegaa Dilli Ka Thug-1958 05 songs posted

So, one can see that the rate of posting had come down to averaging three posts a day unlike what it was during August’2010 and Septemeber’2010 where we saw the blog maintaining average six posts per day.

In this current month of October’2020 so far we have seen forty-seven posts till 19.10.2020 (i.e. averaging just little over two posts per day).

So, I was curious to check how the blog had been doing in the month of ‘October’ till now and here we have the details;

SNo. Month-Year Total no of posts Average per day
01 Oct’2008 76 2.45
02 Oct’2009 100 3.22
03 Oct’2010 109 3.52
04 Oct’2011 191 6.16
05 Oct’2012 168 5.42
06 Oct’2013 122 3.93
07 Oct’2014 108 3.48
08 Oct’2015 82 2.64
09 Oct’2016 93 3.00
10 Oct’2017 64 2.06
11 Oct’2018 61 1.97
12 Oct’2019 43 1.38

We can from the above details that in the current month the blog is still maintaining a better ‘run-rate’ (post-rate 😊) and we yesterday it saw as many as five posts occurring over the day.

Coming back to the today’s movies, today we have two movies viz. “Dilli Ka Thug-1958” and “Rooplekha-1962” eligible for posting a song under the ‘Blog Ten-Year Challenge-2010-2020’

I am presenting a song from ‘Dilli Ka Thug-1958’.

This movie was directed by S.D. Narang for ‘New Oriental Pictures, Bombay’.

It had Kishore Kumar, Nutan, Smriti Biswas, Amar, Madan Puri, Iftekhar, Krishnakant, Protima Devi, Ramlal, Mirajkar, Kathana, Amrit Rana, Heera, Kumud Tripathi, Shakuntala, Master Raj, Tun Tun, Ratan Gaurang, Bela Parmanik, Haroon, A.K. Tiwari, Tamoa, Madan Khanna, Nirula, Rajkumar, P. Mukherjee, Brahm Bharadwaj, Tanveer, Uma Dutt, Mouji and others.

This movie was passed by Censor Board on 20.11.1958. The movie was again re-certified with some parts of the movie in colours on 15.09.1959.

This movie had total eight songs composed by Ravi written by three lyricists Shailendra, S.H. Bihari and Majrooh Sultanpuri.

Let us have a look (this time a little differently) on this movies’ songs as they appear on the movie page in HFGK Vol-III (1951-1960) which generally are in order of their appearance on the screen as mentioned in HFGK.
The songs posted so far have been given with their links and the lyricist for each song and its date of posting (wherever the song is posted on the blog) is also given.

Song Lyricist Posted On
Chal ri ameeran bhai chal re fakeere… O bandariyaa Shailendra
Kisi ka dil lena ho Majrooh 03.03.2017
O babu o lala Majrooh 05.12.2009
Yah bahaar yah samaa ya jhoomti jawaaniyaan S.H. Bihari
Seekh le babu pyaar ka jaadu S.H. Bihari
Ham to muhabaat karegaa Majrooh 20.10.2010
CAT cat, cat maane billi Majrooh 28.11.2008
Ye raatein ye mausam nadi ka kinaaraa Shailendra 26.11.2008

As a Blog Ten year challenge offering, here is a song from “Dilli Ka Thug”(1958). This song is sung by Asha Bhonsle. S H Bihari is the lyricist. Music is composed by Ravi.

The song is picturised as a stage dance song on Nutan and others.

Lyrics of this song were sent by Prakashchandra.



Song-Seekh le baabu pyaar ka jaadu (Dilli Ka Thug)(1958) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-S H Bihari, MD-Ravi

Lyrics (Provided by Prakashchandra)

seekh le babu pyaar ka jaadu
mere paas chiraag allaaddeen kaa
seekh le babu pyaar ka jaadu
mere paas chiraag allaadeen kaa
ek baar jo dekhe
woh ho jaaye deewaana
khaali nahin jaaye mere teer ka nishaanaa
seekh le baabu pyaar ka jaadu
mere paas chiraag allaadeen kaa
seekh le baabu pyaar ka jaadu
mere paas chiraag allaadeen kaa

main pariyon ki shehzaadi
maine badla apna bhes re ae
le chhod ke apni nagari
main to aayee tere des rey
aajaa mil ke gaayein donon pyaar ka taraanaa
seekh le babu pyaar ka jaadu
mere paas chiraag allaadeen kaa
seekh le baabu pyaar ka jaadu
mere paas chiraag allaadeen kaa

ye ankhiyaan gulaabi meri
ras ki hain pyaaliyaan
hai bijli ka rang mere honthon ki ye laaliyaan
door se dekhaa karo
mujhe tum haath na lagaana
seekh le baabu pyaar ka jaadu
mere paas chiraag allaadeen kaa
seekh le baabu pyaar ka jaadu
mere paas chiraag allaadeen kaa

aaaa…aaa…aaaaa…. aaaaa
aaaa…aaa…aaaaa…. aaaaa
aaaa…aaa…aaaaa…. aaaaa
aaaa…aaa…aaaaa…. aaaaa
aaaa…aaa…aaaaa…. aaaaa
aaaa…aaa…aaaaa…. aaaaa

3 Responses to "Seekh le baabu pyaar ka jaadu"

If I may point out the song “chal ri ameeran” has already been posted on the blog. I discovered this on 4th august this year. I wrote a whole post and just before sending the mail or Atulji I found that song under the Kishore kumar mala Sinha movie ” Bombay ka chor. That song belongs there

Liked by 1 person

Thanks for your comments Peevesie’s Mom ji.
The song was used in ‘Bombay Ka Chor-1962’ has already been brought to the notice of our editors. But the lyricist’s name Bombay Ka Chor is Rajinder Krishan. Dilli Ka Thug was released before it and it mentioned lyricist as Shailendra. That is what I think needs to be discussed and clarified.
Now the final song also with Atul ji, this movie can be Yippeeee’ed today 🙂


@Atul ji – kindly correct lyricist for this song is S.H. Bihari. Please correct ‘tag’ for lyricist, and add tag ‘lyrics by (Prakashchandra).



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