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Arre dheere dheere aankh ladi

Posted on: April 26, 2021

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Hullo Atuldom

Who is a dainty person?

Dainty is an adjective. If you describe a movement, person, or object as dainty, you mean that they are small, delicate, and pretty.

There is this actress from my growing up years who was very Dainty. Petite is another word that could be used to describe her. Not only was she loved by the audiences she was also a favourite of all her co-stars. Sanjeev Kumar would treat her like a child (as admitted by this actress in an interview) possibly an after effect of their first movie together where he played her father. Even though after that they went on to co-star in many movies and enacting a whole gamut of relations. Rishi Kapoor and Mithun were friends of hers and she has co-starred opposite Vinod Khanna in her younger days and also played mother roles to his sons in movies of the new millennium. She has paired opposite Amitabh Bachchan in 2 films in the ’70s and was seen in a brief role in a Bachchan starrer in 2015. She was often heroine to Jeetendra, Rajesh Khanna, Vinod Mehra, Shashi Kapoor and was also comfortable sharing her heroes and screen space with actresses of her time be it Rekha, Shabana, even Sridevi. She has said that Dharmendra, who was her father-in-law’s (Hemant Kumar) friend, used to be very protective. Who wouldn’t be considering how dainty or petite or small she looked in comparison to half her heroes.

When I think back, I find that I remember many of her songs and used to like all of them. “Sun ri pawan, pawan purvaiyya”; “neend churaaye, chain churaaye”; “chhatri na khol udd jaayegi”; “tera saath hai toh mujhe kya kami hai”; “megha re megha re mat pardes jaa re”; “zindagi ek naatak hai”- all of them and some more, are on my list of personal favourites.

Oh I didn’t say who I was speaking of. Indira Chattopadhaya is our birthday girl today. She is called Moushumi Chatterjee in the film industry. She has been entertaining audiences since her debut in Bengali films in 1967. Her Hindi debut happened in 1972 with “Anuraag” where she played a blind girl opposite Vinod Mehra. She was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by Filmfare in 2015.

“Itni Si Baat” ( 1981) was a movie directed by Madhu M. (possibly the only Hindi movie by him) and produced by K. Raghavan (not heard this name too). Kalyanji- Anandji were the music directors with Viju Shah, Babla, Anil Mohile as assistants; and Anjaan was the lyricist. Asha Bhonsle, Alka Yagnik, Hemlatha, Amit Kumar and Kishore Kumar are the playback singers (as per the titles of the movie) It had Sanjeev Kumar- Moushumi Chatterjee heading a cast of Tamanna, Arun Govil, Urmila Bhatt, Asit Sen, Roopesh Kumar, Kanan Kaushal, Baby Geetha, Master Gautam, Aashoo, Kesho Rana, Pardesi etc. Madan Puri and Om Prakash were in guest appearances.

I have seen this movie a few times on television and like its story. It is basically a story about a couple who are leading a harmonious monetarily comfortable life till they become parents. Then the wife starts feeling that things will ease up if she too takes up a job but the husband feels that is unnecessary. Also he has a feeling that she can help by being a little thrifty around the house and that would be help enough. To prove their points the couple switch duties and the wife finds a job and the husband starts looking after the house. They agree to experiment on this for a short period. What follows is chaos for the husband at home and wife at work and some hilarious moments. The movie comes to a close with the two realizing जिसका काम उसी को साजे और करे तो बुद्धु / डंडा/ ठेंगा बाजे’ “jiska kaam usiko saajhe, aur kare toh buddhu/ danda/ thenga baaje” (roughly translating to “every person is an expert in his own field”). Of course I don’t recall what happened to their monetary issue. 🙂

Today’s song happens at the beginning of the movie when Raja (Sanjeev Kumar) and Asha (Moushumi) have just expressed their love to each other. The song sung by Kishore Kumar and Anuradha Paudwal, runs through titles of the movie showing courtship, marriage and start of the family.

Here is wishing our cute Moushumi a very Happy birthday.



