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Maine maa ko dekha hai

Posted on: May 9, 2021

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Hullo Atuldom

The last time I had written a post for Mother’s Day was in 2016 – Mere chehre mein chhupa hai meri maa ka chehra . In that post I had mentioned how the idea of mother’s day came about. This day has been celebrated in the USA since 1914 as per a proclamation by Woodrow Wilson declaring the second Sunday of May as Mother’s Day.

As far as Indians are concerned everyday is Mother’s Day. Only thing is in the last few decades, with the increase in number of youngsters staying away from their families for studies or work or whatever reason, Mother’s Day is another day that we have started aping the west. We find youngsters definitely calling their mothers to wish, and some even send her some gifts.

There are numerous messages that will flood the social media on Mother’s Day. But a Mother will normally wait only for her children’s messages i.e. if it is not possible for the children to be physically present with her. Then there will be some somber message that will say “learn to appreciate your mother, for some are not as blessed as you”. And still others will say “what does she ask for, only a smile or a message that you are fine”. In all these years of being active on social media, I have not come across any message whose wordings have remained in my memory. But what I have stated above is the general gist of messages that will be in our INBOX on this Sunday, it being the second Sunday of May 2021.

And we must salute the mothers of the modern era. The amount of juggling that they need to do so that the schedule of the family is not upset. And most mothers also are earning members of the family. Till atleast a generation before us, these women who were working to earn, so as to supplement the family income, were seen preparing all meals for the family before they themselves left for their work. And on returning home head straight to the kitchen to make dinner and also engage the children with their studies and attend to whatever other responsibilities that she was meant to do. Being a mother had become a though job, and any lady who was not an expert at that kind of juggling was looked down upon.

In my student days, I used to commute by the Mumbai local trains and I have seen ladies shelling PEAS, cleaning coriander etc in the train. There were (don’t know if this is still happening in the trains) enterprising hawkers who used to sell vegetables and fruits, procured from the markets on the local trains of Mumbai. And to be honest, it must have been helpful to the lady travelers as it may have saved them shopping time.

I also know of mothers who have given up on well paying jobs so that they can devote all their attention to the family and children. These ladies doubled up as private tutors so that they didn’t waste their free time and could still contribute monetarily to the family.

And let me not miss talking about a generation of mothers, who are currently in their 80s and beyond. These ladies may not have been as fortunate, as say even the current 50/60 – year old mothers, in terms of getting beyond class 10 in education. But these ladies too, have reared a generation of individuals and instilled values of humanity, taught their children the importance of education and being good citizens – gender no bar. My mother would not have felt proud of her children’s achievements if my grandmother had not encouraged her to study and complete her graduation in spite of being married and a mother to 4 growing up children.

If my mother had been there she would have wished my grandmother just as me and my siblings would have fussed over our mother and my children pamper me on mother’s day. This is the day I also thank the mother in my mother-in-law for being my go-to person whenever I am in trouble, upset or celebrating. I simply love to be around her and learn how she has lived 74 years of her life as a mother.

Mothers have a special place in Indian stories and as an extension of these stories in Indian cinema too. We have movies titled “Maa” (three in our blog itself), “Maa Beta”, “Maai Baap”, “Maa aur Mamta”, “Maa Baap” (two movies with this title in our blog) etc.

In addition we have the classic “Mother India” where the lady had a powerful place in the life of her family members. Saw this movie, recently, with a conscious mind. I was amazed at the strength of the character that Nargis played. This lady could plough her field along side her husband and sons. She wielded a lathi when her son went out-of-line and her teachings; as also on the mean-money minded- lala (moneylender) when he misbehaved with her. This mother-character was a lady made of steel and didn’t tolerate when her son went on to abduct a bride of the village and didn’t hesitate to shoot him in spite of him being her son.
I have seen and read interviews of actresses of the next generation and they all used to say that they want at least one role in there life like the one Nargis played in “Mother India” and realized only now the full meaning of the wish of all these later year actresses.

