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Wo phoole phoole phirte hain

Posted on: February 10, 2021

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Rafi Sahab’s legendary associations: 01

Rafi sahab’s association with Vasant Desai started in 1949 with ‘Nai Ta’aleem” and “Narsimha Avtar” and continued till the very last music score by Vasant Desai in Shaque (1976)(Ek dil hai ek jaan hai (Shaque)). Vasant Desai’s active career as a music director is just a bit longer, from 1942 to 1976.

I think this is the first time I am writing a post for a song composed by Vasant Desai. I heard of Vasant Desai in childhood, when my mother used to talk about how he had died in an accident caused by faulty lift, whenever a song from films like Goonj Uthhi Shehnai, Jhanak Jhanak Paayal baaje or Guddi, would play on radio.

This particular song I am presenting is a Rafi solo, only such song in the film ‘Amar Jyoti’ 1965. I was not familiar with it earlier, but it sounded so familiar and sweet on first hearing that I wanted to do the post for it immediately. I had thought of including it in the series of ‘Mohammed Rafi: The incomparable (II)”, but on checking I found that the series is nicely poised at song no. 20 with this song.

So I will conclude that series there, and not have any more songs in that series.

I will start a new series, on various associations of Rafi Sahab with different music directors and singers and lyricist, which left a mark on the hindi film music of the golden era.

Two such collaborations are covered in this song, where music director Vasant Desai, is composing a song with Rafi sahab’s phenomenal singing capabilities, his variations, and Bharat Vyas has written the lyrics. Bharat Vyas is a veteran of mythological films, for which Rafi sahab has sung countless songs under different music directors. I could count 36 songs by Vasant Desai in the excel sheet, many of which are not yet posted in the blog. There are 154 songs written by Bharat Vyas in the excel sheet. Keeping a margin of errors, 150 songs can be taken as written by Bharat Vyas from 1949 to 1982.

The data in our blog and the excel sheet maintained by Atul ji would be a lot accurate in this regard, as we complete the tally of these artist in the blog.
We are a long way away from doing this, judging by the total stats of these three artists in the blog:

Artist Songs in the blog Career tally of songs in HFM
Vasant Desai 181 390
Bharat Vyas 408 1246
Mohammed Rafi 3110 4846

The following 5 songs of Amar Jyoti (1965) are posted in the blog so far:

Song Date of posting
Kalpana ke ghan baraste 9 June 2012
Mera pyaar tadapta hai 3 May 2014
Sambhaal ke qadam rakhna 25 Decmber 2018
Jeewan bhar ham tum saath rahe 22 January 2020
Jhan jhan jhan jhan baaje paayaliyaa 1 February 2021

This solo Rafi song is a classic study of how Rafi Sahab is a legend. Saying it for the umpteenth time is just not enough, as his voice and some inner aura of purity comes oozing out of the words being uttered. The song is composition for Rafi Sahab and him alone. I have no qualms in stating that only Rafi sahab could have elevated this simple and sweet composition to the level that he takes, and makes it an example of how singing could be, from the soul.

Song-Wo phoole phoole phirte hain (Amar Jyoti)(1965) Singer-Mohammed Rafi, Lyrics-Bharat Vyas, MD-Vasant Desai


aa aa aa
aa aa aa
aa aa aa
aa aa aa

Wo phoole phoole phirte hain
jin ki qismat ko phool mile
ham kis qismat par naaz karen en
ham kis qismat par naaz Karen
jin ko thokar ki dhool mile
wo phoole phoole phirte hain

aa aa aa
aa aa aa
aa aa aa
aa aa aa

ham ne bhi sitaare ae maange thhe
kaliyon ki tamanna ki ham ne
khushiyon se sahaaraa maangaa jab
khushiyon se sahaaraa maangaa jab
to haathh diyaa ham ko gham ne
unn ke sehre pe moti tange
ham ko sehraa ke babool mile
ham kis qismat par naaz karen
jin ko thokar ki dhool mile
wo phoole phoole phirte hain

aa aa aa
aa aa aa
aa aa aa
aa aa aa

unn se kya shikaayat hai ham ko
jin ki taqdeer mein tu bhi hai
apni to kinaare par aa kar
apni to kinaare par aa kar
har baar ye kashti doobi hai
manzil ki meharbaani unn par
jin ko raahen anukool mile
ham kis qismat par naaz Karen
jin ko thokar ki dhool mile
wo phoole phoole phirte hain

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