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Janamdin tujhko mubaarak ho

Posted on: November 15, 2020

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# Superstar Child Artist – Junior Mehmood # 7

Today 15th November 2020 is the sixty-fourth birthday of actor Junior Mehmood.

On this occasion here is a ‘birthday’ song which he is performing for other ‘child artists birthday’ in the movie while doing jigs in his own unimitable style.

I had earlier planned to send an older write-up with a song from ‘Bachpan-1969’, which I had sent last year and was not posted. However I am holding it for the future now. Because it is linked with a task now. 😊

Yesterday we celebrated children’s day and enjoyed this song. This song is picturised on various child artists including Junior Mehmood. However as this was his first released movie and he was yet to become a ‘child superstar’ at that time. I did not include this song in this series and rather sent it separately for ‘children’s day’ celebration. I guess the songs from this movie ‘Naunihal-1967’ could be the first instance of Jr Mehmood performing on songs.

Later on, he went on to act in many movies as a child artist and he was very popular among people like me who were born and growing during those years of late sixties and early seventies. He was the most loved child artist of that era.

His acting career continued even as an adult actor. However, he didn’t get the same success and adulation in movies as an adult actor what he received as a ‘child artist’.

As a child artist Junior Mehmood achieved a ‘Superstar’ like status. Many songs were picturised on him wherein he would copy many stars and his guru the famous comedian Mehmood.

So far, we have enjoyed the following six songs in this series;

1) lagey koi lottery koi jackpot lagey

2) Na koi paisa na ilm banaao bambai mein film

3) Mera naam hai Mehmood

4) Birha ki rain sooni sooni sejariya

5) Aisa banoonga actor main yaaron

6) Ham hi jaanen ek torey manwa ki peer

I have marked three more songs of him (brought to my notice by our team members Peevesie’s Mom ji and Prakash ji) for presentation in future posts.

I have mentioned it in one of my earlier post in this series that there could be more songs picturised on him and we will try to bring them here and then compile the list of total songs picturised on him.

Very recently I came across today’s song. This is from the ‘1973’ movie ‘Archana’.

One very popular song from this movie has been posted on the blog on 04.01.2012. I was surprised to see that the post on this popular song has attracted no comments so far.

Perhaps that is why our Atul ji has said this in one of his post here;

“I wonder if someone has ever tried to analyse why people like some songs and not other songs. Why do some songs become timeless classics while others are forgotten after their initial run?”

Coming back to today’s song now let us have the details about this movie in brief.

‘Archana-1973’ was directed by for ‘Vikram Pictures’ Bombay. It had Mala Sinha, Sanjeev Kumar, Snehlata with Jagdeep, Manmohan Krishna, Bobby, Jagridar, V. Gopal, Sulochana, Shabnam, Madhu, Sushila, Shibana and Om Prakash and others.

Jr Mehmood makes a special appearance in this movie.

Story of this movie was written by Prof. Tamhane, and screenplay was written by Madhusudan Kalaelakar.
Dialogues for this movie were written by Anand Romani, editing of this movie was done by Govind Dalwadi.

This movie was passed by Censor Board on 1st October’1973.

This movie has six songs written by Hasrat Jaipuri, Indeevar and Neeraj.

Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhonsle, Mohd Rafi and Manna Dey give their voices to the songs in movie.

Music for this movie was composed by Shankar-Jaikishan. (coincidentally, nowadays I am incidentally coming across many songs of Shankar-Jaikishan some of them heard earlier and some new for me.

Here is the list of these six songs as per HFGK Vol-V (1971-1980);

S.No. Song Title Lyricist Posted on
01 Jaise …. preetam se pyaar badhha jaaye Hasrat Jaipuri
02 Jab ham hain tere saath… janamdin tujhko Indeevar
03 Jiyaa mein laaga more baan preet ka Hasrat Jaipuri
04 Tan mann tere rang rangoongee Neeraj 04.01.2012
05 Jaane kis roop ki jaadubhari parchhaayi ho Hasrat Jaipuri
06 Jo dil mein chubha… ab bas mein kahaan Hasrat Jaipuri/Indeevar

Let us now enjoy today’s song where many child artists are seen.
Let us wish Junior Mehmood a ‘very happy birthday today’ and a ‘healthy, peaceful and entertaining’ life ahead.

Today’s song is sung by Asha Bhonsle and it is written by Indeevar. Music is composed by Shankar-Jaikishan.

(Note: -Lyrics noted are as per the audio link which has three stanzas)



Song-Janamdin tujhko mubaarak ho (Archana)(1973) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Indeewar, MD-Shankar Jaikishan


(mubaarak ho
raju janamdin mubaarak ho
mubaarak ho
raju janamdin mubaarak ho
mubaarak ho
raju janamdin mubaarak ho
mubaarak ho
raju janamdin mubaarak ho
raju janamdin mubaarak ho)

jab ham hain tere saath
phir darne ki kya baat
janamdin tujhko mubaarak ho
janamdin tujhko mubaarak ho
jab ham hain tere saath
phir darne ki kya baat
janamdin tujhko mubaarak ho o
janamdin tujhko mubaarak ho

bachpan se apne pairon par
jo bhi khade hote hain
haan jo bhi khade hote hain
wohi mahaan banaa karte hain
wohi bade hote hain
himmat hai tere saath
phir mushkil hai kya baat
janamdin tujhko mubaarak ho o o
janamdin tujhko mubaarak ho
jab ham hain tere saath
phir darne ki kya baat
janamdin tujhko mubaarak ho
janamdin tujhko mubaarak ho o

hamen dekh apnon se pichhde
phir bhi muskaate hain
haan phir bhi muskaate hain
museebatein darti hain hamse
aansoo ghabraaten hain
haan aansoo ghabraaten hain ae
tu dulhaa
ham baaraat
laa de haathon mein haath
janamdin tujhko mubaarak ho
janamdin tujhko mubaarak ho o
jab ham hain tere saath
phir darne ki kya baat
janamdin tujhko mubaarak ho o
janamdin tujhko mubaarak ho o

naam likha jaaye taaron mein
kaam tu karna aise ae
haan kaam tu karna aise ae
tujhe dhoondhti phir teri maa
aayegi nahin kaise ae
haan aayegi nahin kaise ae
arey de de gham ko maat
ham sab ki duaa tere saath
janamdin tujhko mubaarak ho o o
janamdin tujhko mubaarak ho o
jab ham hain tere saath
phir darne ki kya baat
janamdin tujhko mubaarak ho
janamdin tujhko mubaarak ho o

2 Responses to "Janamdin tujhko mubaarak ho"

while browsing yesterday I came across One Junior Mehmood serial video, aapki yaad aa gayi Avinash ji,
today Junior Mehmood ko leke aap aa gaye nazar ke saamne

Thank you for a nice post on him again
and wishing him “A very happy birthday ”
and thanks again for covering children day also with this post


I did see Archana. But didn’t like the movie. Mala Sinha has an extended guest appearance. The movie was dark and sombre. Similar to the father in Anupama, here too Sanjeev Kumar hates his son because his wife (Mala) dies during childbirth. Gujarati actress Snehalatha fails to impress. If I am not mistaken, the film had a delayed release and was a resounding flop at the box office.


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