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Sun ri sakhi tujhe gop suta ki sundar katha sunaaun

Posted on: July 28, 2021

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India is a Multi racial, multilingual and Multi religions country. It is not only the largest Democracy in the world, but also the largest Secular state in the world, where people from different faiths have been living together since centuries.

Many saints and religious leaders have played a significant role in keeping the mixed population of India as One Unit, when it was needed the most. A majority of Hindus, ruled by Muslim Mughals was a natural cause for social divisions, but Saints like Kabir, Surdas, Tulsidas, Ramdas, Tukaram, Ramanand, Narsi Mehta, Purandar das,Namdev, Guru Nanak Dev, Eknath, Bhakta Pundarikar, Rohidas, Mrutyunjaya and many such noble souls, did an excellent job of maintaining harmony amongst peoples of different faiths.

Indian spiritual Gurus set themselves as Role models for the masses. Whether it was Ramkrishna Paramhansa or Shankaracharya or all the others have guided their followers to achieve peace of mind through spirituality. Religion is a way of life in India and most Gurus teach their followers how to follow the right path even while looking after their families.

Some of the saints have done monumental literary works for the masses, bringing what was available only in Sanskrit, to the doorsteps of the common people. Among such saints, Sant Tulsidas tops the list, according to me. He sets an example of how a person can educate himself and how a person can change himself for his Goals in life.

The period of 1300 to 1600 AD, a time frame of 300 years or thereabouts, was when most saints were active in India. This was the period when several outside rulers invaded India and established their rules. This was the time when the culture and religion of India had to be saved from annihilation. The saints of India played an important role in this and maintained Unity and Oneness of Indian culture from getting destroyed. But for them,there was a danger of the whole nation getting converted to Islam or Christianity. India will forever be grateful to the saints for this .

The Bhakti Movement was India’s own way to combat foreign attackers, cruel rulers and the sleeping people of India. The movement from 1300 to 1600 AD produced many religious Saints and social reformers from Kanyakumari to Kashmir and from Assam to Gujarat. The Indian culture is such that the advice given by a religious saint is more acceptable than that given by a social reformer. Thus, in this hour of need, India’s Saints tried to teach message of reforms such as removal of Untouchability, freedom from Varnashram lifestyles, importance of education, Women’s emancipation and other such matters,through their poems, dohas, Abhangs and writings as well as kirtans. They tried to make the masses wake up against the ill effects of social practices that were being observed those days.

Saints appeared in ALL areas of India,during this period. However,due to language problems, knowledge and information about Saints in other regions trickled down very slowly. States which shared the use of Devanagari script were aware about them in a better way. Thus,Maharashtra,Gujarat,Rajasthan and the Northern Hindi belt states exchanged their knowledge about their saints more frequently than other regions such as Bengal, the Eastern states or the southern states where the scripts were different. Andhra and Karnataka were closer as their scripts are similar, except perhaps the alphabet ‘K’. Tamil and Malayalam scripts have Dravidian origins and were not easily accessible for the rest of India.

With a view to bring some of these saints in limelight, I ran a series of 10 Bhajans from films which were made on the lives or incidents of some Saints of India. The title of this series was ” The Great Souls of India” and it ran from 1-11-2013 to 15-11-2013. It was one of the very popular series from my 26 series which I had run on this Blog. Many readers wrote their comments and conveyed that they liked the series.

In that series, I had purposely not included Meerabai, as my purpose, as always, was to highlight less known Saints into the limelight. Meerabai is a character on whom a maximum number of films were made….


Raajrani Meera-1933

Matwali Meera-1940



Raajrani Meera-1956

Meera Shyam-1976


Meera ka Mohan-1991 and

Meera ke Giridhar-1993

There was also one film ” Meerabai Not Out”-2008, but I believe it had nothing to do with Saint Meerabai. In the Silent era also I find a film Meerabai-1921 made by Kohinoor film co. and Sant Meerabai-1929 made by Hindustan Cinema Film co., Nashik.

Today’s song is from the film Matwali Meera-1940. This film was made in Calcutta by Bharat Lakshmi Pictures. It was directed by Prafulla Roy and the music was by Master Brijlal Verma. Lyricist was Pt. Bhushan. There were 15 songs, out of which only 5 were Meera Bhajans. The main lead was Mukhtar Begum who sang 3 Bhajans, Fida HGussain and Kamla Jharia one Bhajan each.

The cast had 17 names, out of which 11 were Muslim actors in this Bhakti Pradhan film. I have heard all the available songs-7 and frankly I was disappointed. Mukhtar Begum has sung the Bhajan in Mujra or Ghazal style. As it is in those times the music was very slow, making it further an outrage. I have selected, therefore, a song-not a bhajan- by Kamala Jharia.

With this song, the film Matwali Meera-1940 makes its Debut on this Blog.

Song-Sun ri sakhi ek Gope-suta ki sundar katha sunaaun (Matwaali Meera)(1940) Singer- Kamla Jharia, Lyricist-Pandit Bhushan, MD- Master Brijlal Verma


Sun ri sakhi
haan haan sun ri sakhi
ek Gope-suta ki sundar katha sunaaun
jiske atal prem par main bhi
waari waari jaaun
Sun ri sakhi
haan haan sun ri sakhi
ek Gope-suta ki sundar katha sunaaun

Dwaapar yug thhaa jis vasant ki
Dwaapar yug thhaa jis vasant ki
ras ke jharne jharte
raas rachaate Krishn Kanhaiyya
raas rachaate Krishn Kanhaiyya
man ki peeda harte
mast raag se kal-kal karti
bahti nadi toofaani ee ee
mast raag se kal-kal karti
bahti nadi toofaani
kho gayi jismein bahte bahte
kho gayi jismein bahte bahte
ik gopi deewaani
ik gopi deewaani
prem viyog mein jogan ban kar
is duniya mein raazi (?)
prem viyog mein jogan ban kar
is duniya mein raazi (?)
raaj ?? kul ki shobha
raaj ?? kul ki shobha
matwaali Meera bai
matwaali Meera bai
matwaali Meera bai

3 Responses to "Sun ri sakhi tujhe gop suta ki sundar katha sunaaun"

‘dwaapar yug tha rut basant ki’
‘raajkot (?) kul ki shobha’

Thanks for this post Arun ji. Like the post very much as I always like to read about the ‘Bhakti movement’ in India. By chance I was going through your post from ‘Sant Tukaram-1965’ as I was revisiting a Mohd Rafi song from this movie.
Yes, the work done by the Saints is really great which shaped the future of ‘Integrated India’ further.
Listened to the song in this post and liked it too.
Thanks again for this detailed, informative post. All your posts are a treasure for the future generations which will give them information and knowledge about the great culture of this country.



Avinash ji,
Thanks for your kind words.
It can not be ‘ Raajkot” ki as Rajkot is in Gujarat. Meerabai was from Raajsthan. So it should be ”Raajsthan ki”.


Yes, I am aware that Meerabai was from Rajasthan.

I think this should be ‘Rajput kul ki shobha’


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