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Ho maare bichhua jaisa dank

Posted on: May 5, 2021

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Hullo Atuldom

Here is a song from “Chambal Ki Raani” (1979) which was directed by Radhakant produced by Raghunandan (censor certificate on 2.11.1979).

It had a cast of Mahendra Sandhu, Bindu, Dara Singh, Jagdeep, Narendranath, Chand Usmani, Amjad Khan, Kamal Kapoor & Urmila Bhatt (in special appearances), etc. It had music by Naushad. Jan Nissar Akhtar & Majrooh Sultanpuri were the lyricists. The movie had only Lata Mangeshkar and Mohd. Rafi for playback.

The movie was dedicated to Jan Nissar Akhtar and Krishan Chandar. To find out who Krishan Chandar was I looked up the copy of the movie available on YouTube. He was the writer of this movie.

The title is a giveaway of the story of the movie viz. Dacoit story. What I saw on Youtube only confirms this. The movie has a pre-titles scene of Chambal -the river- lamenting the state of affairs in her region. There is a raid by the dacoit party led by Dara Singh in a village, set in pre-independence era, where a informer is shown to be shot dead by Daaku Lakhan Sardar. Whereas Daaku Ajmer Singh played by Amjad Khan is shown to loot people by hoodwinking people into thinking that he is a cop. So that then establishes the story which will eventually turn out like all the other Daaku movies of that time:- lots of horses, chases, kothas, rakhi sister, a few songs to divert the attention of the opposition etc.

Bindu played Chameli a dancer (what else) and has atleast two dance numbers which are in the mujra genre (again -what else!!Emoji). The song in this post was rather popular in its time and even now played on Prasar Bharati’s Vividh Bharati radio channel very often. It is one of the songs which I have heard for a lifetime without knowing what movie or any other details till today. It is sung by Lata, written by Majrooh Sultanpuri and Naushad Ali was the composer.

We are paying tribute to the legendary composer with this post on his 15th remembrance anniversary. I am not competent enough to comment on his works but over the years I have discovered that I loved many of his songs during my growing-up years without being aware about their creators. Songs like “suhaani raat dhal chuki”, “mere mehboob tujhe mere mohabbat ki kasam”, “awaz de kahaan hai”, :jawaan hai mohabbat” etc and hundred others from the late 40s and of the following decades. It was much later I learnt who the music director for these gems were. Possibly, by that time, Naushad Saab had stopped being on centre stage of Bollywood music but he still came up with scores in movies like “Ganwaar”, “Pakeezah”, “Taangewala” etc at the rate of one movie every other year or so. He even produced a few movies and “Taj Mahal- an eternal love story” in 2005 directed by Akbar Khan was the last released work that is a long journey of 65 years as his first independent work, according to various sites on the internet, was in 1940. He began by assisting Ustaad Jhande Khan, Mushtaq Hussain and such big names of that time before “Prem Nagar” happened in 1940.

Thanking the legend for the legacy that he has left behind.



Song-Ho maare bichhuaa jaisa dank (Chambal Ki Raani)(1979) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD-Naushad


haaye re haaye
haaye re haaye
ho maare bichhuwa jaisa dank
ho maare bichhuwa jaisa dank
jawaani mein akelapan
jawaani mein akelapan
ho jaise jaise beete raat
ho jaise jaise beete raat
zehar chadhe san san san
zehar chadhe san san san
ho maare bichhuwa jaisa dank
jawaani mein akelapan
jawaani mein akelapan
ho maare bichhuwa jaisa dank

din toh beeta jalte bujhte
kaise kategi raat
ke haaye re kaise kategi raat
main na maanoon aaj sajanwa,
rakh de dil par haath
sajanwa rakh de dil par haath
piya milan se aaj
o piya milan se aaj
mitegi mere dil ki jalan
mitegi mere dil ki jalan
ho maare bichhuwa jaisa dank
jawaani mein akelapan
jawaani mein akelapan
ho maare bichhuwa jaisa dank

roz anokha dard hai mera
roz niraali peer
jiya mein roz niraali peer
kal thha dil mein teer adaa ka
aaj nazar ka teer
ke laaga aaj nazar ka teer
aisa tadape hai jiya
ho aisa tadape hai jiya
dabaaye na dabe dhadkan
dabaaye na dabe dhadkan
ho maare bichhuwa jaisa dank
jawaani mein akelapan
jawaani mein akelapan
ho maare bichhuwa jaisa dank

aaa aa aa
aa aa aaa
aa ja re aa ja tujh ko pukaare
paayaliya ka shor
ke meri paayaliya ka shor
girta aanchal uthti umariya
ek chale na jor
kisi ka ek chale na jor
ek tere bina yaar
ho ek tere bina yaar
jawaani ho gayi dushman
jawaani ho gayi dushman
ho maare bichhuwa jaisa dank
jawaani mein akelapan
jawaani mein akelapan
ho maare bichhuwa jaisa dank

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1st stanza 11th line
corrections please
it should be “Ho maarey bichchua jaisaa dunk”,
it was written as “Hamarey bichchua jaisa dunk”, I guess it was a typo…….

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thank you for pointing out
looks like Atulji has already done the correction

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