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Jaa re jaa re meri chhod chunariya

Posted on: November 9, 2020

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‘Zindagi Aur Hum’ (1962) was produced by Rashid Parwez and was directed by Pandit Anandkumar. The star cast included Nalini Jaywant, Chand Usmani, Naina, Dinesh, David, Leela Mishra, S Nazir, Mukri, Amar, Jagdish Kanwal, Chandabai, Anwaribai etc. The story was written by Pandit Shivkumar who was the elder brother of Pandit Anandkumar. Pandit Shivkumar also wrote lyrics for 5 of the 6 songs. It was a last film for Pandit Anandkumar as a director though he continued to write screen-play and dialogues for few more subsequent films. It was also the last film for Pandit Shivkumar if I go by the tribute given to him in the credit title of the film.

The highlight of the film is that a major part of the story revolves around the three main actresses – Nalini Jaywant, Chand Usmani and Naina. Hence, the six songs in the film were rendered by Lata Mangeshkar who has lip synced for all the three main actresses in the film. All the 6 songs (of which one song has two versions – solo version by Lata and duet version by Suman Kalyanpur and Sudha Malhotra) are very melodious. I am surprised as to why these songs set to music by Roshan are not as well-known as his equivalent songs in other films. As usual, the reason was that the film failed at the box office.

The DVD of the film is available on one of the video sharing platforms. Unfortunately, the film is heavily edited as a result of which there is some problems with the continuity of the story. With this limitation, I am attempting to present a gist of the story of the film below:

Chaudhari Niranjan Singh (S. Nazir) is a wealthy and a powerful landlord having two daughters – Tulsi (Chand Usmani) and Surajmukhi (Naina). In the neighbouhood, Kaudi (Nalini Jaywant) stays with her widowed mother (Leela Mishra). Tulsi, Surajmukhi and Kaudi are friends and they spend most of their time together. They always have some teasing sessions. In one of such sessions about their life partners, Surajmukhi’s says that she would marry a man of her choice while Tulsi says that she would marry a boy as per her father’s wishes. Kaudi on the other hand says that she would never marry in her life. But their fate is written something else.

There is a secret in Chaudhari Niranjan’s life. In the younger days, he had an affair with a widowed girl with whom he had a child out of wedlock. For the sake of family prestige, both the widowed girl and Chaudhari Niranjan decide to keep this as a secret. That child was none other than Tulsi and the widowed mother was also Kaudi’s mother.

After some years, Choudhari Niranjan plans for marrying Tulsi with a boy from his own community. He had selected Sujaan Singh, the son of his close friend as a bridegroom for Tulsi. Chaudhary Niranjan’s community leaders are against this marriage due to Tulsi being a child out of wedlock. But Choudhari goes ahead with the marriage. On the wedding day, when the couple were returning after the marriage, Sujaan is shot dead (probably akin to a honour killing). Tulsi returns to her home as a widow.

After some time, Manvir Singh (Dinesh, who has a double role in the film) along with his father (David) comes to Kaudi’s house for a temporary stay. Manvir Singh has returned from abroad after completing his education. The family had known each other. What surprises everyone is that Manvir Singh resembles Sujaan Singh. Being a guest in Kaudi’s house, both Manvir Singh and Kaudi have some ‘nonk-jhonk’ (light teasing arguments). In this process, Kaudi develops liking for him. Both Tulsi and Surajmukhi had been the childhood friends of Manvir Singh as his father was a friend of Chaudhari Niranjan.

In the meanwhile, Chaudhuri Niranjan is looking for a bridegroom for his second daughter, Surajmukhi and he has already selected Manvir Singh. Surajmukhi is happy about her father’s selection as she also secretly loves him. During the discussion with Manvir Singh’s father, Chaudhary offers 50 acres of land as a dowry which he raises to 100 acres. But Manvir Singh declines to marry a girl on the strength of her father’s money power.

Ever since Manvir Singh has come to stay in Kaudi’s house as a guest, Tulsi gets to see him often. But whenever she sees him or hears when he plays his flute, she gets convulsion and falls on the ground injuring herself. She thinks that her husband Sujaan has resurfaced. Both Kaudi and Surajmukhi tries to convince Tulsi that it is her illusion as he is not Sujaan. But she is not convinced. In this milieu, a situation develops in which all the three girls, Tulsi, Surajmukhi and Kaudi secretly love Manvir Singh but there is no reciprocation from his side to any one of them.

In the meanwhile, in the greed of getting 100 acres of land from Chaudhari Niranjan as dowry for marrying Surajmukhu, Manvir Singh’s father pressurizes the son to agree to marry her. In disgust, Manver Singh leaves the house to meet Chaudhary Niranjan in his mansion. After seeing him, Chaudhari Niranajan is perplexed as he is also surprise to find him resembling Sujaan. Manvir Singh makes it very clear to Chaudhari Niranjan that he has come with intention of his marriage with Tulsi after coming to know of unfortunate events in her life. Chaudhari Niranjan gets angry on Manvir Singh and ask him to leave. Surajmukhi secretly hears this conversation. This news also goes to Tulsi also who show happiness. Later Manvir Singh meets Tulsi to get her nod for the marriage. But after seeing him, she once again gets convulsion from which she does not recover and dies.

