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Joban roop bahaar rasiya kar lo chupke pyaar

Posted on: July 24, 2021

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Today’s song is from an unknown film Maaf Kijiyega-1946. HFGK mentions ” Social Film” as its Genre, but none of the factors of this film support this claim. The director was Nari Ghadiyali – who was a specialist for action/stunt films. MD was K.Narayan rao, famous only for stunt films. The cast of the film also consisted of regular actors for stunt films, like Prakash(real name Hashmat ullah khan), Shanta Patel (a regular in Master Bhagwan’s stunt films), Dalpat (popular as Dalpat Kaka), Bibi, Chandrika etc etc. The songs were written by an unknown lyricst- Mustapha and were sung by ordinary singers-not any famous one. I wonder how such a combination can be suitable for a ” Social’ film ?

This Blog started in 2008 and I joined it as a commentor sometime in 2010. I don’t remember exactly when. Nowadays, whenever I have free time and nothing else to do, I visit the early pages of the Blog and see the songs and more importantly – the comments. In those early years and till about 2018 or so, there used to be a lot of comments by readers. I found that readers were from various other countries, but surprisingly, their knowledge about old films, songs and its artistes was quite noteworthy.

As the years passed by, the foreign readers’ number dwindled slowly, but readers from India increased in the comment section. One logical reason was that the readers from other countries were probably from the older generation, settled abroad. Hence as the time passed on slowly their activities must have got reduced. Some of the younger commentors from other countries, too, stopped their comments. They are, however, active on FaceBook. People like Lalitha ji, memsaab ji, Pamir Harvey, Santosh oza, Shekhar Gupta etc. stopped commenting. One name remains with the Blog consistently from Day-1 till today (albeit now occasionally) and that is Raja Swaminathan ji – whether he is in India or in Holland.

I encountered some funny incidents involving comments on the Blog. I remember one. In those days, except the Admins perhaps, no one else knew who ” Peevesie’s Mom” was in reality.
I was also active on FaceBook. One day a lady visitor to my Fb page – Nalini Krishnan – asked me on Fb, ” are you the same Arunkumar Deshmukh, who comments on atulsongaday?”
She was shocked to read my reply, ” yes, Peevesie’s Mom ji”. Possibly shocked, she asked me how I knew her name. It was actually very easy. Before replying her, I visited her Fb page and I found that she is Vaidehi’s mother. After reading a few more posts , it was easy to make 2 + 2 !

Another incident was comments by one ” IDL Man”. From his comments, I knew he was from Australia. There was another reader called ” BOODHEMIYAN “. He was from Dubai. One day ‘ IDL Man’ posted the following comment, on 12-6-2011….

1 | I.D.L.Man
June 12, 2011 at 2:22 pm

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Atul Bhai,


I am also a deewana of old film music like you all.Having lot of spare time now,I surf the Internet.I realised that there are many Indian and Foregn persons equally interested/obsessed with old film charms.Many of them run their own blogs on old films/music.I decided to find out and visit every blog on the Internet.
I visited exactly 102 such blogs run by Indian and foreigners.Surprisingly,foreigners were more consistent than Indians.
i found that almost 85 % blogs are left unattended,halfway or no posting for the last few years.One more interesting point is many ladies are also running such blogs,of course under Pseudonyms.They are more consistent than men and get a good following too !
After a lot of screening,I shortlisted 7 blogs: 4 in wordpress and 3 independents.Two blogs are run by ladies,one each Indian and foreigner.
Finally,I came to a conclusion that your blog ATULSONGADAY WORDPRESS.COM is THE BEST,because:

1)You are a very honest person ,without any airs, when you present songs
2)your deep love of music and hard work is consistent and it shows.
3)you are very systematic and you think of your readers while making songs available to them in an easy way.
4)your earnestness and humble knowledge(without a show off) is appreciated and liked by your readers(apparent from the responses)
5)you are not biased or partial in selecting or writing about songs
6)your goodwill has attracted like minded supporters who help you by providing information on films, songs, singers, composers etc. Notable among them, as I found in last 6 months are–
a) Mr.Sudhir Kapoor-writes very good and simple articles, full of information about songs and personalities.
b) Mr,Nahm-always provides you with correct lyrics, titbits and useful information, besides suggesting songs.
3) Mr. Arunkumar Deshmkuh-I have no words for him. He seems to know all the old movies, anecdotes and details. His information is unique(Not on net anywhere).May be, as he knows so many languages, he might be getting it from books/articles in various languages. He is a storehouse of information.
4)Mr. Prakash chandra- very good suggestions of songs
5)Lalitha ji / Raja ji – They are not only your admirers but also supporters. Raja ji’s support is important as he himself is a blogger plus many more things.

Note; The second place is shared by MEMSAABSTORY AND DUSTEDOFF.

Atul Bhai,
please accept my congratulations and good wishes for the future.


