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Aata hai yaad mujhko guzra hua zamaana

Posted on: January 31, 2021

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Today’s song is from the film Shri Nagad Narayan-1955.

There is a little story on why I have chosen this song today for my post here. Only the other day, I was going through my mails, searching for some reference. while searching for it, i went back well upto 2014 mails. Suddenly my attention fell on a mail written on 25-8-2014, by our friend in ASAD group-Mr. Mahesh Mamadapur. The mail was addressed to me, Atul ji and Sudhirji. It pointed out that a song by Khan Mastana in the film Shri Nagad Narayan-55 was still uncovered and he had suggested that one of us should make a post on it, as it was a good song.

Out of curiosity, I immediately checked whether this song was covered on the Blog. I was also curious to know, finally who wrote the post on that song. To my utter surprise, I found that even after 7 years the song had still remained uncovered. Perhaps, in those days, all of us must have thought that the other would write on the song. Then I checked on YouTube if this song was available. After a little effort, I found the song also. I felt relieved and decided to correct the slip at least now. Perhaps it was my destiny to write a post on this song, afterall ! Thanks Mahesh ji for the song and here it is, dedicated to Mahesh ji !

The film Shri Nagad Narayan-55 was produced by S.N.Kanva-of Kanva Brothers Corporation, under the banner of their own Kamdhenu Films, Bombay. It was directed by I.S.Johar and the music was by Vinod. The cast consisted of Meena (Shorey), Motilal, Majnu, Omprakash, Badri pershad,Leela Mishra, Shirin etc. The director, composer and the lead pair reminded me of their earlier Hit film ” Ek Thi Ladki”-1949, where, for the first time I.S.Johar and Majnu had made a comedy pair on the lines of Bud Abott and Louise Castello. Later they acted together as a pair in almost every film of Roop K. Shorey, who considered them ” Lucky Mascot”. However, I liked this pair in the film ” Hum sab chor hain”-1956, which was a adapted copy of the film Ek this Ladki-49.

There was another film ‘Nagad Narayan” made in 1943. This was a remake of a Marathi film ” पैसा बोलतो आहे ” made by Bhal G. Pendharkar. I do not know the story of today’s film, but I guess it was a comedy film ( with ‘ Vinod’ as the appropriate MD !). The film had 11 songs written by Qamar Jalalabadi, P L Santoshi, Verma Malik and Madhup Sharma.

In the year 1981, when I was the Zonal Manager in Glaxo Laboratories in Bombay, I had come in contact with this Madhup Sharma. Our company was making an Audio-Visual presentation for our London Principles, for our Veterinary products. One Mr. Mahesh Sharma was making it for us. He knew Madhup Sharma, who was friendly with actor Ashok Kumar. In those days Ashok Kumar used to have a very large Poultry Farm at Lonavala (between Bombay and Poona). We needed to shoot there and also interview Ashok Kumar. Madhup Sharma took us to Ashok kumar in his Chembur bungalow. There I met Ashok kumar personally for discussions. I took many photographs with him at that time.

This Madhup Sharma was a character actor, who acted in 48 films, from 1970 to 1989. He also wrote Lyrics for 2 films, Dara-53 and Shri Nagad narayan-55.

From 1950 to 1960 period, the maximum number of films – 124 were made in 1955, but most films this year were Mythological, Religious, Costume, Comedy and Stunt films. Incidentally, for the same period, 1950 to 1960, there were maximum Mythological/Religious films made – 124. Here are some milestones of 1955.

Film Pather Panchali had a world premier in New York. Festivals of Indian Films were held in London and Peking. Children’s Film Society was established in 1955 and Journal of Film Chamber was started by the South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce.

Taking a look at the 124 films of 1955, we find that…

A coloured Costume film ‘Azaad’, with A grade actors like Dilip Kumar, Meena kumari, Pran etc came from Madras stable.

Leela Chitnis tried to launch her son AJIT as a Hero in the flop film ‘ Aaj ki Baat’. 19 Popular Saigal songs were repeated in film Amar Saigal.

Comedy musical Baap re Baap and Naashad’s Baradari made ripples.

Ashok Kumar’s film Bandish…..on the night of 6-12-1955, when Ashok kumar and MD Arunkumar Mukherjee-his cousin, were returning from the Trial show of Bandish, Arunkumar Mukherjee, died in the car after a massive Heart attack, on Ashok Kumar’s lap.

Film Bhagwat Mahima had very good Bhajans by Hemant kumar.

Film Chingari had lovely songs by MD Manohar. Nalini Jaywant sang her last film song. This was the last film of actress Sunalini Devi also.

Om Praksh directed his first flop film Duniya Gol hai. The film had a record number of 13 Guest Artistes !

The only film of Pt. Amarnath Chawla,” Garm Coat” was renamed ‘ The clerk and the coat’.

Burman’s musical House No.44 became popular.

