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Jeevan saathhi mil jaaye to kali hriday ki khil jaaye

Posted on: January 19, 2021

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Today’s song is from the film Khush Naseeb-46. It was an ordinary social film made by Indra Movietone. Directed by V. panchotiya, the film had music by Anupam Ghatak and Pt. Lachhiram Tomar. We do not know who wrote the film’s 12 songs or even who sang these songs. Only few songs(actually only 2) are available on YouTube and the uploader ( Sadanand Kamath ji) has identified singers by voice, wherever possible. The limited cast mentioned in HFGK lists names as Padma Devi, Rukmini Devi, Anjali Roy, Bela Rani and V.Panchotiya. This too being incomplete, we do noit have any idea about its Hero or other artistes.

The year 1946 was an year which saw many changes in the film industry. The II world war had just ended. Rationing and control on many items had created Black marketing. This made many people Millionaires. The extra income started getting invested in Film making. The increased cost of Raw Films made filmmaking 7 to 8 times costlier. A film which was made in about 1 Lakh rupees in 1940, needed 8 Lakhs now. Studio system was waning and artiste rates increased in Lakhs instead of thousands.

In 1945, only 74 films were made. This number increased to 153 films in 1946. Further, in 1947, the film industry produced a record number of films – 181, but of course that was due to Partition. The quality of films was sacrificed at the cost of the quantity of films made in 1946. However, some quality films were made in 1946, indicating the changing face of filmmaking.

Film Dharati ke Lal-46 was made by IPTA people and it became the first film to be exhibited in Russia. Neecha Nagar-46 won the Grand Prix award in French Film Festival. Film Dr. Kotnis ki amar kahani-46 was dubbed in English as ‘ The journey of Dr. Kotnis’. It was shown in the USA and then in Venice Film Festival. Two musical films- Anmol Ghadi and Shahjahan were made in 1946.

Year 1946 also saw the Debut of several stars and artistes. In fact one can call 1946 as the ” Debut year” of Hindi film industry. See this….

Nirupa Roy debuted in film Amar Raaj-46

Geeta Bali debuted with a dance in film Badnaami-46

Geeta Roy sang her first film song in film Bhakta Prahlad-46

Balraj Sahni debuted in film Insaaf-46. It was a small role,though.

K A Abbas-Director, Pt.Ravi Shankar-MD, Balraj Sahni as Hero and Damayanti Sahni as Heroine made their Debut in film Dharati Ke Lal-46

Meena kapoor sang her first Hindi film song in film Eight Days-46

Sudhir Phadke debuted as MD in film Gokul-46

P L Santoshi as Director, Dev Anand, Rehman, Rehana and Kamla Kotnis debuted as actors in film Hum Ek Hai-46

Chitragupta did his first film as MD in Lady Robin Hood-46

Ram Ganguly became MD with film Maharana Pratap-46

Abhi Bhattacharya debuted in film Milan-46

Chetan Anand as Director, Uma Anand and Kamini kaushal as actresses debuted in film Neecha Nagar-46

Hansraj Behl debuted as MD with film Pujari-46

Madhubala(as Baby Mumtaz) sang her first song in film Pujari-46

Majrooh Sultanpuri wrote his first Hindi film song in film Shahjahan-46

S D Burman as MD and Kishore Kumar as an actor debuted with film Shikari-46

So, you will find the year 1946 was truly an year of change. The winds of Partition were already blowing and the second line of supplementary artistes was ready to replace the Migrators, after the Partition.

Film Khush Naseeb-46 was directed by V.Panchotiya. Vithaldas Panchotiya ( 15 th October 1906 to 2-10-1987 ). Except those readers, who have a knowledge of early era Hindi films, it is unlikely that other readers might have even heard this name. In the early era, when the studio system was firmly established, the artistes employed by the studio had no specific duties. Anybody and everybody had to do what was needed by the company. Due to this many capable artistes became all rounders in film making.
Vithaldas Panchotiya was certainly one such person. He has been a Producer, Director, story writer, dialogue writer, screenplay writer, lyricist, Singer, Music Director and God knows what else !

Born in October 1906 in Vadnagar in Gujarat, he followed his father’s footsteps. His father worked in stage dramas and toured with the drama company. From the age of 8 years Vithaldas started acting in dramas. Later he joined Calcutta’s Alfred Drama company, owned by Madon Theatres Limited. He worked on a salary of Rs. 35 pm. While working in dramas, he established his own Gujarat Film company and produced 12 silent films in 10 years. Vithaldas first acted in silent film ‘ Dhruv charitra’-1921. He learnt dance and music too. He acted , directed, sang songs and gave music also. He acted in Talkie film ” Muflis Ashiqe”-1932, claimed to be India’s first comedy film. He acted, sang and composed music for this film.