Atul ji, myself and Sudhir ji replied to him in normal way, but ‘Boodhemiyan” wrote thus….

5 | Boodhemiyan
June 14, 2011 at 5:47 pm

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IDL Man Bhai,

Wah, wah ! Kya baat hai !! Mashallah !!!

kya khoob kahi toone
hamare dil ki baat
Atul jaisa Sangeet Premi
sadaa rahe sab ke saath !

To which the ‘ IDL Man’ replied this way….

6 | IDL Man
June 15, 2011 at 7:41 pm

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Boodhemiyan Bhai,
Humne to bayan ki hai
jo haqeeqat hai,
hum kya karen
gar kisi ko gila hai

Gulab to Gulab hota hai
chahe use kuchch bhi kahe
hum subki duwayen hai
Blog-e-Atul salaamat rahe.

-IDL Man

In another an year or so, both these readers stopped commenting and disappeared for ever. I contacted the Grandson of actor/singer Parshuram, when he commented from New Zealand, on one of my posts. Similarly, actress Latika’s daughter from London commented and I got in touch with her.

There were days when lot of comments used to be made by the readers. In the last 2-3 years, the comments from the readers have dropped down considerably and noticeably. Difficult to know the reason.

However, since about a month or so I find that once again comments from new readers have increased Hope it keeps growing. Comments play an important role in a Blog. It gives readers’ reactions, additional information, encourages the authors of the post and generally works as a motivation.

Today’s song is sung by Kaushalya. Kaushalya was born at Lucknow in 1929. She was the daughter of the famous dancer Lachhoo Maharaj and actress Daya Devi. Being brought up in the house of dancer and actor, Kaushalya picked up Dance, Music and acting very early. She appeared as a child artiste in films from 1936, when she was just 7 year old. She worked in 11 films as a child artiste. After film Devbala-38, she did roles in Bhole bhale and Uski Tamanna-both in 1939, made by Sagar Movietone. She even sang in both films.

Then came films like Darshan and Ghar ki laaj, both 1941, and Baraat, Bharat milap, Station master and Swapna, all 42. The work poured on her till 1946, when she got married to a boy from Calcutta, when she had gone there for doing films. After marriage she found it difficult to work in films, but continued for some more films, till her last film Ek Do Teen-1953.

In all Kaushalya acted in 27 films and sang more than 100 songs in about 35 films, in her short career time. As a Heroine she had worked with Prithviraj Kapoor, Ulhas, Kumar, Ishwarlal etc.

With this song, film Maaf Kijiyega -1946 makes its Debut on this Blog.

Song- Joban roop bahaar Rasiya Kar lo chup ke pyaar (Maaf Keejiyegaa)(1946) Singer- Kaushalya, Lyricist-Mustapha Usman, MD- K Narayan Rao


Joban roop bahaar
Rasiya Kar lo chup ke pyaar
Rasiya Kar lo chup ke pyaar

din nahin ye phir se aaye
ankhiyaan hon jab chaar
Rasiya kar lo
haan kar lo
haan kar lo
chup ke pyaar
chupke chupke pyaar
rasiya karlo chupke pyaar
chupke chupke pyaar

preet jawaani hai matwaali
matwaali ho
matwaali ho
preet jawaani hai matwaali
chhalak rahi joban ki pyaali
deewaanon ki mehfil mein hai joban ki pukaar
ankhiyaan hon jab chaar
kar lo chupke pyaar
chupke chupke pyaar
rasiya karlo chupke pyaar
chupke chupke pyaar

duniya hai dilwaalon ki
ye mehfil hai matwaalon ki
dil ka sauda kar ke jaaye
ankhiyan ke do dwaar
ankhiyaan hon jab chaar
kar lo chupke pyaar
chupke chupke pyaar
rasiya karlo chupke pyaar
chupke chupke pyaar

4 Responses to "Joban roop bahaar rasiya kar lo chupke pyaar"

Arun ji,

Beautiful trip down Memory Lane.


Thank you.


Dear Arunkumarji,
It’s been ages since I opened a link to Atul’s song of the day that Shri Harishbhai Raghuvanshi shares with me regularly. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was your post. Too many emails everyday so I spend more time of Facebook and WhatsApp than at ASOfD.. Our WhatsApp group is titled Hindi Film Trivia, where we share video clips along with commentary that is compiled by me. That may be a reason why many readers of the blog have reduced commenting.
Your post on Kaushalya was as usual very informative. I was glad to see she acted in two films with Prem Adib, Bharat Milap and Station Master. The latter film has him looking very much like I did as a young man. I used a screen capture to post on the Hindi Film Trivia blog as a query saying Guess Who this is. You do that sometimes on your Facebook page.


Salim ji,
Nice to read your comments after ages. You are one of those, still active, who has many stories, titbits and anecdotes of old times film industry. Our other readers would be glad to read them, if you at least occasionally make visits.
Thanks .


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