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Dil ko lagaa ke bhool ki

Posted on: January 10, 2021

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Geeta Dutt – Solos and duets (02)

Among Geeta Dutt’s endearing songs, there are innumerable duets. Maximum no. of her duets is bound to be with Mohammed Rafi sahab, for the obvious reason that at the times she was most active, coincides with the period when various music directors were having all male songs sung by Rafi sahab. So there are films where Rafi sahab has duets with Lata, Asha and Geeta, plus solos by all of them, with a female duet also thrown it. This would be a typical late 50’s music score. Sometimes a female singer or two are changed and Shamshad Begum is there, with one solo and/or duet.

Looking for major co-singers for Geeta Dutt among the 900 songs already posted in the blog, I have found this list:

Geeta Dutt duets with major playback singers Total duets in the blog
Rafi Geeta Dutt Duets 111
Talat Mehmoood Geeta Dutt duets 21
Lata Geeta Dutt duets 17
Kishore Kumar Geeta Dutt duets 13
Geeta Dutt-Asha Bhonsle duets 25
Mukesh Geeta Dutt duets 14
Shamshad Begam-Geeta Dutt duets 9
Manna Dey Geeta Dutt duets 17
Hemant Kumar Geeta Dutt duets 19
Geeta Dutt Mahendra Kapoor duets 7
G M Durrani Geeta Dutt duets 16
C Ramchandra Geeta Dutt duets 5

While no other singer is crossing the 25 mark in the blog, the duets with Rafi sahab are at 111, so far and counting. I was surprised to find so few with Mukesh at 14 and Shamshad Begum at 9. Mukesh is at 792/932, so the possibility of few more duets with Geeta Dutt is there. Shamshad Begum is at 701/1273, so maybe a few more of these female duets are out there, waiting their turn.

I found this very nice sad melancholy duet of hers with Talat Mehmood. Considering that 386 out of 450 songs of Talat Mehmood are posted in the blog, I am glad to have found not one but two duets of these two. Even then I am optimistic that these two can reach the figure of 25. Presently they are at 21, plus the two song I have found, makes it 23. Let us see where the tally will reach finally.

This song from the film ‘Dr. Z’ is written by Akhtar Romani, and composed by Manohar Arora. These 4 songs of this film are already posted in the blog.

Song Posted on
Hello sweety seventeen 9 September 2011
Ye bheegi bheegi raat gagan par taaron ki baaraat 31 October 2018
Main hoon bhaiyya dim timkar 1 March 2019
Bhagwaan ik insaan ki sunaata hoon kahaani 17 November 2020

Geeta Dutt has three duets to sing in this film one each with Mohammed Rafi, S. Balbir and Talat Mehmood. With this post all three duets by Geeta Dutt in this movie are posted.

Out of 900 odd songs already posted, I can guess less than 350 are duets. Going by this trend remaining 500 songs of Geeta Dutt, 80+ songs with Rafi appeared unlikely, so as to make them 200. I have counted total 147 songs of these two including group songs. So roughly less than 20 duets of Geeta Dutt-Rafi are still at large, we have to catch them sooner or later :-).

The tune of the song reminds me of this 1961 song.

Song-Dil ko laga ke bhool ki dil ka nishaan mitaa diya (Dr Z)(1959) Singers-Geeta Dutt, Talat Mehmood, Lyrics-Akhtar Romani, MD-Manohar Arora


dil ko laga ke bhool ki ee
dil ka nisha mita diya aa
dil ka nishaan mita diya
humne bhari bahaar mein
apna chaman jala diya aa
apna chaman jala diya
(aa aa aa aa)

duniya ki har jafa sahi
kuchh bhi magar na keh sake
duniya ki har jafa sahi
kuchh bhi magar na keh sake
humne wafa ke naam par
jo kuchh bhi thha luta diya aa
jo kuchh bhi thha luta diya(aa aa aa aa aa)

shiqwa kisi se kya karen
marzi hai ye naseeb ki
shiqwa kisi se kya karen
marzi hai ye naseeb ki
chaaha jise mita diya
chaaha jise bana diya
dil ka nishaan mita diya
(aa aa aa aa aa)

leke falak ke chaand ko
koi kare to kya kare
leke falak ke chaand ko
koi kare to kya kare
apna bhi ek chaand thha
duniya ne jo chhupa diya aa
duniya ne jo chhupa diya(aa aa aa aa aa)

kis ko khabar thhi pyaar mein
jal jal ke khaaq honge hum
kis ko khabar thhi pyaar mein
jal jal ke khaaq honge hum
khaaq ka kya jahaan mili
jisko mili uda diya aa
jisko mili uda diya
(aa aa aa aa)
hamne bhari bahaar mein
apna chaman jala diya aa
apna chaman jala diya
(aa aa aa aa)

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