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Duniya ka dastoor niraalaa

Posted on: April 27, 2021

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Today’s song is from a ‘C’ grade stunt film “Toofani Takkar”-1947. 1947 was an year which had produced a record breaking number of films – 181 films. This record stood for 57 years,i.e. from 1931 to 1988, when 185 films were made and the 1947 record was broken.

1947 was an year which saw India’s Partition. It devastated India and its many industries. Millions migrated from India and millions came from both East and the West. This had also shaken the film industry. While hundreds of artistes fled to Pakistan, their vacancies were almost immediately filled up by the waiting second line of artistes – some who came back from Pakistan and from those who had waited in the wings,so to say, for opportunities. So, Indian film industry was not a loser to a great extent, but it was Pakistan, who had to build their own film industry, with the help of those who were trained in India. I can not say that till today Pakistan could do it satisfactorily. The main reason was Pakistan never had prepared a second line of artistes to take over, once the India returned artistes retired or died.

In 1947, the number of films was large in quantity, but qualitatively, majority films were completed hurriedly as artistes had to leave India. India’s best singer actor K L Saigal had died in the beginning of the year. That was a great blow. Exit of Nurjehan and Khursheed was another blow. However, on this front, India had enough talents to replace them. So, despite the unprecedented disturbances, the film industry could balance itself quickly and even in 1947, many landmark movies were made.

It was in 1947 that Lata entered the field of Playback singing with ” Aap ki sewa mein”. Naushad introduced Uma Devi through his film ‘Dard’. C Ramchandra gave musical hits like Shehnai and Saajan. S D Burman, Shyamsunder, Khemchand prakash, Vasant Desai and Husnlal-Bhagatram gave musical films. In 1947, surprisingly, Stunt/Action films were made above their normal average number. Film Toofani Takkar was also one such Stunt film.

This film was made by A M Khan Productions. The film was directed by A M Khan himself. Now, this Khan was a person with many qualities. He was an actor, a lyricist and a director. In his 30 years’ career he had acted in 2 films – Dil-46 and Bigde dil-49. He wrote 24 songs in 3 films – Cyclewali-38, Ran Sangream-39 and Bahana-42. A M Khan directed 37 films. His first film was Woh kaun-1935 and his last film was Jadui Anguthi-1965. When I went through his Filmography as a Director, I found that he directed mostly Stunt, Action and Costume films only.

Some of his films had interesting Titles….Cycle Wali-38, Chabuk wali-39, Motor wali-42, Khanjar wali-43 and to top it all, he also directed Police wali-49 ! Titles of his films had words like Lutari, Lutaran, Bala, Sundari, Lady, Tilasmi, Jadui, and Toofani. These are typically indicative of their genre-Stunt. A M Khan was also a Stunt specialist. In those days, some directors specialised in such films. Like for example, Nari Ghadiyali, Aspy irani, Ramniklal Shah,Master Bhagwan, Harischandra rao and Chandra rao kadam etc.

Apart from Khan’s Filmography, no other information about him is available. Similarly, the film’s music Director was Sardar Vir Singh. This gentleman had just one more film to his name as a MD – Flying Express-1949. No further information about him also. This is all normal, because the stunt,action films’ budget is very important and to economise, Director and MD was chosen on their price, perhaps. The audience never came to such films to see histrionics or listen to lilting music. Their interest used to be in fights and daring action scenes in the films.

Similarly, the lyricists – Kaiser Sawai and Kaiser Jafri too were unknown. In the 30’s and the 40’s, the lyricists were paid very poorly. In the 30’s the rate was 10 to 30 rupees per song. In the 40’s it increased to50 to 100 in case of well known lyricists like Kavi pradeep or Majrooh etc. The cast fo the film consisted of the usual action film artistes, about whom hardly any information was available.

Surprisingly, some songs in this film were sung by Amirbai karnataki – who was an A grade singer that time. Today’s song is also sung by her. I like her songs. In fact one of her songs in the film “Parbat pe apna dera”-44…Pareshan hoon ki kyun meri pareshani….is my all time favourite song. There is an interesting anecdote of Amirbai’s life, which I remember. Here it is….

Actor of the 40’s decade A.Himalayawala (Afzuluddin Himalayawala) was an outspoken and straightforward person, fond of hunting, football and travelling by car. He toured all of India twice in his car. In 1943, he married actress singer Amirbai Karnataki. After marriage he banned her from acting in films. Within 2-3 years, on this and other issues, they could not get along. He used to hit her and take all her money. At last, it was rumoured that he gave her talaaq after taking 2 lakh rupees and her car. Even after this he was stalking her. She stayed with her elder sister Ahilya Bai. Then one day, she was kidnapped by Himalaywala, from the recording room. She was kept locked in a room and beaten daily. She somehow managed to inform this to her sister.

Ahilyabai then got in touch with her acquaintance Mr Rasiklal Vyas and his brother Chhailabhai Vyas – one of the best criminal lawyers of Bombay. With their political and social connections, they forced the police to register an FIR, which was refused due to Himalaywala’s bribe. Meanwhile Himalaywala was alerted by his cronies. Within a few hours Amirbai was escorted back to her sister’s place, by Himalaywala. All this episode is described in full details in the book ‘Aap Ki Parchhaiyaan’, by Rajnikumar Pandya ji. Amirbai later married Gujarati Journalist Badri Kaanchwala.

Himalaywala was not famous in India. After Partition, he went to Pakistan. There he became a very famous and successful actor and won awards too.

Today’s song is sung by Amirbai Karnataki. This rare song was given to me by my friend Abhay Jain of the USA. It was uploaded, as usual, by Sadanand Kamath ji, for me. With this song, film Toofani Takkar-47 makes its Debut on the Blog.

Song-Duniya ka dastoor niraala maara jaaye chaahnewaala (Toofaani Takkar)(1947) Singer-Amirbai Karnataki, Lyrics-Kaiser Jafri, MD-Sardar Vir Singh


Duniya ka dastoor niraala
Duniya ka dastoor niraala
maara jaaye chaahnewaala
Duniya ka dastoor niraala
Duniya ka dastoor niraala

bhoolnewaala bhoolaa na jaaye
bhoolnewaala bhoolaa na jaaye
tod ke dil ko dil mein samaaye
tod ke dil ko dil mein samaaye
haathh chhudaa kar haathh na aaye
dil thha(?) chhota bholaa bhaala
Duniya ka dastoor niraala

aapbeeti (?) hai qurbaani
aapbeeti (?) hai qurbaani
khoon kiya hai apna paani
khoon kiya hai apna paani
kahiye kyon thhi ye hairaani
kaanta dil ka kisne nikaalaa
Duniya ka dastoor niraala

himmat itni mujhko ataa ho
himmat itni mujhko ataa ho
udhar zafa ho idhar wafaa ho
udhar zafa ho idhar wafaa ho

khush rehne yaa roothhne waala
Duniya ka dastoor niraala
Duniya ka dastoor

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