Another Costume film with A grade actors like Dilip kumar, Dev Anand, Beena Rai etc. from Madras again – Insaniyat. The Hollywood import monkey Zippy featured in Radio Ceylon advertisements for the film.

The evergreen dance and Music film from V.Shantaram – Zanak Zanak Paayal Baaje drew large crowds.

MD Jaidev debuted with a flop film Joru ka Bhai.

N.Datta debuted with film Milap.

MD Ravi debuted with the film Vachan.

Some other films were Mr. and Mrs. 55,Munim ji, Railway Platform (Sunbil Dutt made a Debut), a serious musical, Seema, the great film Shri 420 and Naushad’s Udan khatola.

In the cast of today’s film, you find the name Shirin Bano. Yes, she too is one of the artistes who joined films to get a suitable husband and lead a respectable and comfortable life. Shirin, Shirin Bai or Shirin Bano was from a tawaayaf mother from Lucknow. Her father was a Tamil Brahmin – Ram Seshadri Aiyar, who worked as an accountant with Kikubhai Desai (father of Manmohan Desai) in his distribution department. They were 5 sisters and 1 brother. Shirin joined films at an early age.

Her first film was ‘Maharani’ (1934). The same year she worked in ‘Vehmi Duniya’, ‘Sewa Sadan’ and ‘Bala Joban’. In 1935 her films were ‘Shamsher e Arab’, ‘Pardesi Sainya’ and ‘Bambai Ki Sethani’. In 1936, she worked in ‘Tope Ka Gola’, ‘Snehlata’, ‘Passing Show’ and ‘Azaad Veer’. ‘Khwab Ki Duniya’, ‘His Highness’ and ‘Challenge’ are her films from 1937, ‘State Express’ and ‘Purnima’ in 1938, and ‘Leather Face’ and ‘Hero No. 1’ from 1939. Total 18 films only.

Shirin alson sang 9 songs in 6 films – Maharani-34, Pardesi Saiyan-35, Khwab ki duniya-37, His Highness-37, Purnima-38 and Hero No.1-39

Her youngest sister Meher Bano also joined films with the name Purnima (she also married a producer / director Bhagwandas Varma). Shirin married producer / director Nanabhai Bhatt, who already had a wife and 3 children. They had 6 children – Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt are their sons.

Today’s song is sung by khan Mastana. In the last part of this song, there are lines “” Laila, Laila pukarun mein ban mein, meri Laila basi mere man mein”. These are famous lines from an original song by Master Nissar in film ” Laila Majnu”-1931, made by Madon Theatres. These lines are used in many other Hindi film songs too.

Song- Aata hai yaad mujh ko guzra hua zamaana (Shri Nagad Narayan)(1955) Singer-Khan Mastana, Lyricist-Qamar Jalalabadi, MD-Vinod


aata hai yaad mujhko guzra huaa zamaana
aata hai yaad mujhko guzra huaa zamaana
tu thhi meri deewaani
main tha tera deewaana
tu thi meri deewaani
main tha tera deewaana
aata hai yaad mujhko guzra huaa zamaana

chanda ki chaandni mein tu so rahi thi gori
aakar teri gali mein seeti mera bazaana
aata hai yaad mujhko guzra huaa zamaana

khidki mein tera aake chhupchhup ke muskuraana
ab tere ho chuke ham
ye kah ke bhaag jaana
aata hai yaad mujhko guzra huaa zamaana

ik din khabar ye aana
tu ban gayi hai dulhan
doli mein tera jaana ro ro ke mera gaana
laila laila pukaaroon main ban mein aen
meri laila basi mere man mein
laila laila pukaaroon main ban mein aen
meri laila basi mere man mein
laila laila pukaaroon main ban mein

8 Responses to "Aata hai yaad mujhko guzra hua zamaana"

Excellent post. The year 1955 was really very musical .
It should be NASHAD’s BARADARI and not NAUSHAD.


Manohar Lal Dave ji,
Thanks for appreciation.
Yes,there is a Typo about Nashad.
Sorry for this lapse.

Liked by 1 person

Madhup Sharma ,I remember his face in Johnny mera naam ,Anamika and Naatak, Thanks for all rare informations, Arun ji, Thanks again


Thanks, Prakash ji.


Arunkumar ji,

Pleasantly surprised with this nice gesture from you in dedicating this song to self.

Many Thanks.

I too had forgotten about the email and its good that you came across it and posted.

Apart from the main male singers whom we are all accustomed with, Khan Mastana, G M Durrani, C H Atma, Surendra, Jagmohan, S D Batish, et. al. will remain a part of the golden era of HFM.


Mahesh ji,
देर आये, दुरुस्त आये ।
I am happy that I found the mail and could do justice to it.
Thanks for your comment.


Dear Arun ji,

Thanks a lot for the lovely write up & song. I somehow thought that there wouldn’t be Khan Mastana Solos after emergence of Talat, Rafi & Mukesh, so it was kind of pleasant surprise.

Warm regards,



Thanks Umesh ji for your appreciation.


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