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So ja nanhe mere tu to so jaa

Posted on: March 31, 2021

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Hullo Atuldom

“Ek Hi Raasta” (1956) was a movie that was produced and directed by B.R.Chopra with story-screenplay- dialogue written by Pt. Mukhram Sharma. Its songs were penned by Majrooh Sultanpuri and composed by Hemant Kumar who had Ravi as assistant and Yash Chopra was assistant to B R Chopra.

This is a movie which I saw only recently. It is popular as a movie on widow remarriage. But it dealt with a lot more.

It showed the young lady’s problems after her remarriage. It showed that the lady had a problem getting her son to accept the new man in her life as his father in spite of the new father being his own father’s boss and friend as also the little one’s. The movie tried to find the mental challenges a little boy faces when he is not told the whole truth regarding his father’s death. There are more complexities when the lady gives birth to a baby from her second marriage. The little boy leaves his foster father’s home with his infant brother in search of his father and mother. There are some tense moments (I was on the edge of my seat) before the movie comes to a close.

Daisy Irani (credited as Raja alias Roop Kumar in the movie’s titles) was simply brilliant. And who better to play the young mother than Meena Kumari.
Meena Kumari may have been typecast as a tragedy queen but there have been movies where she has shown her comic timing as in “Azaad”; “Mem Sahib”; “Miss Mary” etc. This movie too had comic moments between Sunil Dutt, Daisy Irani and Meena Kumari. There are also scenes that show her dancing capabilities.
This movie had eight songs and the blog has five of them. Two of the songs are in the same video on YouTube maybe because they follow each other in the movie with a very small dialogue in between.

Song Date of posting
Chali gori pee ke milan ko chali 31 January 2009
Saaanwle salone aaye din bahaar ke 21 April 2009
Bade bhaiyya laaye hain London se chhori 11 April 2012
Chamka ban kar aman ka taara 15 august 2012
Bekas ki aabroo ko neelaam kar ke chhoda 27 November 2012

The above are the songs from “Ek Hi Raasta” that are on the blog. The last post was in November of 2012. Don’t know how the movie has missed being YYIIPPEEEED. This post hopes to take it one step closer.

Meena Kumari was barely 38 when she bid goodbye to this world in 1972. Unbelievable that it is 49 years ago. Paying tribute to this uniquely beautiful lady who had a sweet voice too.

Today’s song is in the voice of Lata Mangeshkar, the first part of the song being in Hemant Kumar’s voice. It shows the young mother trying to forget her pain and put her son to sleep and how both of them are missing the father.



Song-So jaa nanhe mere tu to so jaa(Ek Hi Raasta)(1956) Singers-Hemant Kumar, Lata, Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD-Hemant Kumar


bhola bachpan
dukhi jawaani
lambi sooni raahon mein
nikle dard liye manzil ka
do khaamosh nigaahon mein
kaun kahe raahi ko
kitni door kahaan tak jaana hai
jeewan ki sunsaan dagar mein
kab tak thokar khaana hai

so jaa nanhe mere
tu toh so ja
tu toh so o o ja
so jaa nanhe mere
tu toh so ja
tu toh so o o ja

jaagne ko pade hai
abhi din tere
tu toh so ja
so jaa nanhe mere
tu toh so ja
tu toh so o o ja

laut kar phir na aayenge
bachpan ke din
laut kar phir na aayenge
bachpan ke din
kho ja sapnon mein
tu mere aansoo na gin
tera nanha sa dil
mera gham kyun kare
tu toh so ja
so ja nanhe mere
tu toh so ja
tu toh so o o ja aa

mera saathi chhoota
meri kismat luti
mera saathi chhoota
meri kismat luti
aansuon ki toh ab hai meri zindagi
jaagna meri taqdeer hai baaware
tu toh so ja
so ja nanhe mere
tu toh so ja
tu toh so o o ja
so ja nanhe mere
tu toh so ja
tu toh so o o ja

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