Song-Arre dheere dheere aankh ladi (Itni Si Baat)(1981) Singers-Kishore Kumar, Anuradha Paudwal, Lyrics-Anjaan, MD-Kalyanji Anandji


Arre dheere dheere
dheere dheere aankh ladi
baaton mein baat badhi
dheere dheere aankh ladi
baaton mein baat badhi
hone lagi
arre hone lagi mulaqaat
idhar udhar ghadi ghadi

darde jigar
darde jigar aisa badha
dil pe nasha aisa chada
phir na pucho kya ho gaya aa
yeh ho gaya dekho yeh ho gaya,
yeh ho gaya dekho yeh ho gaya

la la laa la la laa
la la laa la la laa
la la laa la la laa

aisa jadoo chala pyar ka
har taraf tu hai tu
dil yeh kehne laga
har taraf tu hai tu
dil yeh kehne laga
phoolon mein
taaron mein
phoolon mein taaron mein
saari bahaaron mein
tuhi tu tuhi tu dikhne laga
mujhe tuhi tu tuhi tu dikhne laga

arre do dil hue aise fida
do dil huye aise fida
jee na sake hoke juda
phir na poochho kya ho gaya

ho oo saath jab se hai tera mila
saari duniya yeh kitni haseen ho gayi
saari duniya yeh kitni haseen ho gayi
ek dooje mein hum kho gaye
kaise sapnon mein yeh zindagi kho gaye
kaise sapnon mein yeh zindagi kho gayi

mann se yeh mann
tan se yeh tan
mann se yeh mann
tan se yeh tan

aise mile aise mile
aise mile aise mile
phir na poochho kya ho gaya
yeh ho gaya dekho yeh ho gaya
yeh ho gaya dekho yeh ho gaya

arre dheere dheere
dheere dheere pyaar badha
aur badha aur badha
do se hum teen huye
phir bhi ghar soona laga

daur kai aur chale
pyaase dil aur mile
phir na poochho kya ho gaya
yeh ho gaya dekho yeh ho gaya
yeh ho gaya dekho yeh ho gaya

9 Responses to "Arre dheere dheere aankh ladi"

Thank you so much for giving the correct “kahaavat” (proverb/saying).
I was sure that what I had written was incomplete


I think the female playback singer is ANURADHA PAUDWAL(as credit given on viyl records ANURADHA)
Another duet is there in the movie which was sung by Amit Kumar and Alka Yagnik,
HFGK also mentions Anuradha`s voice as playback singer for this song

Corrections required Atul ji


I guess the produced is from Hyderabad region(Just a guess work)(K.Raghava)
(the movie shot at Annapoorna studios Hyderabad)

Forgot to mention, there is another Alka yagnik song in the novie:
1)Alka Yagnik, Hemlata duet picturised on kids “He Natnaagar,daya ke saagar”
other songs of the movie:
2)Dheere dheere aankh ladi:Kishore Kumar,Anuradha
3)yoon na rootho maan bhi jaao:Kishore ,Asha Bhonsle, Bhavna Shah
4)Raja o raja tera baj gaya baajaa:Kishore Kumar
5)Ek ladki roz roz kehthi hai ki aaj nahin kal:Amit Kumar,Alka Yagnik

My mother has gone with her neighbourhood saheli for this movie, to a faraway theatre, I was 12 years old (then) and gone to the theatre, to bring back my mother and aunty as the film show ends at night 9.15 ,(mummy usually used get scared at night time,while returning,as the roads are secluded in our town during that time )
I remember seeing last scene of this movie without paying for the ticket through a small hole of theatre door, ………..

And Thanks Madam ji for my favourite Moushumi Chatterjee`s song, she looks very beautiful in this song………..


I sat through the movie titles yesterday as i wrote the post and song based on the movie available on Youtube.
There is no mention of Anuradha Paudwal in the titles.
Yes, there are sites on internet which say the female voice in the song is Anuradha. But I relied on the movies’ title sequence.
I remember you have also said that you do that for recognizing actors and actresses on-screen:- see the titles of the movie
.It was easy for this particular song as it runs along with the titles.


Yes Madam ji, you are right, It is not your mistake……..
the mistake is of Producer`s, who did not mentioned Anuradha`s name in the credit sequences,

but the vinyl image of the movie records clearly mentions name of ANURADHA PAUDWAL,
as ANURADHA*(*This artiste appears by courtesy of Music India Ltd.)and HFGK 5th, also confirms this…….
and I can identify Anuradha Paudhwal` voice in this track….


youtube video


I also found this video but it didn’t have the last stanza of the song.
Thank you for liking my selection


audio link:


Nice post Peevesie’s Mom ji. I think I have watched this movie, but do not remember it now. But by the plot of the story given by you I am sure I have watched this one, may be with my parents.
Thanks for remembering Moushumi Chatterjee’s birthday and writing a post on her.


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