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Gaa ae dil matwaale jhoom kar saaz uthhaa le

Posted on: January 15, 2021

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Geeta Dutt – Solos and duets (03)

My comment on the 900th song post of Geeta Dutt’s songs :

Congratulations on completing 900 songs of Geeta Dutt. Out of the 500 plus songs that remain to covered in the blog, there are many which sound so beautiful. I have made a short list of her duets and solos yet to be posted and it is difficult to decide on one. In fact I wrote down the lyrics of two such song over the weekend.

Like Husnlal-Bhagatram’s songs, I find it difficult to move past an unheard song by Geeta Dutt. Somehow she captivates the listener on first hearing. A truly gifted and versatile artist.

About the diction and singing the words correctly, also she is almost perfect. A case in point is this two version -Geeta and one small Rafi version ‘Lori’ :

This series is about solos and duets of Geeta Dutt, so here is a wonderous soulful solo. If somebody could sound somewhere in between sad and happy, Geeta Dutt would be it. She sounds spirited too at the same time. The moment I heard it for the first time, I wanted to write a post for it.

I have been listening to the song of the previous post too, and keep wondering how that one remained unknown all these decades. While the Talat Mehmood solo from ‘Chhaya’ 1961, having the same tune is a very well-known song.

And now I am thinking, if the tune of this solo also is sounding more familiar than it should. I am not able to pin point if there is another song with similar beat, especially the‘gaaye jaa aa, kuchh gaaye jaa’ bit.

In my previous post I had billed the duets of Geeta dutt with various singers among the posted songs, at below 350. But they would be more than 350. This blog has 521 solos by her posted.

The first solo in this series is the 7th song from the 1949 film “Karwat”. The music director is Hansraj Behl and lyricist is Saifuddin Saif. Present tally of these two in the blog:

Artist Songs posted Total songs
Hansraj Behl 260 62 movies(538)
Saifuddin Saif 1

So, this one is only the second song penned by Saifuddin Saif in the blog. His first song is also from the same movie, so this Poet/lyricist could be a one movie wonder.

Six songs of Karwat(1949) are already posted in the blog:

Song Date posted
Chanda baadal mein baadal mein mukh le chhipa 2 November 2012
Nigaahen milaane milaane ko jee chaahta hai Multiple version song 29 November 2013
Tod ghulaami ki zanjeeren jaage hain insaan 15 August 205
Ek rog laga baithhi main 17 July 2016
Chal diye munh pher kar 28 November 2017

This song is significant for it must have set the tone for the famous club, cabaret, mischievous and teasing songs to come, composed by Music Directors like O P Nayyar and S D Burman and sung by Geeta Dutt. This song too is a gem of a discovery.

Song-Gaa ae dil matwaale jhoom kar saaz uthha le(Karwat)(1949) Singer-Geeta Dutt, Lyrics-Saifuddin Saif, MD-Hansraj Bahl


Gaa ae dil matwaale jhoom kar
saaz uthhaa le
gaaye jaa aa aa aa aa
kuchh gaaye jaa
raaten badi anokhi
yeh din bahot niraale
gaaye jaa aa aa
kuchh gaaye jaa

kyun chaand chakor se door
ghataa mein phire akelaa aa
yeh mast jawaani
koyi din ka melaa
aa kisi se aankh milaa le
jhoom kar saaz uthhaa le
gaaye jaa aa aa aa aa
kuchh gaaye jaa

yeh mast hawaayen kehti hain
milne ki kahaani ee ee
rut beet na jaaye
pyaasi hai jawaani
ik duniyaa nayi basaa le
jhoom kar saaz utthaa le
gaaye jaa aa aa
kuchh gaaye jaa

mehek mehek kar
kali kali ko
phool pukaare ae ae
mastaana hawaa mein
hanste hain sitaare
ab dil ko kaun sambhaale
jhoom kar saaz uthhaa le
gaaye jaa aa aa aa
kuchh gaaye jaa

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