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Nis din Shyam Shyam japati

Posted on: July 5, 2021

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Today’s song is from the film Lagna Bandhan-1936. The film was made by Sagar Film company. The director was K.P. aka Kaliprasad Ghosh- who was a master in directing Silent Films. Film Shehar ka Jaadu-1934 was his Debut film for a Talkie version of films. After this film he directed one more film for Sagar, Lagna Bandhan-36 and then he left for Bengal.

His most important contribution to Hindi films of Bombay was that he convinced Motilal to join films, when he had come to the studio, with a friend, only to watch the shooting of a film. Ghosh spotted Motilal, who had a very impressive personality, and talked him into joining the films. K.P.Ghosh was also a writer. This film’s story, dialogues and Screenplay was done by him only. We do not know who was the Lyricist of the 8 songs of this film. The Music Director was Pransukh Nayak, an old timer expert in music for stage dramas in Gujarati. He started giving music to Hindi Talkie films with Sati Sone-1932. He composed 293 songs in 26 films. His last film as a Composer was film Kulvadhu-1937 from Sagar film company.

In those days, there was a Studio system, in which various artistes in different departments of filmmaking used to be paid servants of a studio. For composing music to Hindi films, the first composer in Sagar was S.P.Rane- a Marathi Manoos from Baroda, Gujarat. He gave music to almost 15 films here. Then came Pransukh Nayak. He gave music to 10 films. He was followed by Anil Biswas, who gave music to 12 films of Sagar and 2 films of National, before joining Bombay Talkies.

The film was released on 18-11-1936 in Roxy Cinema, Bombay. The cast of the film was Sabita Devi, Motilal, Azuri, Sankatha Prasad, Aruna Devi, Leelavati, Bhudo Advani, Ansari and many others. Though the film was labeled as ” Social” in HFGK, looking at the story, one finds that it was a costume drama spinning a story of King, Queen and the wicked Vazir etc stuff, combined with a love story. Such stories originated from the fertile imaginations of the Story Departments or the story writers. The story of the film as per the booklet is….

Yudhajit (Sankata Prasad) is the outlawed brother of the king of Udaynagar. Before he left the palace, he had stolen the elder of the Twin sons of the king to be killed for revenge. However, looking at the sweet baby, he decides to bring up the boy to be used for revenge afterwards. He grows up into a handsome Indrajeet (Motilal). His brother Shatrujit-in the Royal palace- falls prey to a dancer-Najma (Azuri) and becomes a drunkard.

Rajnagar princess Chandra (Sabita Devi) is due to marry drunkard Shatrujit. To avoid this she tries to escape from the palace guised as a Dasi-Nanda. Meanwhile Indrajeet is sent there to kidnap the princes, before marriage. They meet accidentally and fall in love wishfully. After singing a few love duets in a few days, Indrajeet returns empty handed. Yudhjeet plans that Inderjeet takes the place of Shatrujeet at the time of marriage. Reluctantly he agrees.

On the day of marriage, in any case, Shatrujeet is so drunk that he is not in a state to stand for marriage. The Dewan (Ansari) finds Indrajeet who, being a Twin, looks similar. He is caught and produced for marriage as Shtrujeet. The marriage takes place. Both the Groom and Bride see each other and are very happy. However soon the reality is declared. There is a fight in the armies of Yudhajeet and the King, in which Yudhajeet dies. Before dying he reveals the secret of the brothers to the king and others ( audience, anyway knows this before them !). All is well that has already ended well !

The film had the popular pair of Sabita Devi and Motilal. They acted as Lead Pair in 8 films of Sagar and 2 films of Sudama films of Sarvottam Badami, who had directed the pair in 5 films earlier in Sagar.

The real name of Sabita Devi was IRINA MAUDE GASPER. She was an Anglo-Indian, born in an affluent family of Calcutta, on 20-7-1914.

After completing education she wanted to join films, but her family objected. Without the family’s knowledge, she sent her resume and Photo to British Dominion Film Co., owned by Dhiren Ganguly in Calcutta. When they informed their consent the family resisted and kept her locked in the house. She fell ill and finally, the family conceded to her wish.

Her first Silent film was Flames of Flesh-1930. Then came Kanthahaar, A touch of Love, After the death, Aparadhi, Money makes what not and Bhagyalaxmi as silent films.

When the talkie came, she determinedly learnt Hindustani and Urdu and also Music.

She’s stated to have influenced P. C. Barua, who had joined the Board Of the British Dominion Film Company and acted in a few silent films, to start his own company. According to sources, “He was inspired to become independent”. After his return to Calcutta from Paris, Barua set up the Barua Film Unit. The first film under this banner was Aparadhi (1931), directed by Debaki Bose, with Sabita cast as the heroine. The film went on to become a “critical success”.

