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Gham is qadar badhe ke main ghabra ke pi gayaa

Posted on: March 8, 2021

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Rafi Sahab’s legendary associations: 02

Saahir Ludhianvi’s 100th birth anniversary
It is Sahir Ludhianvi’s 100th birth anniversary on 08/03/2021 and I have the good fortune of writing for the last remaining song/snippet from ‘Pyasa’ 1957 to post on this occassion. There is no better showcase then the musical canvas of this classic film, I could not ask for a better opportunity. Thank you Avinash ji for giving me this gift.

It is arguably the best of Sahir, among the very best of S. D. Burman and most intense music score by him. It was Rafi sahab’s voice that becomes the poet and the poet becomes a Rafi personified because of the voice over in playback, in romance, in confusion, in jest, in irritation, in poetic narration, in bitterness, inebriation, in rebellion, and in cursing. Sahir made the so-called curse words in urdu palpable in poetry.

This is the list of all songs of “Pyaasa(1957)” already posted in the blog:

Song Date of posting
Jaane wo kaise log the jinke pyaar ko pyaar mila 21 April 2009
Ham aapki aankhon mein is dil ko basaa den to 10 september 2009
Aaj sajan mohe ang lagaalo janam safal ho jaaye 25 October 2009
Ye duniya agar mil bhi jaaye to kyaa hai 26 September 2009
Sar jo tera chakraaye yaa dil doobaa jaaye 27 September 2009
Jinhe naaz hai Hind par wo kahaan hain 16 October 2010
Jaane kyaa toone kahi jaane kyaa maine suni 5 October 2011
Rut phire par din hamaare phire na 13 January 2012
Tang aa chuke hain kashmakashe zindagi se ham 17 January 2012
Ye hanste huye phool ye mehka hua gulshan 8 June 2017
Peechhe peechhe duniya aage aage hum 9 July 2017

S. D. Burman was never averse to having both Lata and Asha Bhonsle sing for his song, but they are conspicuously absent in this music score. Geeta Dutt is singing for both Waheeda Rehman and Mala Sinha in this film.

My post on Sahir Ludhianvi’s remembrance day in 2020 is for the song where I have highlighted the effect of Iqbal on the Sahir and his poetry. This blog is one of the widely followed and read serious blogs on film music, and I thought, the aficionados of Sahir’s poetry would have some opinion to put forward, regarding my theory which I gave in that post.

I am reproducing a brief intro of Sahir from the book “Yeh un dinon ki baat hai” by Yasir Abbasi :

“Talkhi (bitterness) entered Sahir’s life early when his father chose to name him Abdul Ha’ee purely to spite a nieghbour. With a troubled childhood behind, he was still in his early 20’s when he stormed the literary arena with his first collection of poems, Talkhiyaan(1944). Films beckoned with Aazadi ke rahh par (1948), but it was with Naujawan and Baazi (both in 1951) – that he arrived with a bang. Widely regarded as the finest lyricist to grace Hindi cinema, he scaled dizzying heights with Pyaasa (1957). He was always vociferously critical of any kind of oppression, and in his indictment of social ills, he spared no one – be it the society(Aurat ne janam diya – Sadhna/1958), a bygone emperor (mere mehboob kahin aur – Ghazal/1964) or God (aasman pe hai khuda – Phir subah hogi/1958). Yet the same man could stir up romance like no one else when he wrote Abhi na jaao chhod kar (Hum dono/1961) or kabhi kabhi mere dil mein khayaal aata hai (Kabhie kabhie/1976). Temperamental but absolutely sublime at his craft, Sahir Ludhianvi elevated the lyricist in hindi films and raised the bench mark to a level that a few could touch.”

I have no arguments with the above introduction, but to add a few more dimensions in the expressing the intricacies of human relationship and romantic entanglements, Sahir’s intro is incomplete without these songs:

1. Tum agar mujh ko na chaaho to koyi baat nahin
2. Chalo ek baar phir se ajnabi ban jaayen
3. Zindagi bhar nahi bhulegi wo barsaat ki raat
4. Jo baat tujh mein hai teri tasveer mein nahin

There are many more, but the above should give a fair idea of the term ‘absolutely sublime’ in the above intro.

One more small para in the same book, an absolute gem, is this:

Aisa mehsoos hota hai ki Sahir ne apni shakhsiyat ka saara gudaaz shai’ri mein bhar diya hai aur sha’iri ki saari jaaduiyat apne khat-o-khaal mein jazb kar li hai. Aaine se aaina-gar ka ubharna lateefa hi sahi lekin Talkhiyaan ka mutaal’aa keejiye to uss ke musannif ki rooh bolti dikhaayi degi – musannif se baatein keejiye to ma’aloom hogaa aap us ki nazmein padh rahe hain.

