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Milan ki jaag uthhi bhaavnaa

Posted on: March 31, 2021

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Blog 10-Year Challenge (2011-2021) – Song No. 19
This date ten years ago (viz 31 March 2011) was a thursday and a working day. On looking back at the posts in the blog, I notice that four songs from four different movies were covered on that day. It was slow going by the standards of the blog those days. The first post of the day appeared at 10:58 AM and the fourth and final post at 1:12 PM. So it appears that this day ten years ago was a day when I could not devote much time for blogging. My guess is that I was journeying on this day in the morning and I arrived at Nagpur (my base) in the morning at around 10 AM and that is when I started blogging for the day.

Blog post number Song Movie (Year) Remarks
3713 Jo dard banke zamaane pe chhaaye jaate hain Parbat Pe Apna Deraa(1944) Posted at 10:58 AM. 5 songs (out of 9) covered by now
3714 Tirulila Tirulila Tirulila la Daman(1951) Posted at 11:28 AM. 8 songs out of 10 covered by now.
3715 Nashe mein jo daulat ke ham dagmagaaye Sitaaraa(1955) Posted at 11:56 AM. 8 songs out of 10 covered by now
3716 Sune na koi man ki vyathhaa Subhadra Haran(1964) Debut song of the movie. Posted at 1:12 PM. Debut of the movie. One song out of 6 covered so far.

One can see that all four movies whose songs were covered on that day are unYIPPEED to this date and so they all are eligible for Blog Ten Year Challenge today.

Out of the four movies, “Subhadra Haran”(1964) is one movie which made its debut on that day ten years ago and that song remains the only song from the movie to be covered in the blog till noqw !

“Subhadra Haran”(1964) was produced by Homi Wadia and directed by Datta Dharmadhikari for Basant Pictures, Bombay. The movie had Jayshree Gadkar, Suryakant, Arun Sarnaayik, Shahu Modak, Chitra, Raja Nene, Aruna,Balakram,
Vasant Shinde, Ram Tipnis,Jayashankar Danave, Master Dattaram, Vinay Sukale, Neelam, Kumar Deeghe, Angrey, Gaaikwaad, Bare, Shantaaram, Takle, Purushottam, Korega,Yadav, Bismilla, Mittoo miyaan, Bhoobhiyaa, Sulochana, Meera, Lakshmi, Leela, Sudhar Karlekar, Madhu Apte, Vasant Bhagwat etc in it.

As mentioned above, the movie had six songs in it. One song has been covered so far.

Here is the second song from “Subhadra Haran”(1964) to appear in the blog. This song is sung by Asha Bhonsle and Mahendra Kapoor. Saraswati Kumar Deepak is the lyricist. Music is composed by Prabhakar Jog.

The song is picturised on Jaayshree Gadkar and Suryakant, playing Subhadra and Arjun respectively in this movie based on a sub plot of Mahabharat.

Details of the movie as well as the lyrics of this song were sent to me by Prakashchandra.



Song-Milan ki jaag uthhi bhaavnaa (Subhadra Haran)(1964) Singers-Asha Bhonsle, Mahendra Kapoor, Lyrics-Sarasati Kumar Deepak, MD-Prabhakar Jog

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

milan ki
milan ki
milan ki jaag uthhi bhaavnaa
milan ki jaag uthhi bhaavnaa

naye vesh ki sajee hai dulhan
meri samvedanaa

milan ki jaag uthhi bhaavnaa
milan ki jaag uthhi bhaavnaa

kali kali ka hansta yauwan
bisar gayee hoon main apnaapan
kali kali ka hansta yauwan
bisar gayee hoon main apnaapan
resham dhaagey
goonth chukey hain
preet bhari kalpnaa
milan ki jaag uthhi bhaavnaa
milan ki jaag uthhi bhaavnaa

jharne ka jal gaataa chhal chhal
ghataa ghataa leharaati aanchal
jharne ka jal gaataa chhal chhal
ghataa ghataa lehraati aanchal
jagi raagini ras rasvanti
bharti nav chetnaa

milan ki jaag uthhi bhaavnaa
milan ki jaag uthhi bhaavnaa

saath rahen ab jeevan saathi
saath rahen ab jeevan saathi
atal huyee hai apni preeti

mukti na ho par
preet ka saathi
janm janm ho milaa
milan ki jaag utti bhaavnaa
milan ki jaag utti bhaavnaa

naye vesh ki sajee hai dulhan
meri samvednaa

milan ki jaag uthhi bhaavnaa
milan ki jaag uthhi bhaavnaa

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