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Agar Dil Ke Taaron Pe Main Chhed Sakta

Posted on: May 11, 2021

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This post is coming two days late. Talat Sb’s anniversary of passing away was two days ago (9th May). In preparation and delayed, this post remembers Talat Sb, the velvet voiced wonder who is one of the mainstays of the fond memories of the golden age of Hindi film  music – an era when melody was the queen.

A rare and opportune gathering of talented stars, singers, music makers and writers once came together at the coordinates of a place called Bombay (now Mumbai).  Fortune has a timing of its own, and blessed are those who witnessed this gathering, and also those who continue to enjoy their creations and their histrionics. An august assembly that pulled together in 1940s, it continued gathering momentum along with the fervor of the newly independent India.

But as all good things, this assembly waned and started to fade away after three decades of having held spellbound a young nation, with a full spectrum of emotional flavors. The resonance of those times still rings in the ears and flows with the wind and water of this land. The echoes still entertain, still charm and engross multiple generations of music lovers.

Introduction to Talat Sb is not necessary. But the memories are. And more importantly, it is the celebration of the memories that is essential. Celebrities and performers abound in every generation, every century. But the history remembers only them who are remembered by later generations.

Searching for a song from his earlier films, I chanced to find this one which has not yet been posted on our blog. The film is ‘Ratnadeep’ from 1952. As I check the lists, I find that the film has 8 songs listed in the Geet Kosh. Of these, 5 songs are already showcased on our blog. Talat Sb has sung three songs for this film. Two are duets with Geeta Dutt, and one solo. The two duets are already present here. I bring on the solo song of Talat Sb today.

The film ‘Ratnadeep’ is a production of Chitramaya, Calcutta (now Kolkata) and is produced and directed by Debaki Kumar Bose.  The film is based on the famous novel of same name by Prabhat Kumar Mukhopadhyay (1873-1932). Prabhat Kumar was a barrister by profession and later a professor of law at University of Calcutta. He started writing while still studying at school, and his poems were published in Bangla magazines. He became famous for his short stories which looked at life using a light-hearted lens. As an author he has published more than 100 short stories and 14 novels. ‘Ratnadeep’ is the most well known of his novels.

The cast of actors of this film is listed as Anuva Gupta, Manju Dey, Molina Devi, Chhaya Devi, Tangamani, Harini, Bakul Ghosh, Abhi Bhattacharya, Pahadi Sanyal, Niteesh Mukherji, Tulsi Chakravarty, Kamal Mishra, Raj Kumar Soni, Sudheer  Chakraborty, Gokul Mukherji and Gauri Shankar.

Music for this film is composed by Robin Chatterji. Two songs of this film are traditional verses, one by Vidyapati and another by Meerabai. The remaining six songs have been penned by Pt Madhur and Pran Mahendra. However, the sharing of songs between these two lyricists is not known. So the tag for lyricist is indicated as ‘Unattributed’.

This is a true vintage Talat song – the perfect voice picked by the music director to render it. The words in the song tells about unfulfilled love, expressing aspirations and longing for things that could have been. The words are lovely, and the rendition by Talat Sb touches the strings of the heart inside.

Listen and enjoy this lesser known, lesser heard wonderful song of Talat Sb.


Song – Agar Dil Ke Taaron Pe Main Chhed Sakta (Ratnadeep) (1952) Singer – Talat Mehmood, Lyrics – [Unattributed], MD – Robin Chatterjee


agar dil ke taaron pe
main chhed sakta
nai zindagi ka naya sa taraana
agar dil ke taaron pe

na manzil ki chaahat
mere dil mein hoti
na manzil ki chaahat
mere dil mein hoti
meri pyaas ulfat ke
naghmon mein khoti
mere naqsh e paa hi
mere naqsh e paa hi
bataate thikaana
agar dil ke taaron pe

main lehron ke haa..aathon mein
patwaar de kar
jo baste hain dil mein
unhen saath le kar
bahut door saahil se
le jaata kashti
na wo rehte wo
aur na main meri hasti
na wo rehte wo
aur na main meri hasti
magar haa..aaye
adhoora rahega apna fasaana
nai zindagi ka naya sa taraana
nai zindagi ka naya sa taraana
agar dil ke taaron pe

Hindi Script Lyrics
(Provided by Sudhir)
अगर दिल के तारों पे
मैं छेड़ सकता
नई ज़िंदगी का नया सा तराना
अगर दिल के तारों पे

ना मंज़िल की चाहत
मेरे दिल में होती
ना मंज़िल की चाहत
मेरे दिल में होती
मेरी प्यास उलफत के
नग़मों में खोती
मेरे नक़्श ए पा ही
मेरे नक़्श ए पा ही
बताते ठिकाना
अगर दिल के तारों पे

मैं लहरों के हा॰॰थों में
पतवार दे कर
जो बसते हैं दिल में
उन्हें साथ लेकर
बहुत दूर साहिल से
ले जाता कश्ती
ना वो रहते वो
और ना मैं मेरी हस्ती
ना वो रहते वो
और ना मैं मेरी हस्ती
मगर हा॰॰य
अधूरा रहेगा अपना फसाना
नई ज़िंदगी का नया सा तराना
नई ज़िंदगी का नया सा तराना
अगर दिल के तारों पे

2 Responses to "Agar Dil Ke Taaron Pe Main Chhed Sakta"

Nice beautiful touching post.
Thanks for this treat Sir ji.
Yes, ‘melody will always be queen’.
I am sure this will pass on to the generations to come and once they give a listen to it, they will always cherish this treasure of the ‘velvet voice’.
Thanks and regards,


Dear Sudhir ji,

As you would be knowing, the Film RATNADEEP was first made in Bangla
in 1951 and later dubbed in Hindi.

Here is a song from the Bangla Version

The uploader has wrongly given Hemant Kumar as MD which he has
admitted in the comments.

With warm regards



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