Here is a list compiled by Avinash ji of the songs/films of the team of SDB and Sahir. Movie Year Songs of lyricist in the blog Song penned by lyricist in movie as per HFGK Song penned by lyricist in movie as per the book -The People’s Poet
1 Baazi 1951 8 8 8
2 Naujawan 1951 7 7 7
3 Sazaa 1951 1 1 1
4 Jaal 1952 8 8 8
5 Laal Kunwar 1952 8 11 11
6 Armaan 1953 8 8 8
7 Baabla 1953 6 6 6
8 Jeevan Jyoti 1953 8 7 7
9 Shahenshah 1953 9 9 9
10 Angaarey 1954 10 10 10
11 Radha Krishna 1954 2 2 2
12 Taxi Driver 1954 8 8 8
13 Devdas 1955 10 10 10
14 House No.44 1955 8 8 9
15 Munimji 1955 7 7 7
16 Society 1955 8 8 8
17 Funtoosh 1956 8 8 9
18 Pyaasa 1957 11 8 12
Total 135 134 140

The list ends abruptly in 1957, as the association between Sahir and SDB ended soon after the master piece Pyaasa.

Rafi sahab’s association with both these geniuses continued independently till the end of their lives. Here is their tally in the blog:

Name No of songs in the blog No of songs in the career
S. D. Burman 641 87 movies (666)
Sahir Ludhianvi 652 724

All the available songs by Rafi sahab under S. D. Burman are already posted in the blog. A few more Rafi songs written by Sahir remain to be posted.


Song-Gham is qadar badhe ke main ghabra ke pi gaya (Pyaasa)(1957) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Sahir Ludhianvi, MD-S D Burman

Lyrics (Provided by Avinash Scrapwala)

gham is qadar badhe
ke main ghabraa ke pee gayaa
is dil ki bebasi pe taras khaa ke
pee gayaa
thhukraa rahaa thhaa mujhko
badi der se jahaan
thhukraa rahaa thhaa mujhko
badi der se jahaan
main aaj sab jahaan ko
thhukraa ke pee gayaa aa …
main aaj sab jahaan ko
thhukraa ke pee gayaa aa …

Devnagri script lyrics (Provided by Avinash Scrapwala)

ग़म इस क़दर बढे
के मैं घबरा के पी गया
इस दिल कि बेबसी पे तरस खा के
पी गया
ठुकरा रहा था मुझको
बड़ी देर से जहां
ठुकरा रहा था मुझको
बड़ी देर से जहां
मैं आज सब जहां को
ठुकरा के पी गया…
मैं आज सब जहां को
ठुकरा के पी गया…

5 Responses to "Gham is qadar badhe ke main ghabra ke pi gayaa"

Our tributes to Sahir Ludhianvi.
Many thanks for this wonderful post Nahm ji. When I was reading it I lost myself to Sahir’s poetry and I was flowing with post, and wished it had more …
But the post ended only to take us a at an altogether different level of Sahir’s poetry.
Thanks and regards,


Regarding Sahir’s songs on the blog we have to wait (may be till evening or midnight) for the update.


Thanks for your appreciation. I believe that the post should end as reader is still reading 🙂 then they will look forward to the next post. As for Sahir’s tally, 700 songs of Sahir too will come up soon.


wonderful post with a nice flow.
I may not be a FAN of Sahir but I love many of his works. the lines
“zaraa mulk ke rahbaron ko bulaao
ye kooche ye galiyaan ye manzhar dikhaao”
from pyaasa’s “Jinhe Naaz hai Hind par woh kahaan hai” still holds. it shows that song was not situation specific. But the whole nation has become the ‘koocha’ and ‘galiyaan’ where Hawwa, Yashoda, Radha, Zulekha ki beti or Payambar ki Ummat is looking for Madad (help).
Personally I prefer his ‘fikr ko dhuyen mein udaata chala gaya’ because ‘aage bhi jaane na tu, peeche bhi jaane na tu, jo bhi hai bas yehi ek pal hai’. 🙂


Like I said there are numerous expressions by Sahir, I could have mentioned. The question raised by Sahir is valid, but there is a ‘conscious ignorance’ in our civilization, on the answers. There is a lack of study, there are so many types of researches are undertaken, at huge costs. But none of them seem to have this issue as a topic, because we have ceased to think of that as a problem, it is part of the normal. It is worse, bigger and more widespread than slavery ever was.


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