But that is another story, let us get to today’s song. It is from the 1970 release “Mastaana”. This movie was directed by A. Subba Rao, produced by Premji, had seven songs penned by Anand Bakshi and composed by Laxmi-Pyare. It had a cast headed by Mehmood- Padmini- Bharati- Vinod Khanna and had Shyama, Rehman, Mukri, Leela Mishra, Manorama, Jayshree T., Ramesh Deo, wonder- child (that is how it was in the movie’s titles) Bobby etc. It was an emotional movie showing the bond between a poor-honest man Satya (Mehmood) and Naintara (Baby Bobby) a child of rich parents who misses having her parents when she needs them the most. The movie is a must-see for all Mehmood fans as he was too good in the emotional scenes. This is one of the movies (the other being ‘Lakhon Mein Ek’) where he makes his audience shed a tear or two in addition to making us laugh.

This song is sung by the child Naintara as a stage song at her school’s Parents Day. The parents don’t have time to attend the programme and depute the child’s nanny (Manorama). The child, on her part, takes Satya along for the program and Satya on his part sits in the aisle. The playback for this song is by Lata Mangeshkar.
Salutation and Best wishes to all mothers. Awaiting Father’s Day (in about a month).

Editor’s note-With this song, Anand Bakshi silently completes 1100 songs in the blog as a lyricist. Only the third lyricist (after Rajinder Krishan and Majrooh Sultanpuri) to touch this mark in the blog.

Song-Maine maa ko dekha hai (Mastaana)(1970) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal


maine maa ko dekha hai,
dekha hai maa ko dekha hai
maa ka pyaar nahin dekha
maine maa ko dekha hai,
maa ka pyaar nahin dekha
maine phool toh dekhe hain,
dekhe hain phool toh dekhe hain
phoolon ka haar nahin dekha
maine maa ko dekha hai,
maa ka pyaar nahin dekha
maine maa ko dekha hai

waise toh ghar mein maa ki tasveer hai ae ae
waise toh ghar mein maa ki tasveer hai
lekin meri kab aisi taqdeer hai
kabhi jo ghabraaoon,
gale se lag jaaoon
agar naa neend aaye
toh lori woh gaaye
mera mann jiska pyaasa hai
pyaasa hai jiska pyaasa hai
woh laad dulaar nahin dekha
maine maa ko dekha hai,
maa ka pyaar nahin dekha
maine maa ko dekha hai

waise meri maa ka dil toh sakht nahin ee ee
waise meri maa ka dil toh sakht nahin
par uske paas zara bhi waqt nahin
hai uska naam bada
hai usko kaam bada
woh devi mamta ki,
hai leader janta ki
maa ke photo ke bina,
bina ji photo ke bina
koi akhbaar nahin dekha
maine maa ko dekha hai,
maa ka pyaar nahin dekha
maine maa ko dekha hai

pyaari pyaari hai woh bholi aisi hai ae ae
pyaari pyaari hai woh bholi aisi hai
kal aaya se poochha baby kaisi hai
meri maa sachchi hai,
badi hi achchi hai
yeh uska dosh nahin
use kuchh hosh nahin
maa ne duniya dekhi hai,
dekhi hai duniya dekhi hai
ghar sansaar nahin dekha
maine maa ko dekha hai,
maa ka pyaar nahin dekha
maine phool toh dekhe hain
dekhe hain phool toh dekhe hain
phoolon ka haar nahin dekha,
maine maa ko dekha hai

3 Responses to "Maine maa ko dekha hai"

Happy Mother’s Day Peevesie’s Mom ji.
Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers on this earth.
Thanks for this post Peevesie’s Mom ji. I like it very much. With this post you have tried to pay tributes to all mothers whether they are working women, or those who are around 50-60s now and didn’t get a chance to get education but have inculcate the values in their children so that they learn the lessons of life and become good citizens. Yes Mothers have special place in our culture, society, stories and in cinema stories too.
I have listened to this song or have watched it on TV. I have not watched this movie but surely will watch it whenever I get a chance.


Hullo Atulji
Just saw the editor’s note. I never realized when I sent the post that this was a century post for Anand Bakshi. And he joins the two lyricists whose works also I love.
am feeling good that I have contributed to a landmark unknowingly.


Waah !! good,


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