With this incidence, Surajmukhi decides to leave her father’s house as she does not need any worldly pleasure. However, Manvir’s father persuades her to return for his own vested interest to getting a fat dowry. Both Chaudhary Niranjan and Manvir Singh’s greedy father think that deck is now cleared for marriage of Surajmukhi with Manvir Singh. But there is a twist in the tale. When all of them arrive at Kaudi’s house, they find that Manvir Singh has already married to Kaudi. After some arguments, wiser counsel prevails on Chaudhari Niranjan Singh and with the consent of Surajmukhi, he agrees to formally get Kaudi married to Manvir Singh at his expenses in his haveli as a penance for his daughter Tulsi.

The film has an unusual story line in the genre of family drama. Pandit Shivkumar’s dialogues are crisp without using long monologues. The language used in the dialogues is a mix of high-sounding Hindi and Urdu words and sounds quite different from the usual ‘Hindustani’ used in the family drama. All the main actors in the film including the new comers Naina and Dinesh have given good performances. For Director Pandit Anandkumar and music director, Roshan, the film is their repeat performances in ‘Naubahaar’ (1952) in regards to the music composition of the songs and the picturization thereof.

Despite good story, good performances by the main actors and melodious songs, why did the film failed to score on the box offices? In my view, the film did not have ‘star value’ in the sense that barring Nalini Jaywant who was already on a declining trajectory on her acting career, none of the other actors had the capacity to attract the cinegoers. There were also no box-office ‘ingredients’ like villain, mujra dances, fights etc. Even the role of Chaudhari Niranjan as the landlord had no villainous character and hence no mujra dances and fights.

‘Zindagi Aur Hum’ (1962) had 6 songs, including a double version song of which 3 songs have been covered in the Blog. I am presenting the 4th song, jaa re jaa re meri chhod chunariya, sung by Lata Mangeshkar to appear on the Blog. The song is written by Pandit Shivkumar which is set to music by Roshan. The song is picturised on Nalini Jaywant.

I have come across on the internet at many places that Shiv Kumar Saroj has been accredited to the songs of this film except one song which is written by Veer Mohammed Puri. However, I have gone by the name given in the credit title which is ‘Pandit Shivkumar’.

I feel that Shiv Kumar Saroj who was a well-known announcer with Radio Ceylon during 1959-68 is a different person than Pandit Shivkumar. It is evident from the credit title of the film where it is mentioned that the film is dedicated to Pandit Shivkumar who could not see his visions realised. This indicates that at the time of release of the film, he was not alive to see his film which he wrote. Pandit Shivkumar started his filmy career in mid 1930s with Prabhat Film Company as writer. Later, his younger brother Pandit Anandkumar joined him. Shiv Kumar Saroj occasionally wrote lyrics for films from 1966 (Naag Mandir) till about mid-1980s.

With this song, only two songs from the film are left to be covered which I propose to cover in my next set of articles slated for this month.

Video Clip:

Audio Clip:

Song-Jaa re jaa re meri chhod chunariya (Zindagi aur Hum)(1962) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Pt Shiv Kumar, MD-Roshan

Lyrics(Based on Video Clip)

jaa re jaa re meri chhod chunariya
ab main nyaari jhooloongi
jaa re jaa re meri chhod chunariya

tere kaaran jhoola daala
naihar ki amraai
teri preet ke geet alaape
koyal sun sharmaayi
ae ri ae ri mujhe
ae ri ae ri mujhe laagi najariya
ab main nyaari jhooloongi ee
jaa re jaa re meri chhod chunariya

bhaav ki daali chaav ki aali
prem dor latkaayi
bhaav na jaana chaav na jaana
jhonka de jhatkaayi
ae ri ae ri mujhe
ae ri ae ri mujhe aayi sooratiya
ab main nyaari jhooloongi
jaa re jaa re meri chhod chunariya

toone aisa jaadu daala
sab sudh budh bisraayi
tere rang mein rang liya baana
ban thhan kar itraayi
ae ri ae ri main to
ae ri ae ri main to bhooli dagariya
ab main nyaari jhooloongi ee
jaa re jaa re meri chhod chunariya
ab main nyaari jhooloongi ee

3 Responses to "Jaa re jaa re meri chhod chunariya"

video link of the song starts with Chand Usmani`s appearance and afterwards Nalini Jaywant appears

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Yes, but the song is picturised on Nalini Jaywant.

I had seen the situation of the song and noted that Chand Usmani was feeling sad of what her father had told her. The two scenes – Chand Usmani and Nalini Jaywant singing – are mutually exclusive.and appearance of her has no connection with the song.

The Chand Usmani part could have been edited out while ripping off the song from the film by the uploader

Liked by 1 person

Thanks Sadanand ji for writing to me,
I watched the video without the speaker/headphone connection, I thought of writing Chand Usmani`s appearance without listening the song,
” 😊, Bina sochey, samjhe Aissey hi likh diya”

Thanks again for writing to me.


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