Being a staunch Gandhian, he used to participate in rallies etc. Some of his films were Hindustan-32, Insaf ki Tope-34, Gaibi Gola-35 ( he was the writer and the director too.He gave a break to Baby Noorjahan in this film.), Khudai Khidamadgar-37 aka Garib ki Tope, Takdir ki Tope-38 etc . As per one source, he acted in 35 films, directed 10 talkie films, sang 8 songs, gave music to 1 film and wrote Lyrics to 2 films. Additionally story, dialogues and screenplay writing were also done by him. Some of his films were, Shaikh chilli-37, Khush naseeb-46, Prabhu ki maya-55, Ghar ki numaish-49, Karmaveer-38, Raman-54, Jagriti-54, Hum sab chor hain-56, Basant 60, Bhagvat mahima etc.

I find it very difficult to know exactly how many films he did in various capacities in the 1930s, as there are conflicting claims by him and Master Fida Hussain. In a few cases the details in HFGK and what he claims, gets contradicted. Some of his films in the 40s are Ramanuj-43, Giribala-47, Grihalaxmi-48, Ghar ki Numaish-48 ( released only in 1962, with the title ‘ Jai ho muhabbat ki ‘ )

Thanks to information and statistical data provided by Shri Harish Raghuwanshi ji of Surat, we know that his Filmography consists of a total 11+ 26 films. The break up is-

11 silent films
25 Talkie films as Actor and 1 film as a writer only.
9 films as a Director
2 films as Lyricist and
2 films as Music Director
As per Muvyz data, he sang 37 songs in 8 films.

from 1951 to 1960, he did 13 films- mostly ( 9) for Filmistan. He directed 2 of them. After 1960 his work was reduced. The death of his 3 sons broke him emotionally. As a true Gandhian, it was his dream to make a film- Gandhi Sangram- on mahatma Gandhi. He had done all the spade work and the Muhurat of shooting was also done on 2-10-1987, The Government had promised finance. Even Rajiv Gandhi promised him that. However nothing came to him and he died on 30-10-1996, with his dream unfulfilled.

His daughter Shradha used to work in Gujarati films. She too died in a Train accident in 2000. Her daughter Deepshikha is an actress.

I do not know the story or any other details of this film. Here is the first song from film Khush Naseeb-46,sung by an unidentified male and Zeenat Begum. With this song film Khush Naseeb-46 makes its Debut on this Blog.

( some information for this post is taken from an article by prof. Surjit singh ji and some from Harish ji, book 100 years of Hindi films by Antarkar and my notes)

Song- Jeevan saathi mil jaaye to kali hriday ki khil jaaye (Khushnaseeb)(1946) Singers-Male voice, Zeenat Begam, Lyrics-Unknown, MD-Unknown


Jeevan saathi mil jaaye
to kali hriday ki khil jaaye
Jeevan saathi mil jaaye
jeevan safal banaa loon main
ik duniya
ik duniya nayi basaa loon main
kali hriday ki khil jaaye
jo jeevan saathi mil jaaye
kali hriday ki khil jaaye
jo jeevan saathi mil jaaye
o o
o o o o
o o o
jeevan saathhi dhoondhhne waale
apne man mein dekh
apne man mein dekh
kisko dhoondhh raha hai pagle
prem bhawan mein dekh pagle
prem bhawan mein dekh

beet gaya aa aa aa aa aa aa
beet gaya yug khojat khojat
beet gaya yug khojat khojat
mila na man ka meet
mila na man ka meet
koi nahin
aisa saathhi
koi nahin
aisa saathhi
kare jagat mein preet
jis’se kare jagat mein preet
o o
o o o o
o o
mil jaayegaa
mat gaa dukh ke geet
mat gaa dukh ke geet

dhoondhh liyaa hai hamne bhi
par hui na ab tak jeet
par hui na ab tak jeet
jisko tumne dhoondhh liyaa hai
kya hai uska naam
haan aan
kya hai uska naam

kyun batlaa kar naam kisi ka
log kare badnaam
haan aan
log karen badnaam

tumko lage pasand
pasand usi ki
tumko lage pasand
jiska naam chhupaao o o
batlaa do
batlaa do mohe
batlaa do
batlaa do mohe
kaahe ko tadpaao
batlaa do
batlaa do mohe
kaahe ko tadpaao

keh doon
keh do
maan jaao
na tarsaao
kah do

uska naam hai Tara
chamke jo aakaash mein

2 Responses to "Jeevan saathhi mil jaaye to kali hriday ki khil jaaye"

Very exhausting and interesting write up with loads of info about films, people & songs. Admirable work indeed. Thanks for sharing.

On Tue, 19 Jan 2021, 05:00 Atul’s Song A Day- A choice collection of Hindi Film & Non-Film Songs, wrote:

> Atul posted: “This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow > enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This > article is meant to be posted in If this article appears > in other sites without the knowledge and consent of the ” >


Bharat ji,

Thanks for your appreciation. It works as a motivation for me to continue my work.


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