Her first Talkie film was Radhakrishna-33, in which she sang 16 out of 23 songs in the film, but no records were made. Next was Ek din ka Badshah-33. She shifted to Bombay for better opportunities. In 1934,came Shahar ka Jaadu,with Motilal as a debut actor and this film was a Hit. Later she and Motilal became a popular pair.

Sabita Devi and Motilal’s first movie as a pair in the famous Sagar Movietone, the movie Lure of the City (aka Shaher ka Jadoo) released on 29 th September 1934 at the Imperial Cinema Bombay. This movie was directed by Kaliprasad Ghosh and music was composed by K.C.Dey (the blind singer). Cast : Sabita Devi, Motilal, M.Kumar, K.C.Dey and Kamalabai.

This was the sound debut of Kaliprasad Ghosh at Sagar after a few successful movies directed in the silent era. Mehboob Khan was earlier selected for the lead role and was later replaced by Motilal. This was actor Motilal’s debut film and Motilal – Sabita made the best couple of the Sagar Film Company since then in many other movies under the banner of the Sagar such as, Silver King (1935), Dr Madhurika (1935), Lagna Bandhan (1936), Jeevan Lata (1939), Kulvadhu (1937), Kokila (1937), three hundred days and after (1938) and later in Films Ap Ki Marzi (1939) and Prarthana (1944).

She did many films. Her some films were- 300 days and after, Apki marzi, kokila, Kulvadhu, Amrapali, Ladies only, Chandragupta, Chingari, Dr.madhurika, grihalaxmi, holiday in bombay, Jeevan Lata, King for a day, Lagna bandhan, Manmaani, , Phantom Of the hills, Silver king, vengeance is mine, Village Girl etc etc. In all, she acted in 23 Talkie films and sang 15 recorded songs in 7 films. She was a good Piano and Harmonium player.In later days in 1943 onwards, she stopped singing herself. Her last picture was Amrapali-45.

She was one of the earliest female artists to write about film acting as a decent profession for ladies from respectable families. In a letter to the Filmland English weekly, November 1931 issue, titled “Why Shouldn’t Respectable Ladies Join the Films”, she countered claims of immorality and low moral standards of producers and directors, raised by an anonymous actress in the September 1931 issue, “Should Respectable Ladies Join Films”. She stated that “the attitude a man takes towards a woman is governed by the latter’s own integrity, by her actions, words and manner”. She went on to state that people had a “mid-victorian conception” of women on stage and that “A Lady Artiste” was perhaps herself to blame for any unwanted advances.

She was the highest paid actress of the 1930s and the magnet of attracting audiences for the movies made by the Sagar Movietone. Lure of the City (1933), Phantom of the Hills (1934), Educated Wife (1934), Vengeance Is Mine (1934), Silver King (1935), Dr Madhurika or Modern Wife (1935),Lagna Bandhan or Forbidden Bride (1936), Village Girl (1936), The Creeper of Life or Jivan Lata (1936), Kokila (1937), Kulavadhu (1937), Three-hundred Days and After (1938), Ladies Only (1938) are the hit movies she made under the banner of the Sagar Movietone in most opposite Motilal. Sabita- Motilal became a finest and most romantic couple in mid 1930 s . In 1939 she started working in Sudama Pictures and produced movies Aap Ki Marzi (1939), Chingari (1940), Sajni (1940),and Holiday in Bombay (1941). Thereafter she did lead roles in Fashion (1943) , Prarthana (1943) and Amrapali (1945).

In 1946, she got married and left for England. She came back again only to die in Calcutta on 11-3-1965.

With today’s song, film Lagna Bandhan-1936 will make its Debut on this Blog.

Song-Nis din Shyam Shyam japati (Lagna Bandhan)(1936) Singer- Sabita devi, Lyricist- Not known, MD- Pransukh Nayak


Nis din Shyam Shyam Japati
main apne piyaa par jaan maan shaan arpan karti
Nis din Shyam Shyam Japati
main apne piyaa par jaan maan shaan arpan karti
Nis din Shyam Shyam Japati

prem nadi hriday uchhalti
prem nadi hriday uchhalti
hansti khelti ramti
hansti khelti
Nis din Shyam Shyam Japati
main apne piyaa par jaan maan shaan arpan karti
Nis din Shyam Shyam Japati

kaisi sooratiyaa pyaari
main hoon bani matwaari
more jiya ko laga ?? chaab nyaari
man tadpat larjat(?) waari
jaaun waari o bihari
piya charan pe tan man harti
Nis din Shyam Shyam Japati
main apne piyaa par jaan maan shaan arpan karti
Nis din Shyam Shyam Japati
main apne piyaa par jaan maan shaan arpan karti
Nis din Shyam Shyam Japati

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